Strategies for Personal Success Assignment

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I am pursuing my graduate degree because I want to have more earning potential, and want my kids to have opportunities that I did not have when I was growing up. My children are my strength and they are my motivation. Eventually, I would Like to own my own home, and attaining my masters in Health Care Administration will help achieve that goal. I have been in my position as a Director of Recreation for over eleven years and am now looking for potential growth.

It is my plan to learn more bout the healthcare industry and become more knowledgeable about Gerontology, and long term care. The University of Phoenix will afford me the opportunity to reach my goals and gain the necessary tools to be successful. My short-term goals are to complete upcoming assignments in a timely manner, plan my weeks according to my schedule, prioritize personal and school needs, and maintain balance In my everyday life. The long-term goal Is to graduate with a Masters Degree in Health Administration, and receive my Administrators license, come a homeowner, and eventually run my own Assisted Living facility.

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These goals will be achieved by staying persistent with my studies, and continue to surround myself with positive, encouraging people. The three challenges I face when meeting my goals are, completing my assignments on time, balancing work, school, and family life, and overcoming my fear of failure. The strategies being used to overcome these challenges include thinking ahead, reading the materials early in the week, making notes of key points and brainstorming during my down time. I am also utilizing a dally planner to organize my Job duties, school assignments and to make a point to adjust it as needed.

I organize my personal responsibilities on my smart phone calendar; setting alerts for important dates and times. My objective is to remain positive and maintain a healthy lifestyle, eating the right foods. And exercising not only my body but my mind, as well. Measurable goals that guarantee results will prepare me for adversity and challenges. My short term goals, this semester, Include, completing all assignments on time, and getting feedback from my referees that will help me improve on my academics.

Managing my time at work will ensure that I maintain the same level of dedication, and continued leadership that my team needs on a daily basis. One significant milestone that will demonstrate Administration. My strengths have always given me confidence, knowing that I am a good leader and my team lean on me day to day. All of my employees are treated with respect and I encourage them to pursue their dreams. My family and friends have always given me that encouragement throughout my life, so one of my goals at work is to give my staff he same motivation.

Having patience in certain situations allows me to think before reacting and speaking. In my teenage years, I was a little short tempered; with a tendency to give people a piece of my mind and not care about the words that were coming out of my mouth. At that time, I was not concerned with consequences and didn’t care about what others’ thought of me. Now as an adult with children, I have learned over the years to think wisely and choose my words correctly. There have been many instances in my life that have tested my patience, but my faith and my earth have steered me in the right direction.

Thinking about my weaknesses is difficult, I am not perfect in any way, but to acknowledge my own imperfections can be seen as a step in the direction of growth. During the past few years, adjusting my attitude towards colleagues has offered the opportunity to face my weaknesses, and allow change within my work environment, (“Facing things we don’t like about ourselves is rarely fun”) (Barilla, S. 1994) and I know from experience the statement is true. When communicating with my peers, I an become somewhat sarcastic when feeling threatened or challenged by their criticism of my work products.

According to Barilla, S. (1994), “It won’t cost you to solicit feedback from co-workers” (DB), this is evident when understanding constructive criticism, and absorbing the positive from coworkers’ opinions, utilizing it within my department. Exploring my attitude and reactions can give me a better understanding of myself (Hombre, Patricia A, 2009). The three strategies I can use to improve my communication skills are to maintain a clear mind, by getting enough est.., and living a healthy lifestyle.

My strategies can be achieved by managing anxiety, following day to day routines, and staying focused on projects at work and school. Through initiating conversation with my immediate supervisor, and professors, in addition to maintaining personal and professional relationships, I will remain focused on my goals. Pursuing my master’s degree will give me the tools to achieve success in my educational and professional career. It will also help; attain personal goals set for me as buying a home and saving for my children’s college education.

In the near future, I will be able to see some of my short term goals accomplished by staying persistent and remaining focused week to week. This introductory class gives insight on how to utilize the university website, manage my resources, and ease my way into graduate study. I am very proud to be a lifelong learner and the University of Phoenix student.

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