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Deed Required Texts Business Ethics, Case Studies and Selected Readings, Sixth edition, by Marianne M. Jennings ISBN: 0324657749 Course Description: This course is an exploration of values and ethics in American business utilizing debate and written exercises. It also considers ethical issues arising in the global business environment. Learning Outcomes: upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to: 1. Perform ethical analyses. . Apply analytical skills in approaching ethical dilemmas faced in business and management. 3. Communicate ethical analyses in writing. 4. Describe the ethical issues arising from the management of a diverse work force. 5. Identify the ethical implications of technology’s convergence on management and business. Course Requirements Students are expected to attend all class sessions, participate in all course activities, complete assignments as scheduled, and turn in all assignments on time. Late work is not accepted.

Failure to meet these requirements may result in loss of points or being dropped from the class. General Polices Please write your name on all communication – emails, homework, etc. Plagiarism Is never tolerated and can result in dismissal from the class. Any ideas or words of another person must be cited properly. This class is taught in a seminar format. That means that student participation in each evenings topics is expected, therefore all readings must be completed PRIOR to the class session. Students are strongly encouraged to contact the Instructor via email whenever In any difficulty.

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