Technology Dehumanizing Society Assignment

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A modern man is dependent on technology in daily activities. I agree with Ray Bradbury, technology dehumanized society. There is a point, in any sense, that too much of a certain thing begins to affect us more negatively than positively. For example, basic communication and social practices are becoming a lost art at the hands of cell phones. We can now maintain conversation from a distance, isolation. Another example of a technology that dehumanizes society is computers.

Computers dehumanize society by allowing humans to lack creativity, and become less active in heir school work, and other activities. Computers replace books, computers replace teachers, and computers replace substance. As a modern day high-school student I am constantly surrounded by computers that teach me things every day. I can’t remember the last time I looked up information in a textbook or even bothered with a library, you simply “google” a question and receive endless answers.

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This learning makes way for student’s lack of creativity and being able to think outside the box. Computers simply tell us an answer is right and no one takes time to question it. Computers dehumanize society nd change education to a thing of less substance. According to The Chronicle, one in four college students decided to ditch an ordinary textbook. The amount of effort put into assignment decreases due to tools on the internet. The New York Times identified dozens of sites that sell term papers.

New York high school student adds, “there aren’t a lot of original papers written anymore (courses. wcupa. edu: Paragraph 8). ” Cell phones are great in regards to calling and checking in, setting meeting times, and Just having a conversation. But, with cell phones comes texting, an inhuman way of communication. Texting filters our personal interactions and replaces them with the ability to be absent, while being present. Instead of creating healthy, positive relationships with people, we live in a world where we make more virtual relationships.

Experts say that more people are losing the ability to have traditional face-to-face communications. Janet Stenberg, a professor of communication and media studies at Fordham University in New York, says that in extreme cases students have trouble with basic communication and can’t even look her in the eyes when engaged in direct conversation (w]la. com). Not only does texting sift our motions, it also makes way for abbreviation, not only in the sense of making words shorter, but also making the things we say lack substance.

In most cases, our cell phones give us a limit on words, so we only communicate to the minimum. 67% of teens that own a cell phone say they prefer texting a friend over talking to a friend (pewinternet. org). Everyday we practice the activity of communication from a distance, a dehumanizing quality of todays technologically advanced society. In conclusion, technology allows us to forget creativity, individuality, critical Ray Bradbury is correct in his thinking from more than 60 years ago.

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