Sports Injuries Assignment

Sports Injuries Assignment Words: 350

I have researched this particular assignment with a strong desire to help in preventing sports injuries. As a sport instructor, I would not allow anyone to play that did not know the rules of the game and had knowledge of the consequences of breaking the “rules of the game”. In my research, I found that knee injuries were ranked among the second highest most injured body site. Knee injuries are often very costly and involve procedures that require extensive and expensive post surgery rehabilitation and can increase risk of early onset osteoarthritis.

Without effective interventions, the burden of knee surgeries and rehabilitation will continue to grow as the number of high school athletes continues to grow. I also learned that illegal sports activity is a much over-looked risk factor for sports related injury. I would punish behaviors that involved illegal activity on the field or at practices. The game would go on, and the player that did whatever it took to win using risky play would not be allowed to participate.

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As an educator of sports, I have the knowledge and the authority to help these athletes prevent risks to their bodies that may later on foster a sedentary lifestyle which is more harmful to them than playing the game that an injury may occur even if you do not play illegally. I most certainly would not ever put someone on the field knowing the were going to play and break the rules of the game just to WIN.

I would enforce the rules and target education about the dangers of illegal activity that lead to many sports injuries. As an instructor, if you don’t warm up, understand the rules of the game, engage in team sportsmanship, and follow my requirements;you simply will not play. You can also risk other players when you play in a way that breaks the rules that have been set forth by the sports, referees, and coaches. My philosophy is do it the way you are taught and told to do, or just don’t do it at all.

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