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Challenges and Strategies for Personal Success Graduate students are determined to succeed in their careers. Determination is the quality that makes someone achieve, or continue to try and do, something that they perceive to be difficult. Personally, I am determined to get my masters of nursing and family nurse practitioner degree. While I know that the road to graduation will be long and difficult, I look forward to walking across the stage knowing that I have achieved my dream.

This class will allow me to showcase my career goals, discuss he challenges that I will face in overcoming these goals, and explore my strengths and weaknesses in personal communication. Personal and Professional Goals Everyone has different reasons for pursuing graduate degrees. I want to learn more advanced and specific practices that will allow me to diagnose and treat patients of all ages. In order to obtain this degree, I have established both short-term and long- term goals. My short-term goal is to focus my attention on the successful completion of one class at a time.

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In order to make this goal attainable, I need to be focused and driven. I will keep all assignments on a calendar, so I know what assignments are due and their respective due dates. I will also plan ahead with my work schedule to ensure I have enough time to complete the required course work for the program. The successful completion of all courses in the program will help me achieve my long-term career goal; this goal is to graduate with my masters in nursing and family nurse practitioner in September of 2017. In order to reach my goals, I will have to create and achieve small milestones.

A milestone is an important point in the progress or development of something. According to Forgeries, Danish, and Scott (2007), goals need to be made into small steps to students see the probability of success. One step to my success will be printing out each class’s syllabus and marking off assignments once completed. Having a printout will allow me to stay me on track by showing me my progress throughout each class. I will also have a list of the required courses that need to be completed to reach graduation.

This list will allow me to see the progress that I have made towards my long-term goal and will give me the drive to finish the program. By setting small milestones and seeing each en successfully completed along the way, I will continue to have the motivation that I need to finish this program. Challenges and Strategies When I decided to return to school for my master’s degree, I knew there would be challenges that would arise. When faced with a challenge, I feel the need to find a way to overcome it.

I have identified the three challenges that will cause me the most difficulty as working full-time, time management and the financial burdens of college. The first challenge that I will face is maintaining full-time employment while being a full-time graduate student. According to Jennie (201 1), many students struggle trying to meet the demands of working full-time, having a family, and being a student. To help overcome this, I will make sure my family understands the time and demands that this program will require.

I will plan ahead and save my vacation at work; this will allow me to take extra time off if needed for my studies. For example, if there is a big exam to study for or I have a paper due, an extra day off will help me get the required work completed. The second challenge that I have identified will be managing my time appropriately. I need to find a balance between work, family, and school. There are several strategies to help me overcome this challenge. First, I will ask for a set schedule at work. Working the same schedule will allow me to plan each day and set aside specific time for family and school.

Secondly, I need to help myself stay on task while studying. Having a specific study time will help me have time for just for studying. During study time, I plan on using a timer to help me designate time to take breaks Taking breaks allows me to clear my head and stay focused. Setting the timer for specific lengths of time will allow me to study without castrations until the timer goes off signaling me to stop or take a break. Taking breaks will help ensure I stay on track towards my goals. I will also learn that I need to prioritize my free time.

At times, I might have to turn down the opportunity to go out and do something in order to get my school work completed. Students need to be committed to their schedules while in school. Part of this commitment means the student has to learn to say “no” (Whip, 2004). Saying “no,” will allow me do study and completed my assignments each week without distractions. Maintaining a strict schedule will help me accomplish my goals and overcome the challenges that I will face. The third challenge I have identified, is dealing with the financial burdens of school and the stress that it will put on my family.

Financial struggles are something the majority of college students face every year. One way to help overcome financial concerns is to apply for financial aid; including loans, grants, scholarship opportunities, and tax credits (Cook, 2004). Personally, I will be using student loans to help cover my tuition costs. Student loans will allow me to return to school and focus y attention on my classes, not the cost. Communication Communication is something that comes natural to some and can appear very difficult to others.

When I look at myself, I can identify two prominent strengths and weaknesses in my communication. My personal strengths are speaking to both my co-workers and patients and working well in a group. My weaknesses, on the other hand, are public speaking and letting my emotions get involved. People who have fears of public speaking have a fear of being Judged by others (Teddy, 2013). This fear is something that I feel and something that I need to learn to overcome. In order to change how I feel about public speaking, I need to identify what I am afraid of and try to change it.

A helpful hint when public speaking is to focus on a particular person or object in the audience; this helps the presenter feel like they are speaking to a smaller audience. Practicing beforehand and using index cards for notes can also help a presenter with their speech. Letting my emotions get involved is another weakness that I face every day. When I let my emotions get involved, I am not able to look at the whole picture because I shut down. I have to overcome this by learning to to take things personally and by not allowing what someone says to affect me directly.

Learning to overcome my communication weaknesses will allow me to turn my weaknesses into strengths. Conclusion Upon completing graduate school and becoming a family nurse practitioner, I will have a career that makes me proud. My career goals have put me in the right position to finish this very important step in my life. The ability to identify challenges, make the right strategic moves and change the outcome of those challenges helped me become a better person. In becoming a better person, I have learned how to monomaniac more effectively.

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