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You have considerable freedom In deciding how to go about In answering the questions, although we do provide you with some hints. Part 1. Global problem definition (assignments 1-2) This part is aimed at getting a general picture of Minibus and its business and to finding out which problems Minibus is facing at the moment. 1. Minibus and the business Summarize the main company characteristics (such as size, structure, culture, turnover etc. ) and indicate the mission and goals to be accomplished regarding continuity and profitability and other criteria. 2.

Mall problems Give a general description of the main problems Minibus Is facing at the moment. Make an assessment of how serious these problems are and give your opinion about the outlook of Minibus’ future. Part 2. External and Internal analysis (assignments 3-11) In order to gain more Insight In the background of the problems of Minibus you are asked to make an external and internal analysis of the company. The focus of this analysis is on the political, economical and social context, on the competition and competitors, on the stakeholders and customers, on the product and the market, on he resources and the value chain of the company. . Political, economical and social context How can you characterize the political, economical and social context of bus manufacturing for public transport in Canada and the USA. 4. Competition What are the forces which drive the competition in bus building and give a description of the main players in that competition. 5. Competitors Describe the competitors Minibus in terms of market share, strengths and weaknesses. 6. Stakeholders What are Minibus’ mall stakeholders. Characterize their relationship to Minibus in terms of power. How urgent are these relationships for Minibus. 7.

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Customers How can you typify the customers of Minibus. 8. Market What is the market like. What kind of market segmentations can be made. Identify the order winning and qualifying criteria in the market. State the importance of the diverse product characteristics such as price, functionality, durability, appeal 9. Products Give basic information about every product group including turnover, profitability, market share, market growth, economic trends and technological developments 10. Minibus’ resources What are the main organization resources of Minibus. Make an assessment of their strengths and weaknesses. 1. Minibus’ value chain Which are the organizational functions that create value to the products of Minibus. What are the characteristics of these functions and make an assessment. Part 3. Assessment of competitive position (assignment 12) Based on the external and internal analysis you are now able to make a general assessment of the competitive position of Minibus. 12. Strengths and weaknesses in terms of success in the market place Make a list of strengths and weaknesses of the company. Which are the opportunities for the company and which the threats. Part 4.

Alternatives for the future (assignments 13-15) If Minibus is able to overcome the crisis, then it has to think about the strategy for the future. You are asked to think about what strategies are possible for Minibus and what are the pros and cons of the different strategies. 13. Corporate strategies What are the possibilities of the different corporate strategies. Look at diversification market development, product development, penetration, retrenchment and liquidation. 14. Market entry strategies What are the possibilities of the different market entry strategies.

Look at acquisition, licensing, merger and Joint venture. 15. Positioning strategies What are the possibilities of the different positioning strategies. Look at cost leadership, differentiation and focus. Part 5. The business plan (final assignment) Now you have considerable insight in the position of Minibus, its strengths and weaknesses, its financial situation and its internal performance. You have information about the characteristics of the market and you know about the market developments. You learned about the competitors and the competitive forces.

And anally you have a good view about the technological developments in bus manufacturing. You also made an assessment of the different strategic alternatives, which Minibus possibly can proceed with. The final assignment will be to advise the company about the future, which can be articulated a business plan you present to the company. 16. Business plan Make a business plan for Minibus in which you advise about the formulation of a vision statement, strategic goals, strategic strengths, action plans for different functional areas, sales forecast and financial plan. Try to be as complete as possible,

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