Tattoo: The Permanent Scar Assignment

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Many people want to have it because they see their favorite male or female actors sporting a tattoo and looking sexy, some caused by the attempt to cover up scars, some want to kook cool and tough or they don’t want to be left out from their friends, and Et cetera; however, the true reason a person gets a tattoo is entirely a personal decision. While tattoos can be fantastic and beautiful, they can also be hideous and embarrassing. I have seen many bad tattoos. Know a guy who went somewhere “cheap” to get his done and ended up with a tattoo that is crooked.

It is so shameful. Getting a tattoo which doesn’t come out terrible is not that easy-?it’s not like you have a little money in your hand then you go anywhere and say “Oh, just saw a guy with an awesome tattoo on his arm eased by lately and I want to have some, what can you do for me by this money? ” Don’t be a swagger, you need to research and consider before you get one. You love tattoos and want to have it, but before you get any, you must think about the fact that getting a tattoo is a big deal.

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It might come out looking unpleasant, you might hate it, you might be allergic to the ink they use, your parents may be furious with you, you may become unemployable and, importantly, you will have it forever, unless you can afford laser removal which is very expensive and that would be painful. After ensuring that you’re going to get a tattoo then think about a design what are you going to get? There are millions ideas; such as on the internet, from your friend’s experience, or you can pick from flash art, a catalog of tattoo designs, at the studio or tattoo shop.

Just remember to take time and look for as many as you can before you pick the one that you would have inked on your body. However, I think that you’d better make your own-?a tattoo is meant to represent you, not someone else. If you can’t find any idea, draw pictures of things you like, then print them out and take them to your tattoo artist. This will help a lot. In safe way to get inked, you should find a good tattoo artist-?a professional one. Shop around. Have a looks or search online-? you can ask people there, or ask your friends. Then go into the shop and talk to the people who work there.

Ask to see their portfolios-?their works on the wall are usually purchased from another place and are not indicative of their talent. A good artist should have social skills (such as, not make you feel like a fool), be professional and polite. If you find one you like, then make an appointment for a consultation about your tattoo idea. Do not forget to notice while they’re working-?satisfy yourself that the shop furnishings and terrorists are clean orderly in appearance, insist that you see the artists remove a new needle and new ink, and make sure that they put on a new pair of gloves.

Question them if you need to know something, if they are the professional tattoo artists they will have no problems to answer. Next step, is to get yourself ready. The artist should suggest you avoid drinking heavily the night before or all on the day you get tattooed, and of course, also drugs. Otherwise, consuming some substances can lead you to unwanted consequence such as bleeding. Then preparing yourself, it wouldn’t hurt-?as badly as you think it would. Some areas, such as on top of bone, hurt more than others, but people say its pretty bearable.

Before getting a tattoo, you must inform the artist of any diseases that you may have, and you must not be hungry or sleepy, that may cause you nervousness, uncontrolled movements of body, increased sensitivity, and fainting. After you get the tattoo as you wish, you will have to take care of it. Getting inked is like to have a wound-? it takes time to heal. Tattoo artists have efferent aftercare methods, so do whatever your tattoo artist tells you to do. Basically, while it’s healing, keep it moisturizer and do not pack it.

Don’t go swimming, sit in a sauna or expose your new tattoo to sunlight. This will prevent the healing process and can cause infections. When its healed (it takes about two weeks), remember to put sun block on your tattoo whenever you go out in the sun, or else the beautiful tattoo will fade and look sad at the end. When someone wants something badly, and spends much time on it, to have that thing for the rest Of their life, they deserve it. Tattoo represents itself and the person who has it on, it will be a permanent scar. Take time, NC you will never regret it.

To Be an Alive Freshman Janitor Banana (54030053) Going to university can be a challenge, regardless of how strong student you are. It’s a big transition-?starting new classes, meetings new friends, adjusting a new environment, the transition to adulthood. As a freshman, I have been here, in the university, for almost a year. I found that there are many problems, which mostly I already have experienced by myself. If someone asks me how I survive in the university, I would tell it depends on how well you can be adjustable. Things in university are just different from high school in every way.

Typically, in high school, students spend approximately 40 hours per week in the classroom, and they are free after school-?either home or tutor place they go. But in university, we spend approximately 22 hours per week in the classroom, and you’re free besides that. Since you are adult, so you can go anywhere. Look, the high school life seems to be harder-?but no, its not. When you are in high school, you have sponsors-?they support you, like your parents and teachers. Your parents look after you, give you a treat, and usually structure your time; tell things you have to do-?they rule you.

The teachers in high school always check to make sure that you have completed your homework, and usually assign grades or bonus points for the work. They would generally approach you and try to offer extra help if they saw that you didn’t do well on the tests. They follow your textbook and lecture. They remind you about upcoming testes and assignments-?they provide you good grades. In university, no one is going to do things for you. You have to learn to manage your own time, and that is more difficult to do than it sounds-?I am one who failed in it.

