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The successful system should be easy to navigate and require minimal web experience for external audiences. School Profile Wasted Elementary school is one of west Springfield s finest treasures. Built in 1 959 with renovations and additions in 1976 and 2002, Wasted Elementary has an outstanding reputation for student achievement. The faculty is a dedicated group of educators that strive to meet the needs of all learners. At Wasted a nurturing learning environment with an emphasis on developing lifelong learners provides high standards of excellence for all children (Springfield Public Schools, 2008).

Wasted serves as the home base for two of our district’s special education programs. The autistic program serves the special needs of children identified with autism spectrum disorder. The gifted program serves students identified as gifted. In addition, the interrelated classroom serves students with other special learning needs (Springfield public Schools, 2008). Wasted Elementary organizational structure is based upon a line and staff structure. The primary authority is Timmy McKenna, principal of Wasted Elementary, overseeing five departments consisting of approximately 90 personnel.

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It is our shared vision that all students be proficient in a standards-based curriculum that is challenging, relevant, integrated and shared with the community. Staff will enhance students’ performance using research-based instructional strategies that include multiple intelligences, hands-on and real world experiences. Assessment data will identify student needs and drive instruction. All students will feel safe, physically and emotionally. The learning environment will be structured on clear expectations and respect for others. Staff will work collaboratively and welcome community involvement Springfield public schools, 2008). Business Goals_ Through the alignment of information technology with current business goals, Wasted Elementary strives to educate and empower all children to achieve their fullest potential (Springfield Public Schools, 2008). _ Project Goals_ Through the implementation of a web-based student information system to enhance communications for students, parents and employees, Wasted Elementary hopes to con neck the home with the school. The goal is to provide a way to allow the parents to become more involved and to increase student achievement through this improved communication.

Additional benefits will be the elimination of costly paper-based business transactions, increased reporting and management of student information, simplification of the creation of state, federal, and ad-hoc reports, streamline business processes, increase efficiency, and integrate special education data elements into our student information system. _ Project Scope_ To implement a Student Information System with an application that meets the Board of Educations’ goal to improve learning, teaching and communication through the effective, efficient and integrated use of technology by all students and staff.

Wasted Elementary is requesting a proposal for a student information system that will include but is not necessarily limited to the requirements unidentified in the requirements section. Software Requirements: The successful student information system will include a localized database. The system should be entirely web browser capable. Included in the proposal shall be the cost of licensing, data conversion, training, maintenance and annual support, and any other costs relating to the purchase and implementation. A minimum requirement of the internet connection at the school for optimal performance should be pacified.

Hardware Requirements: The databases will be housed within the school and accessed via the internet. Server and workstation hardware requirements, operating system, and any additional software required should be included in the bid. _ Time Constraints _ The successful bidder must be capable of meeting the requirements of the REP within the time constraints of the decision schedule, Table 1, in the administrative section of this document. Proposals must be submitted by May 23, 2008 and the successful bidder must be able to complete installation Of the student information system no later than August 8, 2008.

Budget Constraints _ Wasted Elementary currently has allocated funds of $40,000 for the initial investment in a student information system as well as having included a line item in the annual budget for the cost of ongoing support. Risk Assessment Describe any potential project risks and the severity of each. Include suggested strategies to minimize the identified risks. Student Information System Requirements Overview The point of access to the SIS will be on the Wasted Elementary homepage. Access to the system shall be through differing privilege levels, to faculty, office staff, students, parents, and IT support.

Access will be provided through a student ID number and corresponding password. A series of menus should allow the user to access the desired functionality. Each function should have a distinct and intuitive user interface. The student information system should be able to integrate smoothly with the server currently used at Wasted Elementary and should run independently from other software currently in use. REQUIREMENTS The following items are a list of ARQ remnants for the implementation of the desired student information system. Bidders should include this table within their proposal submission.

