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Recognize order in nature and consistency and operation of trial laws related to astronomy. 4. Identify how a basic understanding of astronomy relates to everyday life. 5. Identify the relationship between general and special revelation as it relates to creation. VI. Assignments/Requirements: Cognitive Growth: 1 . Demonstrate the ability to recall, analyze, and apply underlying concepts and principles in astronomy. 2. Demonstrate the ability to problem solve and reasonably investigate issues related to astronomical questions. 3. Demonstrate the ability to make decisions affecting successful completion of this course.

Product – Student Effort Ten homework assignments will count for 30% of the course. Three tests and a comprehensive final exam will consist primarily Of Objective questions involving recall and application of concepts and some problem-solving. Some discussion questions will also be included. The three tests will count for 45% of the course grade. The final exam will be comprehensive and mostly objective concerning major course concepts and applications, including some brief discussion questions. The final exam will count for 25% of the course grade. Process – Course Operation 1 .

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Course content will be presented by lecture, demonstration, video and there means deemed appropriate by the course instructor. Outside reading is optional and encouraged. 2. Homework assignments will be given in an effort to address practical astronomy and related problem solving. 3. A field trip to the university observatory will be accomplished with all the students for familiarization with the observatory, telescopes and operation routine. VII. Grading Policies Homework: Late assignments will not be accepted. Ten homework assignments are scheduled through the length of the semester.

Each homework assignment is worth 30 points and none of your homework scores will be dropped. I will add 30 points to each student’s total score to compensate for the lowest assignment grade. Homework must be turned in, labeled at the top with your name and class section, at the beginning of class on the due date (5 points will be taken off for homework without correct labeling). Remember to bring your completed homework to class the day it is due (l recommend that you package it with your notes before you come to class). Late homework will not be accepted.

Do not turn in homework assignments by email. Homework will not be accepted by email without a written doctor’s notice stating that you could not make it to class! If you become ill, and cannot make it to class, you may email your assignment to me that morning or the night before. Will need to see a doctors notice if/when this situation arises. Note: This highlights the need to begin homework assignments early. Developing circumstances are not planned and often occur in a way that makes it difficult to get work done on time. A word to the wise: Begin your assignments early (in all of your classes)!

Tests: Tests must be taken as scheduled, except in the case of an excused absence (see Attendance Policy below). All make-up tests must be taken within two days of the scheduled date. If a test is missed due to an official university sponsored event, arrangements must be made with the instructor in advance of departure to take the test at an alternate time. For other excused absences, the student must contact the instructor by email at the earliest opportunity in order to make arrangements for test make-up work within the two day time constraint.

If a test cannot be made up within two days, then the score from the final exam may be substituted. Final Exam: Do not schedule a flight or other travel on or before the day of the final exam so tattoo cannot take the exam at the scheduled time. I do not have flexibility regarding this. Regarding course grading, if a student scores a higher grade (% score) on the final exam than on any one of their other exams, will replace your lowest test score with the higher percentage score from you final exam. Course Grade: Average of homework assignments … 300 points Test 1 . 150 points Test 2 . 150 points Test 3. . 150 points Final Exam…. . 250 points Total . . 1 OHO points GRADES ARE BASED ON ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE. Letter grades will be assigned as follows (1 000 points possible in the course): A: 900-1000 points B: 800-899 points C: 700-799 points D: 00-699 points F: below 600 Extra Credit: (1) I will award 10 points extra credit toward your 1000 points if you correctly write the course memory verse (as written in this syllabus, or Room 10:10-1 1 from lecture notes) on the first exam.

This option will only be available on the first exam. It is your responsibility to remember this. I am not good at giving reminders before the first test. (2) I will award up to 15 points extra credit for each of the following paper submissions (2 papers -? 30 points): I will place two science articles in our Blackboard Course site before tests 2 and 3. Each article must be written up before each of tests 2 and 3 (l will not accept two write-ups at the time of test 3). The extra credit assignment will be to read the article and summarize its main point.

Then you must agree or disagree with the article scientifically. Your response to the article must be two paragraphs long (one paragraph to summarize the article and one to support or negate the article’s position), 500 words, not more than 1 page of text. Defend your position with scientific reasoning (use your class notes and concepts). A simple opinion will not be sufficient. Your input will be graded for scientific understanding, quality of scientific thought, and English grammar.

