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Officer Marcia Murphy, Office Manager My New Assignment Thank you for your letter! I can go to Japan to work, feel very excited but there are a lot of aspects to worry about. Next, will tell you frankly. And thank you gave me good advice and experience, which is very helpful for me.

When I know I assigned to the Japanese company the time, I’m really excited, nervous, because I never thought could be assigned to here. In the others, did not stay long in this country, for me, it would make me feel my work environment is very unfamiliar, so I afraid cannot have a good work ability. And I know that the company has been very hope to develop and expand the market in Asia. Although this is a very long-term plan, but I know company reuse me, this trip will take me to complete the mission.

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Although this will give me a lot of pressure, will try hard to complete. I will deal with the details of each work, contract regulations and I will work to address the difficulties. Hope we can give a better development and profits for the company. This time, allocation countries is Japan, of course, I am most worried about the language barrier problem is, know if I want to have a better development for the company, I have to learn Japanese, I’m going to work in the rest of the time. O learn Japanese. Also, thank you taught me to understand the communication can be solved with a smiles, this is a very good way. Also, I will learn listening skills. Also, would learn the local culture, because I know that Japanese culture is very traditional, have to learn vigilant, not to offend the local culture. Also, know my colleagues are Japanese. So, I have to get along with them well.

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