Summer Preparation Task Assignment

Summer Preparation Task Assignment Words: 335

You will need to write 5 short papers for this course. Please read Chapter 1 of the book for your papers. These five paper topics are: 1 . Can capitalism and democracy coexist? (P. 7) 2. Does Globalization reduce or increase inequality? (P. 8) Instruction: You need to read the chapter first. You also need to use at least one relevant professional research article to support EACH of your argument for the above topics. Please also put your article or textbook chapter into your references.

The reference should be written as the following format. Please also see my example of the paper posted on blackboard (The title of your paper, your information and references cannot be counted for the 250 words as your paper): Hurst, Charles (2010). Social Inequality-forms, causes and consequences. Chapter#, Up. Xx-xx. Yuan, Fang. (1994). The tendency of Chinese aging society and the elderly problems. Demography and Family Planning, 3, 52-65. (Author’s name. (year of publication). The title of the article.

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The Journal’s or books title, version #, page #. ) If it is an article, it must be at least 5 pages. It cannot be a newspaper article or unprofessional website. Remember that I do not accept web link only. I need detailed information in the reference. The five papers will be 75 points (each paper will be 15 points). The first paper is due on July 7. Please check your syllabus or assignment 1 or assignment folder on Blackboard for the due date for the rest of the papers, they just be submitted by 9:pm on the due date.

After that time the window will be closed. Remember that email submissions will not be accepted. There is no excuse for any late papers. This assignment must be 300 or more words (l will count! ). Remember that If you do not have 300 words for the paper, you will not receive any point. The title of the paper, your information and references will not be counted for these 300 words. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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