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Some may also argue that technology y has significantly impacted the medical field greater than most other areas. Considering al I of the new procedures, treatments, and cures, it would certainly be hard to ignore what techno has allowed doctors of all types to accomplish. However, there are a fair share of cons as well, some of those stemming from inventions that could also be argued to have a positive imp CT on society. Although modern society has been both positively and negatively affected by technology in numerous ways, it is quite apparent that the positive impacts outweigh the negative ones via impact and significance.

Our modern society has been positively affected by technology in an unimaginable number of ways that range from something as simple as the way one prepares his or her breakfast with steel silverware, to the way one sees at night with the use of a flashlight HTH. However, despite those two examples being as easily recognizable and relatable as the eye are, often times the ideas that require deeper thinking result in a better understanding o f the subject, and therefore an increased conception of the topic.

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If one were to do replicate that ex act same Jimenez 2 recess, but with the greatest positive impacts of technology on society as the subject , he would certainly conclude that the advancements in communication and connectedness, imp revetments to the education system, increased agricultural efficiency, and revolutionized modern m declined would be atop that list. Communication today is not only more advanced and simpler than ever before, but it is also more important and necessary to modern society, when it comes to society’s ability to function.

Besides the internet, people now use radios, smartness, social media, faxes, and even televisions to connect to the world around them. Individuals can also video call one another using services such as Seep and vivo, which are especially beneficial to co pulps, relatives, and friends who are unable to find the time and or money to meet up with each other in person. Reaching a peer in the 21st century is only a few clicks and a “send” away wit h the use of text messaging services.

Besides testing services, the creation of social media on the e internet is another great way for one to stay connected and updated with the lives of the peep el around them; Faceable, Twitter and Mainstream, Just to name a few, are modern day social me IA services that have revolutionized the meaning social connectedness. Updating status sees that may share one’s current whereabouts, doings, or feelings as well as sharing photos has n ever been easier; especially since a single post can be seen by millions of people worldwide wit hint mere seconds. The vast, volunteer written encyclopedia Wisped, the largely amateur pro deduced Youth video service, the massive Flicker photo repository, the sprawling Huffing P cost blob compendium all of these popular media services were unimaginable before the Web came along” (Carr 85). Since the creation of the internet, tens of hundreds of websites and service ;. Hen s have been created online to lessen the hassle of connecting with the world arduous means.

Newspapers are slowly being phased out, and that’s all thanks t skipped, Jimenez 3 which holds an unthinkable amount of information, and other n e since made the transition to using the web as a tool rather than viewing it as However, the improvements to communication extend farther the they also positively impact the way that businesses function. “WI on of social networks like faceable and twitter, business can create business errs for these pages. The process is so simple and free. For some business et for building a fun base for their pages, so they use these pages to u ate with their followers”. Use of Technology in Communication. ) With the help internet, businesses are able to more easily reach out to their co as their investors and suppliers. Another positive impact on society deals with how technology ha education system. First, technology has allowed classroom lesson more efficiently by teachers. Projectors and computers are replacing books. Students no longer have to search restlessly through old fiction books from heir local libraries for research, almost everything one could pop undo online via the use of online databases.

In addition, assignments can be term and with less of a hassle thanks to technology. Applications such as Micro point, as well as Google and its various home office applications, allow stud and finish projects without much hassle. Furthermore, teachers are able to heir parents stay updated with grades using Infinite Campus, and other alike namely beneficial and helpful because it results in better grades and pee ants as their parents are able to check and view their grades whenever they want. Jimenez 4 Technology has also positively impacted both agriculture and farming. In agriculture, time and production are so important; you have to plant in time, harvest in time and deliver to stores in time. Modern agricultural technology allows a small number of people to gar owe vast quantities of food and fiber in a shortest period of time” (Impact of Technology On So city). Modern day machinery has had a massive, positive impact on agriculture. It has allow deed farmers to work faster and more efficiently as well as plant more crops on larger pieces of Ian d. It has also allowed farmers to grow genetically modified plants, which are able to resist dies ease and pests as well as both grow faster and bigger.

Irrigation systems have also been a poss. dive by product of technology; they not only allow larger amounts of crops to be watered, the y also allow crops to be grown and harvested in dry areas which wouldn’t normally be able t o support them. These effects are extremely beneficial to the consumers as well because more produce means lower prices. It is quite apparent that technology has positively impacted socio TTY because t has allowed better communication, improved education, and an increase in agriculture rural efficiency. Nonetheless, there are also countless ways that modern day society has been negative affected by technology.

