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The company’s board of directors is growing concerned because of , and the executives believe the answer to the company’s problem can be found by listening to the company’s customers. Your division has received the assignment to complete a project that will recommend a plan for solving . Your manager is currently taking internal proposals from various teams who would like to take on this high-profile project and represent the division. Background

As a member of the client services team that specializes in client complaints, you believe your team is especially well qualified to take on this project. You and your team of recent college graduates come from a variety of backgrounds that will provide unique insight into your customers’ needs. In addition, you complete projects like this on a smaller project scale all the time. Your usual process is to gather data (customer feedback), analyze data, categorize data, make conclusions, and brainstorm recommendations for solving the problem at hand.

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The Deliverables Here is a list of services the board of directors expects your team to complete as part this consulting project: 1 . Determine company and problem to be solved (send email and article to manager by June 19) 2. Prepare a written proposal (with Gaunt chart) for manager (20 points, submit on Model June 23). 3. Gather data (2 points, in-class check on June 24). 4. Analyze data (3 points, in-class check on June 26). 5.

Write a formal report (75 points, draft due July 1 and final due on Model July 3) hat includes the following sections: introduction, background (including a background on the problem), methodology, analysis of data, conclusions, and recommendations. Also include a title page, transmittal memo, table of contents, executive summary, and appendixes. Include graphics. 6. Give a 10-12 minute oral presentation of your report (draft due July 1 and final given July 2 or July 3 in class), employing Powering slides (draft due July 1 and final due July 2).

This is the first mime your team will have a chance to complete a project directly for the board. You hope that a Job well done will lead to additional projects from the board in the future. Additional Information Your manager pulls you aside and shares a few additional tips that might help you on this project: The proposal examples on up. 108-115 in the book are good examples to examine for the internal proposal. Complaints can be found through Google or through sites such as complaints. Com or nascent. Com. Each team should choose the company it would like to research.

No two teams can research the same company. Each team should also identify a current problem (need) in the company to resolve. Getting to know the company and its current needs will give you a great advantage in getting the proposal accepted. Each member of your team must analyze 20 different complaints; thus, you must be able to find complaints in number equal to 20 times the number of members of your team.

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