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Where do Semi and her family live? The Mexican state of Yucatan. 2. What Indian tribe are they descendants of? The myna 3. What is their town like? Typical with a church on one side and the government building on the other side of the square. 4. What does Semi’s father do for a living? He works at his artisan shop. Making wooden bowls to sell to people who sells them to more people.

Starts off with a piece of wood 5. Describe the ruins that Semi and her family visited. It took an hour and a halloo get there but it was so worth it. The pyramids were huge and they had beautiful carvings, some of the carvings called Gillis told stories about the myna people. B. Write a short composition in English comparing and contrasting Semi’s life with your own. You will be graded on accuracy, structures, and your ability to compare and contrast.

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Be sure and include the following: School Household chores Transportation Housing The food that she eats is very simple and they don’t very much. Whereas she has beans tortillas eggs and some rice daily, where I am I eat pretty much whatever I want. Fruit vegetables I have the option of being a vegetarian, and so I am. I can be a picky eater not eating certain foods, where Semi is she can’t be picky or else she won’t eat food. Semi actually enjoys school and is happy when she advances further on.

I am kind of neutral about school I know I have to finish it and I know I have to do t, but I don’t enjoy it much. I do have a lot of chores in the house as I do live in a single parent house household, I do dishes and laundry I take care of all four of our cats, I clean up after meals and prepare most meals, I assist in vacuuming. So, in my opinion I think Semi and I have about the same responsibility in household chores. Semi has to use the bus to get to most places out of her small city as most of the assignment 2. 02/SignalsГ¶n.

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