It may be used to indicate vendor capability to provide the desired feature in the left column. Bidders may indicate “Y” to indicate compliance, or an “N” to indicate noncompliance. If the feature does not apply, or requires further explanation, insert a number that corresponds to an explanation, and include these notes below the table (Kirkwood School District, 2008). Table 1 Functional Requirements Parents/Students Access Level The SIS shall allow the user to view student information. The SIS shall allow the user to view student courses

The SIS shall allow the user to view: Class assignments Assignment due dates Assignment grades Assignment comments Class lecture material / class notes Exam grades The SIS shall allow the user to view student attendance: By term Excused Absences Unexcused Absences Excused Tardiest Unexcused Tardiest Date of each occurrence Summary of each occurrence _ Faculty Access Level _ The SIS shall allow the user to input: Class announcements The SIS shall allow the user to generate: Student progress reports. Report cards Class lists Seating charts The SIS shall allow the user to input attendance. Office Staff Access Level

The SIS shall allow the user to create a new student profile. The SIS shall allow the user to View student information Update student information. The SIS shall allow the user to generate grade cards. The SIS shall allow the user to generate summary reports. Student information Attendance _ System Administrator Level_ The SIS shall allow the user to add user accounts. Add user account Modify user account Delete user accounts The SIS shall allow the user to generate system usage report. The SIS shall allow the user to manage user groups. The SIS shall allow the user to view tables of the database. _ System_

The SIS shall allow attendance to be taken directly on the seating chart The SIS shall contain an integrated word processor. The SIS shall contain an integrated calendar. The SIS shall allow custom events to be added to the calendar. The SIS shall be able to e-mail progress reports. The SIS shall contain a lesson plan organizer. The SIS lesson plan organizer shall have drag and drop capability. The following requirements define what the student information system will do. The requirements can be classified into technical requirements and organizational requirements. Table 2 Technical Requirements

The SIS shall be capable of performing automatic backups. The SIS shall be stored on one server. The SIS shall allow different levels of users with various levels of security privileges The SIS should be intuitive and easy to navigate. Minimal familiarity with the web should be required to navigate the system. The SIS shall allow the user to access the system with a valid user ID and password. _ Data Import and Export_ The SIS shall allow student data to be imported. The SIS shall allow student data to be exported. _ Security _ The SIS system shall provide password protection for access.

The SIS shall allow an administrator to setup SIS IDs. The SIS shall allow an administrator to setup initial passwords for SIS IDs. The SIS shall allow initial passwords to be changed by the ID owner. The SIS shall support 1 28-bit encryption. Performance and Reliability The SIS shall support multi-user access. The SIS shall be available 99% of the time. Disaster Recovery / System Auditing Data should be recoverable up to the last successful transaction in the event of a computer failure The system should log all successful login attempts The system should log all unsuccessful login attempts

The ability to generate logs and audit the system should be able to be restricted to specific users Training and Documentation Online help and tutorials should be available to all users Training materials should be extensible Online support personnel should be available Table 3 Organizational Requirements Miscellaneous The SIS shall allow an unlimited number of users. The SIS shall be accessible from an internet browser. The SIS shall be compatible with II 7. 0 or higher. The SIS shall be compatible with Netscape Navigator 9. 0 The SIS shall allow the user to access the system through the web

The SIS shall be able to operate on the school’s existing server. In the response, bidders may use this area for notes or clarifications related to features in the list above. Provide a reference number for each note (Kirkwood School District, 2008). _ Technical Impact_ In the response, bidders should address the technical elements and aspects of the system. Included should be the following issues: Existing System / Operating System Please provide an evaluation of the existing system and its ability to support the demands of the proposed system. The current operating system is as follows:

Operating System: Windows XP Processor: Pentium IV Memory: MOB of Ram Browsers: Internet Explorer 6+ Networking Internet connectivity is not the responsibility of the bidder however it is required to provide access to the desired system. A dedicated, high speed internet connection (T-1 at 1. 5 megabits) is currently in place. Hardware Servers required to support data, the application, reporting functions and web service. Required data storage devises capable of housing significant quantities of data. Security, reliability and scalability of the proposed system. Application Software

Database management software Application software Report generation tools Communications Compatibility with the existing systems at Wasted Elementary is important to the efforts to increase efficiency of administrative activities and achieving the goal Of eliminating multiple data entry. Availability The proposed system should be able to be available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It should have the ability to schedule system maintenance periods for backups, batch processing, and system maintenance. Maintenance Describe the required ongoing support required for the proposed system.

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