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Using a five-point scale (5 = very favorable, 3 = neutral, 1 = very unfavorable) valuate a) the Monitor for business users and b) the consumer version for households on each of the eight reasons. Briefly Justify your answers. 1) Points of difference: Business-??I. The product is too risky to not work. The points of difference are not as favorable to take that kind of risk. Consumer version=5. The product is beneficial to people who are environmentally concerned consumers. 2) Economic access: Businesses-??I. It will take quite a bit of resources for a company to notice the product.

Consumer-??I . The product will be hard to get a hold of. More than likely it ill not be at the local store. You will need to shop for it online or at a specialty store that is not found in small towns. 3) Market and product protocol: Business=5. The marketing of the product through videos and demonstration was done well. The guys were a bit funny looking. Consumer=5. The market was the same as far as the videos and demonstrations. 4) Satisfying customer needs on critical factors: Business=3. Not sure if the product actually killed the germs and did as well as the chemical cleaners.

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The reading actual brought up the fact that chemical cleaners eight bubble or something to indicate a deeper clean. Consumer=3. This would be for the same reason how do you truly know that it is cleaning the germs away. 5) Bad timing: Business-??I. They launched the product in the year 2009, right during the major recession. Consumer-??I. Consumers were not buying cleaning product during this time. They were buying true needs in order to survive. This would not have been something they absolutely needed. 6) Poor product quality: Business=3. The product did get tested but it was a bad time and not marketed well.

Consumer=3. The product was a great idea hard to believe and they were excited to try other new products. 7) Too little market attractiveness: Business-??I. The business would need to market better than the day-to-day products of existence. Most business have already bought in bulk and established relations with existing companies. Consumer-??I. Most people already have their favorite cleaning supply so it would take a lot to impress the consumers of today. 8) Poor execution of the marketing mix: Business-??I. The whole marketing was not done that well but it was a great idea Just to executed to success.

Consumer-??I. Most consumers would be hesitant to buy this kind of a new product. 4) When introducing the consumer version for households a) identify three key target markets b) suggest media you use to reach them and c) create one or two simple messages to communicate the products points of difference. A) Generation Y, Families and Sustainability lovers of the product b) Advertise in magazines like “Good Housekeeping”, “Gardening” and any other magazine that women may purchase where it could be easily excepted and viewed. Testimonies of the product.

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