Some of these negative impacts may seem quite obvious, while e others might not. Regardless, the fact of the matter is that technology is indeed impacting so city in harmful and unwanted ways. Some of the most impacting ones would include how its creating issues socially, diminishing earth’s natural resources, distracting people from their responsibilities, and polluting the earth. According to Sherry Turtle, “We’re getting us deed too new way of being alone together. People want to be with each other, but also elsewhere re… People want to customize their lives.

They want to go in and out of all the places they are beck cause the Jimenez 5 things that matters most to them is control over where they put their attention. ” Des tie the fact that social media services such as Faceable, Twitter, Mainstream and others are able to keep one updated when it comes to his peers, the reality of the situation is that they are only u updates that are being received; nothing more. Although one can easily use his or her smartened to reach his or her peers via text or a social media source no matter where they are as long as the y have an internet connection, the truth is that they aren’t really there with them.

Reading status s updates and scrolling through a feed of photos posted by one’s “friends” doesn’t actually help them connect. First off, there is a major difference between being friends with somebody o n faceable, and actually being friends with somebody in real life. Now its not to say that friends o n faceable can’t be real life friends, because of course they can. Simply put it, not all friends on o n ex.’s faceable friends list are actual friends. Second, being there with somebody in person and actually spending time with them is what helps make connections and helps them co insect with each other.

Meaningful experiences and memories are what defines a relationship b teen two people. Both text messaging and social media services can also be manipulated by us errs to harass others; this is commonly known as cyber bullying. From the comment sections found Youth videos, to the Faceable wall of any bullied individual, the reality of the situate on is that cyber bullying lives and thrives in every corner of the internet. “Severe, long term, or frequent spellbinding can leave both victims and bullies at greater risk for anxiety, depression n, and other stress related disorders.

In some rare but highly publicized cases, some kids have turned to suicide” (Spellbinding). Before the creation of the internet, bullying was a term most commonly used within a school setting to describe one student either verbally or phi socially harassing another. However, in modern society, that is no longer the case. Bullies are connection sirPeople are more likely to voice their opinions b e, especially since its so easy to send messages and leave com Another negative effect of technology on modern society deals WI resources. “The more demand for new technologies and advance analogies, the more pressure we put on earth’s natural resources” (Impact o itty). As stated earlier, technology has improved business’ ability to reach re base, and therefore sell more products. However, a negative side effect of t hose products uses natural resources. And as the demand for product of the non renewable resources used go down.

The problem with this is that exhaustible; they can’t simply be renewed. And as those resource d harder to find, the prices of the products will continue to climb until either anger able to make a profit, or the economy suffers a small collapse. Fresh watt increasingly difficult to find around the globe. At the current rate that our socio or fresh water will soon become a major issue where chaos would ensue. Eng the effects of this lack of drinkable water. In some states, people are r lawns as often as they wish; laws are put in place to regulate the water us droughts are beginning to happen much more frequently.

The point is, although I peed businesses succeed and advance their products, the increasing d ducts are having negative impacts on our society because the manufacture SE products uses exhaustible resources. Jimenez 7 A third negative impact on society caused by technology involves the amount of time wasted due to the distractions that its created. “A 2010 Kaiser Foundation study show deed that elementary aged children use on average 7. Hours per day of entertainment techno ago, 75 percent of these children have TV’s in their bedrooms, and 50 percent of North Aimer can homes have the TV on all day.

Gone is dining room table conversation, replaced by the ‘big SC Rene’ and take out” (The Impact of Technology on the Developing Child). Children in today’s world d are constantly having to deal with technological distractions. It is becoming increasingly difficult for them to focus on other tasks at hand such as homework, chores, and even finding Tim e to be active. The effects of the profound amount of time that children spend watching TV a ND surfing he web include struggling to keep attention, various physical disorders, and a limit t o their creativity and imagination.

Despite the fact that technology has vastly improved our s society, it has also impacted modern society in negative ways because it has led to an increasing g distance among people, a decrease in the supply of natural resources, and an increase in didst actions that spell out trouble for children trying to develop and prosper. Modern society is constantly changing and evolving, be it for the better or worse of humanity future. The track that our society is currently on was a track that was create d long ago, though its creators and those who influenced it never could have predicted that I t would have taken the turns that it has.

Quite honestly, modern society’s future is as uncertain in as ever. There certainly aren’t a lack of theories out there, but that’s the issue; they’re all Just t horses. From the day that the first tool was created by a human long, long ago, modern society Yes future then and there began writing itself. The reason behind that is because of technology. Shapes what society is going to become. It’s impact on society is greater than most pee people Jimenez 8 realize, and that is simply because most people fail to realize how much they actually do rely on technology.

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