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Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Personal Sociolinguistics Success is a term for which we all aspire. It means different things to every people. To me, success is not defined by material possessions but to be able to improve personally and professionally in a way that allows me to give back to the community. According to Richard R. Rubin, there are five ways to make your plans succeed (Five): Establish realistic goals. Ensure your goals have immediate relevant benefits. Write down your goals.

Personal and Professional Goals Setting goals helps an individual outline the steps which he must follow to successfully achieve something. A professional goal is the one that relates to your profession or degree. An example of professional goal would be to become a nursing supervisor in a medical center. Reasons for Pursuing Graduate Studies The reason for my pursuing graduate studies is to Join the supervising team in a nursing facility. My ultimate goal is to have a management position. In order for me to obtain such a position, I need to have an advanced degree like a Master’s of Science in Nursing.

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Nursing Jobs in the market today is extremely competitive. Challenges Faced in Meeting your Goals The three challenges I face in meeting my goals are the following: Family is the most important priority in my life. I have a husband and children to take care of. These days my family time is less due to my workload in school on top of working in the hospital. Even though there has been a reduction in quality time with family, I still make the effort to go to church and eat out with them once in a while. I also work as a Registered nurse.

I have completed a lot of continuing education required by my work. I must annually renew other professional licenses and , etc. I must be on top of peeping track of all of my certifications; otherwise, I will be suspended at work. I must continue to work because of the financial need to support my family and pay my bills. Being student is a challenge in itself because I must set time aside to complete graduate level-reading, assignments, and exams. When I was previously a student working towards my BBS, I did not have to Juggle school with all of these other things.

Strategies to Help Overcome These Challenges Using the right strategies and approaches will successfully help every individual in facing challenges. According to Tony Fakery (2012), these are methods of overcoming challenges: You must clearly understand the problem in order to know how to approach it well. Carefully analyzing the problem will usually lead to better solutions. It is always a good idea to take a deep breath, so you can concentrate. Always be aware of your resources and strengths. This might mean listening to a good advisor to help you with your weaknesses and amplify your strengths.

Straightening and planning will help you anticipate and overcome challenges and lead to you to success. Milestones that Mark the Achievement of Goals Goals must be prioritize. Keeping the goals small and concise it makes them more Graduate Study Challenges By universalistic accomplished in order to achieve long team goals, which represent a bigger picture. In his article, “Personal Goal Settings: 4 Practical Steps to Achieving Your Goals,” Team simplifies what should happened when goal setting: Set long term and short term goals.

Make sure you are deeply motivated to achieve those goals for yourself. Always write your goals in positive present tense. Strengths and Weaknesses Related to Personal Communication One of my communication strengths is my use of body language. When expressing yeses, I use my face, keep eye contact, listen, and ask questions to help me better understand what other people are saying. A personal weakness in communication is being challenged with a strained relationship.

When there is tension in a relationship, it can be difficult for people to be receptive to what they are being told. Strategies to Improve Communication Jay (2012) outlines three strategies used to improve communication, and these are devices I use to help me in my daily personal and professional life: Listening closely and being receptive to what the speaker is saying helps me to improve communication and to avoid conflict. Asking questions always helps you to clarify information for a particular topic or problem.

Issues communicated by the speakers are not always necessary understood by the listener. Conclusion Being successful means Just not being able to have professional achievements but to have the ability to communicate clearly the ideas you have learned. Having goals and strong determination are the main keys in life to achieve success. Success should always equate with action because goals require movement. You can have success if you are tirelessly working, never giving up, and praying to God to bless your path to success.

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