Sustainability Assignment

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My own ecological footprint: would say my ecological footprint is contributed by the following: Consuming only South African grown food, that saves the energy and transport costs. Using public transports that reduces traffic and costs. Recycling most things that also is good for environment. Switch off the lights when I leave the house. This does not only meet the present needs but also not compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

This has been a huge eye opener and thinking of the topics like teenage pregnancy, this is not helping us as a country to be sustainable and developed as the resources are less than the population. My comment: “Its all in the outcome – Consequentiality” – utilitarianism and the sustainability problem “We living in a failed world but I believe child poverty can be controllable.

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We can use the country’s resources to good use than investing in unnecessary things like child grants misused by parents to buy homeless the latest clothes in the shops and styling their hair with the money meant to assist with child poverty and also funds used for developing townships instead of developing villages. Clinics can be built in rural areas, were currently they travel long distances to access clinics and on top of that transport is not easily accessible and expensive to the poor. ” The above is what I stated in my assignment 3.

If teenage pregnancy was to be eliminated in our country this would make a huge difference. “Fairs Fair – Distributive Justice” As mentioned in “Broadband report, Quadrant IV’ A developed country and sustainable economic footprint, only shows that the needs are being met and the ability of future generations to meet their needs are not being compromised. Knowledge is there to be shared to the next generation. “Grannies – Environmental Ethics” If we take care Of our resources, they will take care Of us too. With that said, we can avoid conditions like global warnings etc.

If we treat our environments with respect like avoiding polluting, stop killing everything tauter comes with then I believe nature can take care of us too. Do I really practice these values? I would like to believe I do, as consume the average a normal person should of the country’s resources. Can I really claim that these are my virtues? Yes this are my virtues with the above information of my footprints set as proof. Is what I am saying really what I do? Yes what I’m saying is what I do, not only because it’s good for me but also not compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

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