Susan Munro Case Evaluation Assignment

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This case identifies the problem of a business student Susan Munro who deals with variety of services daily. Considering dry cleaners issue her main problem i. e. the unfriendly attitude of worker and not finishing the order on time. This report holds several alternative solutions that can solve her problem.

According to me the best possible solution for her is switching towards a new dry cleaner and experiences their quality of work. In the end, if she is not satisfied she has always an option of going back to the old dry cleaning store as they are more convenient. Choosing new dry cleaner holds more weight because of the fact that they are new in town to attain loyal customer they will invest in good customer care services, modernized technologies, and offering discount coupons. The only issues that could occur are bad customer service; quality is not good or high prices.

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Susan should now do some research on this new dry cleaner or experience it first hand by going straight there. She can evaluate their quality of service completely after picking up her clothes. If dissatisfied, she always has the option of going back to her old cleaners. INTRODUCTION: The consumer pays you something, and you promise to provide a product or a service. There are pledges of quality and quickness. Customer service involves living up to your word on these matters, but it really gets to shine when something goes wrong. Suppose you have been on the receiving end of lousy customer service a time or two.

You’ve come to a company with questions only to be told by some sterile voice to press this or click that until you arrive full circle to your starting place with no help at all. Or, worse, you’ve reached some bored CSR (Customer Service Representative) who calls you by name but delivers only the infamous phrase, “I am sorry, but there is nothing I can do. ” This case holds the perfect situation to deal with. CIRCUMSTANTIAL OF THE CASE STUDY: Susan Munro is a final year business student who uses an array of service, according to the marketing concept these services are categorized as follows

PEOPLE PROCESSING: * Bus service * Hair dresser * Eye exam reminder POSSESSION PROCESSING: * Mail * Food stand for bagel * Sandwich from sandwich shop * Burger king * Have-a-java * Dry cleaning store * Placing order for pizza INFORMATION PROCESSING: * ATM service * Cell phone * Insurance service MENTAL STIMULUS: * School lecture * New dry cleaner ad * Watched Spanish business video * Cooking dinner The interaction with services in Susan’s daily life is quite noticeable. But the qualities of customer services which she was experiencing were not up to mark.

In her busy life she can’t afford to have such issue that wastes her time. According to me the problem that caught my attention is discussed in the report. PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION: As a business student Susan would like to pursue a successful career. She has a very important interview and an evening before that she went to the dry cleaning store which was convenient and the quality of work over there was good but her irony that, dress for the interview was not ready and as she inquired about it the assistant responded in a cold voice and she found the employees of that store unfriendly.

ESTABLISHING DECISION CRITERIA: In Susan’s case as meeting with services is her part of life, if she does not get it well her performance in studies or at expected job could be affected, it will go down. Assuming she wears something else which is inappropriate for the interview. She will not be able to set an impression on the interviewer and as a result her moral will go down. ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS: * As mentioned in the case study she saw an email of this new dry cleaning store. She can switch * She can stick to the old dry cleaner. Wash her clothes at home, it saves money * Call the dry cleaner and remind him about her clothes, a day before interview. SCRUTINIZE ALTERNATIVES: This involves possible advantages and disadvantages of choosing any option. 1. If she sticks to the old dry cleaner: Advantages: * store is near her house * charges are affordable * she has more experience with this dry cleaner * quality of work is good Disadvantages: * bad customer service * May be the problem remains and services goes worse. * Manager pays no attention on the complaint. 2. Washing clothes at home: Advantages: No stress of picking clothes and making calls for reminder * Saves money * No dependence Disadvantage: * Consumes energy and time that should be spending on studies 3. Choosing new dry cleaner: Advantages: * offers discount packages * store hold good reputation * pick-up delivery and laundry service * Modernized machines. * Online payment option Disadvantages: * The prices are high * Far from home * Quality of work is not good SELECTING AN ALTERNATIVE: Time is money. There are never enough hours in the day. We are always looking for ways to save ourselves time.

Fast food, personal transportation, hired yard workers, multitasking in traffic and buying groceries online are several examples of our time saving efforts. Making things more convenient and cutting down routine tasks helps us feeling better. In this case, choosing a new dry cleaning store is better option for her. Susan should try the new cleaners. She might be surprised at the quality and they might even have student discounts available after she uses her coupon the first time. If anything she can see the quality and service of the new place by trying it out one time. IMPLEMENTATION:

She needs to do some research on this new store and its reputation in the market. Ask friends or search on internet if anybody had a bad experience with them or do they use proper cleaning chemicals. Ask if they offer wholesale dry-cleaning. Do they provide a complete package, (tagging garments for identification, dry-cleaning, pressing, and packaging), what is the turnover time for completing orders, what additional services do they provide, and what do they charge per item. Other thing that she could possibly do is test their services by giving one formal and one informal outfit. DECISION EVALUATION:

The effectiveness of the cleaners and their service can be assessed once she has taken her clothes back from them. If their initial customer service was good, and the quality of work is good, she should consider going back to them. Considering that this service is a possession processing service, a bad cleaning job will affect her decision to go back to the new cleaners. In this case, she can always go back to the previous dry cleaners or she can select another alternative. BIBLIOGRAPHY: http://money. howstuffworks. com/customer-service. htm http://sbinfocanada. about. com/od/customerservice/a/custservrules. htm

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