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So this essay will analyzes factor and skill that enhance the reference of the team. Therefore recommending on how to apply lessons learned to increase performance in an organization. II. METHODOLOGY To complete this topic, I had to search, study motivation theories which have a content about the processes that account for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal. And in this assignment I choose A Two-Factor Theory’. Besides, could not forget to mention the second theories that based on to analyze, understand and learn a coach in the clip, it was a leadership theories.

And we defined leadership as he ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision or set of goals. And suppose that Ohio State Studies is reasonable to use. After mastering the theories, I carried out to get information and I did in 3 tasks. First, had to view the video Facing The Giants many times to understand the content clearly. Second, the questions that is an indispensable part for me to complete this assignment. And there were about 10-15 questions which were designed by me. The last task is that, I must summarized and analyzed all of information to get a perfect outline.

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Ill. ANALYSIS After a time researching the clip and theories, and based on my knowledge. Finally, could understand why a football team could be a champion of state, and what did the coach does to help, motivate and lead this team to be success. In analysis process, I realized that the football team (Shiloh) has some problem from rugby players to the coach (Mr.. Grant). In fact, the kicker lost the trust and confidence about their ability. They always feel scare and believe that they goanna be defeated in the next football match.

This thing is showed very clearly by Brock Kelley (the captain of Shiloh), when there’s a cubby players asking the coach “How is Western team excellent? ‘ immediately, Brock say that “They are stronger than we are”. As matter of fact, when Brock loses the trust, therefore this kicker will make another footballers feel losing confidence like him. Of course, Mr.. Grant has to prove they are wrong when thinking about themselves like that. He punishes the captain because Brock shows a negative attitude, and a penalty is Brock must scramble 1 00 yards. While scrambling, Mr..

Grant does not stop guiding, encouraging and motivating Brock on the street (1 00 yards). He continually eying that “Keep going, keep going in your best; give me your best; you are very best; you are very best; don’t quit ? don’t quit”. On the other hand, his voice is changes continually on 100 yards, it is stronger more and more, talking density is faster and heavier. This action makes Brock can’t lose focus on the street feel stronger about his ability. Besides, Mr.. Grant had to tell a lie about distance of the street, it makes Brock is put in state always trying.

When Brock arrive at his destination, the instructor recognize he like a soul of the football team. So by this idea, the coach awakens joy in Brock and his mates, Grant makes them feel confidence again and burning to beat competitor. When they restore the confidence and see themselves again, thence all of rugby players will play more responsibilities in front of competitors. So in this case, Mr.. Grant motivates following exactly Two-Factor Theory. Mr.. Grant not only makes the footballers restore the confidence, but also he helps his kickers deal their personal problem.

In this case, the coach’s tool is a Scripture, when he continually preaches to rugby players about belief against their fear (fear of failure and fear to face the truth). And Mat’s robber is a notable example, this guy always show a negative attitude with his father. But after the trainers lecture, Matt changed his attitude and organized extracurricular activities at the school’s stadium with a goal let everyone has a chance to confess about their own mistakes. And for the first time in many years, Matt knows how to apologize in front of his father, he changes himself.

And from Mat’s problem, it influences to another student and rugby players. So Grant’s lecture changed everyone, incredible! He make his players mature more and more in emotion and thinking, therefore he can improve relationship with the rugby players and make them respect their own parents and coach more. On the other hand, the way that the coach leads the rugby players playing in the contest is special skill. In practice process, he always observe and guide players one by one to improve their skill and technique.

In the match, he never stop encourage and motivate his boys by gentle reminder and screaming, all of action are very reasonable. From the methods that Mr.. Grant uses to motivate and lead the rugby players suppose that this coach is an Consideration leader who is likely to have job legislation that are characterized by mutual trust, respect for employee’s ideas, and regard for their feeling; and he has a little qualities of Initiating Structure leader who is likely to define and structure his or her role and those of employees in search for goal attainment.

First, I would like to analyze the qualities of Mr.. Grant’s Consideration leader when he leads Shiloh team. In many situations, the coach always show a respect for co-worker. For instance, when the team is in a state of play crisis, there are some co-workers having a plan to vote Mr.. Owens for head coach (the position that Mr.. Grant is holding). And Grant knows this plan by chance, but he does not react to co- workers plan. Because he respect co-worker’s decision, especially Mr.. Owens. Besides, Mr.. Grant is always Willing to help rugby players with personal problems, Mat’s story is notable example.

One more thing is that, he is friendly, approachable and treats all co-worker as equals, expresses appreciation and support. The second Grant’s potential is Initiating structure, but just a little. The reason why is, he always expects the rugby players to maintain definite standards of performance, he want to all of his boys play their parts and devote themselves to the team. On the other hand, he has roles and penalties to apply on his job and Shiloh, Brook’s case is the big example to prove that thing. IV.

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