When I was in first semester, I was like, “Oh, finally, I’m free! ” had a lot Of free time after the classes, and I spent it on other things besides homework; such as, go shopping, hang out with friends, read comics, internet, and sleep. Was wasting my time, doing whatever I wanted to do, and in the end, I couldn’t finish thinks on time. From this lesson, I learned that I should know what and when I have to do things and must be much more responsible. The social life in new environment is one of my problems. I am a quiet person and like to be solitary more.

So it was a little bit hard for me to make new friends. But I will tell you, when you go to university, you will meet other people and some of you might become friends, but remember; they are different from your old high school friends-?they are more mature, like you. You will never know their real backgrounds or personalities, you have no clue how exactly they are like, and anyway you should get to know them. It will come in handy. However, make sure that you choose the right friends and they will not lead you to failure.

All of the above-mentioned suggestions are just some of ways to survive in university. Avis just about doing the right things you have to do-?that’s all. Success in university is dependent upon a clear understanding of your role in the learning process. As a member of this community, expect to be challenged, and expect to grow and succeed. It is the choices and decisions which you make, that will cause the success of your university life. You will be adjusted in the academic environment, and the better you live it well, the better your academic performance you will have.

The Diet Morning In one Sunday morning two years ago, it was my special day-I got a date. After taking a shower, walked to a wardrobe, chose one of my favorite dresses, tried to put myself into the dress. And then, was standing in front of a mirror, looking at myself stunned. It fit every,’here except for the waist, which is insanely tight-?I could not quite zip up the back. Basically needed to be about two or three inches smaller in the waist area on that time to wear the dress. I was a little bit shocked, did not realize how much weight I have gained. So I was thinking-?it’s time to go on a diet.

I have never been on a diet before. Seriously tried to search for the information about it, and asked my friends who have experienced dieting. One of them used to take weight-loss pills and asked me if I want to take mom, if so she could help. But I denied her; I would like a healthy way to lose my weight. The diet program was planed. And the first day came, I enthusiastically woke up as always, did everything like usual in the bathroom, then cheerfully walked down the stairs. And then, something unusual was going to happen. One of my plans was to change eating habits.

Every day, in the morning (in fact, every dish), I usually have an extremely full meal; such as, rice, bread, milk, and sometimes fruits. That was too much, so changed my breakfast to be something nutritious, healthy, and I tried not to eat much. I only had a small cup of cereal and no-fat milk, which is high in fiber, low in fat and low in sugar. The diet guide book said, “It should have given you enough power to wake you up and kept you going until the lunchtime”-?but no, it didn’t. After breakfast I went to school. When I was studying, and time passed, not long-?I ‘m sure it was only an hour-?it finally happened.

I felt pain in my stomach, like it was crying for more some food, begging for a full-course breakfast as I used to have. Later, realized how embarrassed it is when your stomach repeatedly rumbles; surrounded by people. Everybody sitting nearby looked at me, and then they started to giggle. That made the teacher turned her face to us-?the silence automatically came to the classroom, but not to my belly. I was trying to calm it down; however, nothing happened. A friend handed me a bottle of water, said it would help. Drank it all, after that felt better, at least just for a moment.

And then it became terrible; I started sweating, but my body was getting cooler, I felt like to vomit-?there was such a hurricane in my stomach. I was stuck at the situation for a while, and afterwards I asked the teacher to o to the restroom. In there, after washing my face, I looked at the mirror-?the second time in the day-?then I saw changes in my reflection; a paled-face also lips and tired looking eyes, what is more, I could smell my bad breath. I thought I would have looked better. I went back to the classroom, sat dawn on my chair, and prayed for the lunchtime. Felt better from the walk.

I stared at a clock on the wall-?every second seemed like a year; was counting down. The teacher was standing in front of the class while was trying to sleep, but I was in too much pain; therefore, I couldn’t. “Zero-?finally! I excitedly whispers said, while watching the watch, after the bell rang. I almost ran to the canteen, ordered double servings spaghetti and a two- liter bottle of coke (for the coke I shared with friends. ) I ate, and ordered, and ate again, until I was full-?extremely full. My friend asked me about the diet and I told her couldn’t do it anymore; that morning was much more for me.

The dress is still hanging on a coat hanger in my closet. And I still can’t wear it. After that day went back to my old life. It sounds weak when a person gives up on something she just did it for five hours, but as an enjoy-eating girl. Whose doing what I’m happy doing rather than to be thin but have an unhappy look. You can buy any dress and choose one of them to wear on the date; however, you can’t buy your time back. Let’s enjoy our eating times, cheers! A Walk in Karri Janitor Anna (54030053) Do you fear of night? How about darkness? Do you believe in ghosts?

