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It is good for me to learn a lot different kind of things and get a good experience. Also I love making a lot of friends that can improve my communication skills and gain a lot form others. However, this characteristic will be a barrier for my learning. Could be distracted easily and too eager to get on too. Sometimes, will regard review as slowing down the process. For improving this barrier in university life, think that I can form a study group SC we can study together and to press me concentrate on study. In this module, dropping tear and sweat, finally, it is finished.

However, it is worthy of it. It is undoubtedly that I got a lot of really useful information from the lessons, from the assignments and also the group presentations. Firstly and mainly, I did learn how to cooperate and coordinate with others, it is absolutely the most important item I took away because a fact is that nothing could be done if and my group members did not pay the joint effort. And we can never forget the power of synergy effect when we are in a team. Secondly, it is crucial to have confidence whenever doing our presentations, communicating with others or even working in the future. Earned it not only from the books but also from the experience of doing loads of presentations. Thirdly, analyzing our own SOOT is vital . Len fact ,books have long been ignored the importance of it but intensively focusing on the analysis on companies. Unfortunately, we do not have quality make analysis to companies when we even don not our SOOT. It is really glad to see that self- understanding is being noticed in our module. Fourthly, learning is independent, everyone would nod to the statement that self-learning is much important than learning enforcedly.

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Also, it is a really important thing all universities want to attach to. Luckily, this is a thing my professor who emphasis a lot. Lastly, this module makes me notice that the importance of gathering and note-taking. Of course, taking notes is a must. However, taking a good notes is not easy at all. They should be brief, understandable and most importantly, can help me to learn. After the dilation from my professor. Here, I am happy to say that I can sure I have already known well about those mention above. 3. WHY is that information (answer to Q) important for you?

Explain how this will relate to the challenges you will face in the programmer and to your specific situation e. G. Your personal aims and goals for the course and your particular strengths and weaknesses. Give evidence and reasons to support your statements. Firstly, learning how to cooperate and coordinate with others is very important because we are not alone and we need to work with other. So I think learning how to work with other is good for my future. However, when working with other, for example doing a group project, we will have conflict easily 5.

When am reviewing of my development needs, I have found out a lot of needs. For example, the skills of language, communication, listening, writing, co- operation, computer applications, work efficiency. And I would like to use the SOOT analyses to analyses my academic development needs. Firstly, for the strength, think am good at computer applications, such as word processing, data entry and use of word office- word, power point, excel. This is very useful for me to do the assignment, presentation and group project.

Secondly, for the weaknesses, think I am weak at the skill of language immunization, listening, writing, co- operation and work efficiency. Especially in the language and writing part. Because I am study in CM school, so lack of chance to explore and improve my English. And I could be distracted easily so it may effect my working efficiency. Thirdly, for the opportunity, I can improve my language, communication skill, listening reading, writing, co- operation skill in school when doing the group project and chatting with classmates. Finally, I would like to priorities my needs by immediacy and importance.

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