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Just my face, or anything physically noticeable about myself only makes up a very small piece of the pie but beyond all of hat, like my actions and so forth are what also get scrutinized. Today people are able to slice up pieces of this pie and share it with many others. I. E. My notes, comments, thoughts, drawings, ideas, assignments (like this very one), can all be found thanks to the Internet. And please, do not take this the wrong way, I am not undermining how fantastically established and built the world I live in is, but solitude may forever rest in peace. All the publicity and viewing of a single person really doesn’t bother me.

I understand that this may mean we will never be lonesome but I can handle it, as loud others. On the other hand, the way our world was built was with the reformation and colonization of the Romanticism, solitude was made fair, and to go back on the main names of religions which most of us believe in seems a little immoral. I’m not saying everyone should believe in any religion, but it still seems wrong that the increase and popularity of people’s personal lives is on the rise. As mentioned in the “End of Solitude”, an article by William Directories, in his fifth stanza he mentions how Marilynn Robinson speaks on her interpretation of

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Calvinist and besides that slightly touched upon the idea of focus within ones inward self. Well with that strand said I agree, finding loneliness if needed could be simply obtained by Just thinking and keeping things to ourselves, because the only real way for people to get so in touch with our lives is if we decide to put it out there. Marilynn also brought up another valid point, which is, that by keeping things within ourselves in this cluttered UN-sheltered world we live in that it will act similarly to meditation for our own bodies and minds; that’s only if indeed you find it to be others.

An example off binary opposition in this piece is when William deals over the story told by one of his friend’s older relatives. The story goes… That a certain teenager he had known for quite some time had sent at least three thousand text messages in the past year, all while she was solitary and by herself. With that in mind, that’s approximately one hundred messages a day or, one every ten minutes of the day during the morning, noon, and night times. So, technically speaking (and contradictory to it all), even though she was “alone” all by herself sending these assuages, she was… Ritually and spiritually in contact with somebody else, (a. K. A. Her phone. ) Whether or not she was doing her homework all lonesome, in the kitchen cooking, spending a little time to rest, or whatever it may be, with her phone by her side and meanwhile communicating with somebody other than herself, she was not That is the interesting world we live in today, and I have no issue with it. I myself do the same thing at times. I look up things about other people I see interest in, and I find nothing wrong with it if it’s out there for me to see.

What I do see an issue with is hen people instead of communicating with one another while they are physically together instead, they are locked into their devices unconsciously and talking to others who are not even there. Yes, I am guilty that I sometimes will find myself talking to another person while alone because I am so instinctively wanting to connect with everyone mostly because of how easy it is, and that I wish I could change. But, because I am one who loves privacy and down time if it isn’t the one I love, my friends or family, than I do not find it to be healthy to stay so glued to society.

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