These questions have been asked by many friends-?my childhoods-?since I remember. And when answer, they always raised their eyebrows then said, “Really? ‘ after my “No” replies. Even though I had many friends and played with them all day, in everyday, I still walked back home after the sunset-?all lone. Didn’t feel of any fearfulness at all, on the other hand, I saw it peaceful and strange attractive. Over years ago, I had a chance to go to Karri, which is at the south of Thailand. I have never been there before-?even other maritime province. .NET there and visited my mother who worked as a Thai restaurant owner, and she had a house near the beach area. She was great and the business was going well. On the first day of visiting, I had a sleep after arriving and woke up with a fright; by the sound of car engine-?mother’s going somewhere. I got up, gently walked to the porch, and then looked out to the KY-?ablaze with color; fiery orange and searing reds, it changed to yellow or peach, to purples as the sun sank further over the horizon, looked as hot as it’s burning, and I could feel the breeze-?slowly blowing through me.

I smiled while brushing my hair back-?it’s the time. I walked out from the house, went ahead to the beach which was about a twenty-minutes-walk far from here. There were plenty of birds flying over my head, in the absolutely dark sky, thousands of bugs hiding in the bushes all the way long of paths, and some small waves at the beach out there. No, I dint see them, but-?I heard-?the birds’ twitters calling to each other, the sounds of crickets chirpy courting or the waves crashing against the shore. It sounded like they were performing on a singing contest; harmonize liked a musical.

It was very late at night, after my mother phone calling, I told her that was at the beach. She was a little bit frightened then she said had not to go too far and waited until she reached there. Took her words. However, as a good child I would have not continued walking, but did. I felt like there was gravity between us; was standing very near to the EAI-?as near as the waves almost swooped me down to the shore. That was my first time hearing, seeing, smelling, and touching the real sea. It was so much impressive-?being alone under the dark sky with a million brightly stars shining.

I could feel the sand, gently touching, beneath my feet. The sea was now dark and turbulent seeming as though it was hiding some deep secrets beneath its murky water. A mile away, I could see a light of a fishing boat, tossing in the ocean. Then I walked to edge of the shore, let the powerful wind blew through my body, let the ocean crashed into the seaside and plashing on me, and let myself stood silently and calmly, memorizing the feelings that way. Mother finally came, she asked me if I was alright, then we got in a car, and she got the engine started.

While the car was moving, I turned my face to the left and glanced at the place I was standing k mom, I just was a little wonder if the sea was in a bad mood,” said smilingly I, “By the way, don’t know why other friends are scared of nights, Mom. And you see; didn’t get hurt, it’s much better than standing in front of a stranger guy in the day. ” Sleepless Nights I’m sitting on the chair in a coffee shop near my university, waiting for the incoming class, seeing people walking in opposite directions through the pane of glass which I’m facing. They look so energetic and incredible fresh in the hot-and-sunny afternoon.

Some of them are talking, laughing, or posting something weird in front of their friends. My eyes repeatedly move from the left-to-right and the right-to-left-?like the moving eye owl clock I’ve ever seen on TV. This makes me feel dizzy and want my eyes shut. The Grandee cup of espresso in my hand is getting lighter; it means I’ve been here and drinking it for enough time. However, it doesn’t help me getting rid of the drowsiness. Thinking what I’ve done in this morning and back to the earlier days, then I have no doubt. I have been up all night, including the other nights, doing homework and stuff.

I don’t know why the teacher assigned these, and feel it’s too much-?from Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and even last Fridays homework. Haven’t finished any of them. I have many things to do; such as, housework, school activities, meeting friends, and other things. How can I have extra time for the homework? Alright, I admit it, it was my fault. The cause is from I cannot manage my own time; I don’t do what have to do in every single day. Lay in the day and do homework at night which has to be ended. So I can’t get any sleep before and go to a class in the morning.

If sometimes I couldn’t get my homework completely done, then I have to continue doing it on the next night. This happened to me again and again these days, no, actually for few weeks. And it seems to be also happening on the next month. After coming to the class lacking sleep, how can you be studying in a class without nodding, besides, you have a helping tool? Coffee is my choice. Usually drink it, at least two of espresso; one for the morning and the other or afternoon (sometimes the third for homework at night. ) This helps me keep going though the classes.

In any case, coffee doesn’t make me not want to sleep-?at all. I still want to get some rest, so after morning class, I normally go to a library, my room (l live in a dorm near university), or any place that is enough quiet and allows me to take a nap in there. Each time takes about an hour or two hours, and more than three when I’m at home (well, that’s not just a nap anymore. ) Therefore, don’t feel sleepy and I can be awake at night; do homework and such worthless things all along. In addition, find the true reason why can’t finish things on time is my character-?a laid-back person.

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