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When visiting a place like Marilynn monastery for assignment purposes such as this one tends to go there looking for cracks in order to write some more substantial modern day life, this was my initial assumption. After entering Monastery premises I began to feel as though maybe the hustle and bustle of everyday life is the crack that we all experience, the gardens seems to trap out most of societies sounds that we have become so use to and instead allows us to hear the earth.

The simple act of existing and being submerged in such a peaceful and calming place could be seen as a form of counseling in itself, you become more aware of your thoughts, there is just an amazing clarity where the only “distraction” is the happy chirping of the birds. These observations relate to various aspects of transformation counseling in that we learn the values, up held by the monks, workers and volunteers of the community that work in the monastery, and we begin to understand what they hold close to their heart, not Just in a religious sense.

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The volunteers teaches us about interdependence, the sense of welcoming, being accepted and the general willingness that I found of people that are willing to help can really effect the type of relationship we develop with people wherever we go. There is also very little to no form of hierarchy amongst the monks, nuns and other members of Monastery leaving everyone feeling Just as valued as the next and their presence is Just as important as their peers.

This one of the things that impressed Ghanaian when he went to visit the monastery in approximately 1885 as a young lawyer and it is said that it is sibyl what inspired him to be the Ghanaian we know. In context to counseling, Marilynn monastery provides all the necessary settings for counseling purposes especially for someone learning psychology or counseling. Being different is a good thing and that learning to co-exist as the monks in the monastery do can not only give one a sense of belonging but knowledge of different cultures, background and peoples personal beliefs .

Diverse viewpoints of individuals, trying to understand and not Judging, allow us to better understand each other and inevitably help us grow into the person we would like to be, it also helps broaden our way of thinking and frame of reference in everyday life. In conclusion I found my investigation into Marilynn Monastery as purposeful encounter of a counseling nature to be very informative not Just on an academic level but on a personal level as well.

I found that putting my-self in an environment where counseling practices or group encounters take place, a form of counseling is already happening even for outsiders that have simply visited the monastery for a cup of tea. The presence of others and the selfless work they are doing is liberating, not to mention the tranquil surrounding that is located on the outskirts of a busy industrial area. Sources Consulted Robert.

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