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BUSM 3125 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT 1 Strategic management is the analysis, decisions and actions undertaken by an organisation in order to create and maintain its competitive advantages (Dess,G, lumpkin, G. T & Eisner, A). So while undertaking these steps, a firm has to consider both its internal and external environment to achieve the necessary goal. In the present day scenario, every firm and organisation aims at expanding their businesses in the global markets.

Globalization is mandatory for success and endurance of any company in the competitive market (Bateman & Scott, 2004). One of the main challenges that the organisation faces right now is the adaptability to change. Strategic management decisions, with equal consideration to both internal and external factors, are the most significant aspect to any organisations success. Dell computers, one of the leading companies in computer market operates in over 130 countries world wide (www. dell. com. au).

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They have made critical changes to their marketing and human resource strategies in the recent years, which have provided them with a positive outcome in the world market (Stewart, T. A. , O’Brien, L. 2005). Among the various external factors which affect the strategic objectives of Dell computers, three significant factors namely globalisation, ethics and work force diversity have been the major concern and focus. The internal factors of the company, being very stable and under no pressure, these external factors play a major role in the company’s growth and stability.

The major essay will argue that external environment is highly vulnerable and can lead to drastic changes than the internal environment. To support the essay three peer reviewed articles have been chosen. The journal article by Buus,I (2005), throws light on one of the major issue that concerns internal environment, Leadership development and management. The author says that leadership development is an essential field which needs deeper understanding to manage the diverse workforce and business priorities. In the next article, the author Scott, G.

A (2006), talks about how the organisations must embrace themselves to the future which is known to be filled with hyper competition. In this article, the author stresses on the fact that in the changing environment various countries have merged together to become one world. And that it is highly important for any company to reinvent their product and value provided for this global structure. The last article by Beixin L, Zu-Hsu Lee & Lance G (2008) adds meaning to the fact that the growth of a company is directly or indirectly based on the global economy.

When a company shows less interest in the economy of the nation and focuses on its internal components, the end result would be highly dangerous. All these three articles would be analysed with the essay topic and components of corporate level strategy would be used in Dell’s scenario. The essay would be a critically analysed document proving that a company’s external environment has to been taken for sustained growth and development. REFERENCES: Bateman, T. S. , & Snell, S. A. , (2004). Management: The New Competitive Landscape (6th ed).

New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Company. Beixin, Lin; Zu-Hsu Lee, Lance G. Gibbs (2008), Operational Restructuring: Reviving an ailing business, Journal of Management Decision, 2008, Vol 46, No 4, Pg: 539 – 552, Emerald Publishing Group Ltd. Buus, Inger (2005), The evolution of leadership development: challenges and best practice ,Vol. 37, No. 4, pp. 185-188, Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Scott, George Alastair(2006), Creating Global Business Competence: The Role of Strategic Management, Research report, University of South Africa.

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