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JAD Team Member Memo Memo to JAD Team members To JAD team members: The group managers have approved each of you to attend a three day JAD session next week that each of you will need to attend. Although many of you already know and have worked with one another for a while, there are some that are new here at SCR so I have developed a list of JAD team members and titles: Jill Martin, training group manager Sandy Wise, records assistant Amy Hawkins, client service representative Mark Martin, Web designer Dave Spencer, programmer

Meg Harris, corporate trainer The following is an agenda for the JAD session and topics that will be discussed: I. Project leader Jane Doe a. Introduce all JAD team members b. Discuss ground rules, goals, and objectives for the JAD sessions c. Explain methods of documentation and possible use of CASE tool II. Member of SCR executive committee a. Explain the reasons for the project b. Express top management authorization and support the project leader III. Project leader Jane Doe a. Provide overview of the current system b.

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Describe proposed project scope and constraints The following is a list of the application design requirements with outputs, inputs, processes, performance, and controls: Outputs * Roster for courses * Every 90-days a schedule of courses that are offered * Summary of student backgrounds * Course completion certificates * Instructor assignment list * Schedule report on completed courses and number of students * Student performance report for corporate clients Inputs * Student registration forms * Instructor-specific background data forms

Processes * TIMS must interface with the SCR accounting system Performance * TIMS must be able to track registration right up until the day the course is held * TIMS must be able to handle online registration in the future Controls * TIMS must be able to provide accounting data necessary to reconcile student accounts and bill corporate clients * TIMS must generate information to highlight more popular and less popular courses References: Shelly, Cashman & Rosenblatt. Systems Analysis and Design, Video Enhanced (8th Ed. ).

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