Nickel and Dimed Chapter Assignment

Nickel and Dimed Chapter Assignment Words: 360

I have never had a Job before so I have never dealt with stress that a Job can cause but I have had to deal with stress room school work. Projects and deadlines can cause many people to go insane but if you do not allow the stress to get to you then you can complete the assignment in no time. For example, in the 10th grade I had a huge health project due that was worth 300 points. I of course procrastinated and waited until a week before to even read the instructions. I thought the project would be simple and would take a minimum of an hour but I was wrong.

After reading over the project I was completely lost and didn’t know what I was supposed to do. I started to think of a strategy I could use to break up the project over four days so I would complete it on time and have it turned in by Friday. Throughout the week I would do a certain amount of the project each night so that it didn’t stress me out doing all of it in one night instead I only did a little per night. This strategy allowed me to stay relaxed and calm but still complete the project and have it turned in by its deadline. Mine and Rehearing’s experiences are both similar and different at the same time.

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We both face stressful situations and e both learn how to deal with them appropriately but we also have two complete different situations. Rehiring is dealing with her bosses who she has no control over and I am dealing with myself. I am able to control what I do and when I do it. I am the one who waited until the last minute to do a project and cause me to become angry and stressed, but Rehiring doesn’t have that ability she has to do what her bosses say and when they say it. Even though Rehiring and I share similarities we also share differences and how we dealt with both of our situations in different ways.

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