Communication Applications Assignment

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Participation (20%) -Since this is a communication class, it is vital that the students learn to communicate within small and large groups during discussion. Without participation, students do not exhibit the necessary skills to communicate effectively. Class participation will be assessed based on assigned participation assignments. Class work/Homework/Journals (20%) -During class everyday we will have a Journal topic or activity that will be included in your Journal. You are expected to complete the assigned Journal activity and include any necessary materials in your Journal notebook.

Journals will be picked up every 2 weeks for a daily grade. If you are absent you can get the missed Journal or activity form the makeup folder on the side table or from one of your classmates. -Homework is rarely assigned, but when it is, it is due the next day that class meets. Quizzes (20%) -Quizzes will be given either at a set date or at teacher’s discretion. Speeches/ Projects and Tests (20%) -Students will be told or given a rubric as to how speeches will be graded. The first few speeches are graded fairly leniently. As students progress through the semester, I begin to grade more thoroughly.

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Speeches given in my class are: introduction, impromptu, nonverbal presentations, Interviews, a modified parliamentary debate, and modified informative and persuasive speeches. Audience behavior is an integral part of the speech process. Positive audience participation is a requirement of all speeches assigned. IT IS IMPORTANT to note that YOUR speech grade will suffer if you talk or interrupt other student speeches. This is unacceptable behavior. Semester Exam (20% of overall semester grade) -Students will receive a comprehensive review for the final exam that will be mounted as a daily grade on the final nine weeks.

I reserve the right to count it as extra credit on the exam. -All Communication Applications classes at Reagan High School will take the same semester final exam. Throughout the semester, I will highlight and discuss notes that help students prepare for the final exam. Grades will be recorded into my computer/grade book, and most papers will then be returned to you. IF you have a question or concern about your grade, you must make an appointment with me after class or before or after school. MAKE UP WORK The make up work policy is dictated by district rule.

There is no penalty for excused absences, however there is a 20% penalty for unexcused absences. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find out what your makeup work is. I will not pursue you. You can obtain assignments from: 1 . Another student in the class 2. The makeup work binder located on the side table. 3. My website (pending) 4. Me, before or after school, but NOT DURING CLASS TIME. Any notes from class need to be obtained from a trusted classmate. You must make up all daily assignments within four days of your excused absence. Arrangements for all other work must be made within the number of days you were absent.

Any work turned in after the allotted time is considered late. Students excused for school-sponsored activities will be expected to complete work as originally scheduled regardless if the activity. Your schedule is especially demanding, but missed assignments or late work will not be excused. Be responsible. Plan ahead. Repeated failure to turn in work will result in a teacher, parent, student, and principal meeting to establish and seek solutions for success. Will be sent home every 3 weeks according to NOISE guidelines.

I am available in the mornings from 7:45 – 8:30 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and from 4:05 – 5:00 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for any help that you might need, unless otherwise specified. I am more than willing to meet with you at other times if you make arrangements with me prior. To accommodate individual differences, it may be necessary to modify these classroom policies. This will be done at the teacher’s discretion and will not be used to penalize any student. Communication Applications Classroom Expectations

Thank your for taking the time to read this course introduction and overview. Please fill in the information below indicating that you have read and understand the information included in the syllabus. Student Name: Student Signature: Parent/ Guardian Signature: I often send group e-mails notifying parent’s of upcoming events, projects, and exams. If you would like to be included in this list, please provide your e-mail address below. E-mail: Number to reach parent’s/ guardians if needed: Home: Work: Other: Thank you again for your time and I look forward to meeting all of you. Sincerely, Mr.. Matthew Reich

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