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The future of a student is determined by the success in academics. The road to success for a student is not always an easy and the student has to ensure that they are well equipped with the right skills as a student in ensuring that their future is bright. A student also has to ensure that they take all the challenges positively in order to excel in their academics, which is a reflection of their future. The major factors that determine the success of a student in school are proper time management, hard work and perseverance, and learning from failure.

Managing time is the most important factor that determines how students succeed. Proper time management ensures that a student has allocated time in an efficient manner in all their school and non- school activities based on their importance to their performance. A successful student will create a timetable that prioritize schoolwork. For example, a successful student will forego going to the beach for three hours and instead offer to do their assignments.

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Proper time management ensures that the successful student does not have to rush through the schoolwork at the end of the semester when waiting for an exam but will rather be relaxed, an aspect that increases their chances of passing the examinations. It is therefore important for a student willing to be successful to create a schedule that recognizes all their activities in school and prioritize on schoolwork more than social work (Martin 34). Attaining success is not an easy task in school.

Becoming a successful student requires hard work and perseverance. Hard work in school entails putting an extra effort into class work and ensuring that all the information about a particular topic has been grasped at all angles. Hard work involves taking an extra mile in learning by creating extra time on learning what has been taught by the teacher. In perseverance, a successful student will persevere seeing other students going to the beach or parties and will stay up to long hours studying and putting extra efforts into their studies (Martin 55).

A successful student will have failed severally. When a student fails, they should not give up but take the failure as a challenge into their studies. When a successful student fails, they evaluate their learning methods and the areas in which they may not been doing the right procedure in learning. Through the evaluation of these areas, it will be Seibel to understand where they might have gone wrong in their study habits and rectify, thereby providing them with an experience on the most effective methods of learning (Martin 68).

In summary, becoming a successful student is a process that involves proper time management, hard work and perseverance, and learning of their failures. All the students shave the same amount of time at their disposal but a successful student will create a schedule that will prioritize schoolwork. A successful student will also spend extra hours in study and researching on what they have already been taught n class and will persevere the long hours of the night into studying a particular concept.

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