Each write-up must be turned in hard (paper) copy (remember, name and section on your paper), not by email. Will accept your write-up no later than the lecture prior to each test; no papers will be accepted on test days. Why not? (3) Additionally I will provide you with one extra credit assignment in class, worth 10 points, which will be intended to assist you in learning a challenging concept in the course. That is 50 points extra credit. Make the most of this opportunity! Happy hunting! VIII.

Attendance Policies For the good of the Liberty university student body, a consistent attendance policy is needed so that all students in all majors will understand the expectations of faculty in all their courses. In general, regular and punctual attendance in all classes is expected of all students. At times, students will miss classes. These absences will be identified as either excused or unexcused and will be handled per the policy below. Excused Absences Excused absences include all Liberty university sponsored events, to include athletic competition or other provost-approved event.

Absences due to medical illness that are accompanied by a doctors note will be excused. Absences due to family situations such as a death in the family or a severe medical condition will be excused (in this case, I request that you contact me by any means as Soon as possible / practical) Students will not be penalized for excused absences and will be permitted to make arrangements to complete missed work. Unexcused Absences Classes that meet: Three times per week will permit four (4) unexcused absences per semester.

Twice per week will permit three (3) unexcused absences per semester. Once per week will permit one (1 ) unexcused absence per semester. Questions regarding unexcused absences must be resolved by the student with the professor within one week of the absence. Students may appeal these decisions to the respective dean within one week. Extraordinary circumstances regarding excessive absences will be addressed by the student with the faculty member, department chair, and dean as required.

Penalties for each unexcused absence over the permitted number per semester will be as follows: 50 points for classes that meet 3 times per week 75 points for classes that meet 2 times per week 50 points for classes that meet once per week Students who are late for class 10 minutes or less are considered tardy but present for the class. If a student misses in-class work due to tardiness, the faculty member may choose not to allow the student to make up this work. Three class tardiest will be counted as one unexcused absence. Students who are more than 10 minutes late for class are considered absent IX.

Other Policies Dress Code Students are expected to come to class dressed in a manner consistent with The Liberty Way. Hats are not appropriate classroom attire for young men. Honor Code We, the students, faculty, and staff of Liberty University, have a responsibility to uphold the moral and ethical standards of this institution and personally confront those who do not. Academic Misconduct Academic misconduct includes: academic dishonesty, plagiarism, and falsification. See The Liberty Way for specific definitions, penalties, and processes for reporting.

Disability Statement Students with a documented disability may contact the Office of Disability Academic Support (ODDS) in Green Hall 2668 to make arrangements for academic accommodations. For all disability testing accommodation quests (i. E. Quieter environment, extended time, oral testing, etc. ) the Testing Center (Green Hall 2700) is the officially designated place for all tests administered outside of the regular classroom. Drop ‘Add Policy A Fall/Spring course may be dropped without a grade, tuition, and fee charges within the first five days of the semester.

From the sixth day until the last day of class, a Fall/Spring course may be withdrawn with a grade of W. Classroom Policies The inappropriate use of technology, such as cell phones, pods, laptops, calculators, etc. In the classroom is not tolerated. Other disruptive behavior in the classroom is not tolerated. Students who engage in such misconduct will be subject the penalties and processes as written in the Liberty Way. NOTE: Your instructor is committed to your success and is available during and outside of office hours to help those who desire to learn.

Fifth office hours listed above are not compatible with your class schedule, please contact me and we will determine a time that works for you. Comments: (1) Your grade is your responsibility. You need to be checking your grades each week in this class (and all classes) to ensure accuracy and impoliteness. Will be doing my own checks but homework assignments w be graded by graders, sometimes handling over 100 papers / week. Point: Graders are human and there is room for error in their recording of grades. Keep track of your scores and make sure they are correct in the gradation ( will update this regularly in Blackboard).

Investigating an error which occurred in week three, at the end of a sixteen week semester is not practice or possible in many cases. Grade change requests must be made within 2 weeks of the gradation posting. Requests for grade changes beyond this time will not be accepted. Do not wait until the end of the semester to evaluate your record! Please be attentive to your grades, for your own benefit. (2) I am here to help you learn Astronomy. Am rooting for you! Please, if you do not understand a concept presented in class, see me in my office.

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