The Comparison of Lives Assignment

The Comparison of Lives Assignment Words: 370

Where do Usurer and her family live? They live in the Mexican State of Yucatan. What Indian tribe are they descendents of? They are descendents of the of the Amman tribe. 2. What is their town like? Their town Is called Dactyl, The people there uses rocks to build their, houses, fences, wells and to make cements. 3. What does Semi’s father do for a living? Her father is a craftsmen and he makes bowls for a living and sells them to vendors. Describe the ruins that Seems and her family visited. The ruins her and her family vaulted were dedicated to all the people In her past and took ten years to be complete. B. Write a short composition in English comparing and contrasting Semi’s life with your own. You will be graded on accuracy, structures, and your ability to compare and contrast. Be sure and Include the following: School Household chores Transportation Housing After completing both sections, submit your work under assignment 2. /Scanning. Semi’s life and my life are very much different. Semi’s has a house hold that requires allot of things to be done as in chores. In my house hold Vive also done chores but not allot as Semi does. In America I can eat any food I want but for Semi and her family only eats eggs that were laded by there chickens, black beans and rice with tortillas. They live in a house that has two room the kitchen and there room were they all sleep in.

I to live in a one bed room apartment with my aunt and have no rivalry but we have a bathroom with a door that can close that give us little privacy. I sleep on a bed but Semi sleeps in a hammock. Semi lives in a house that doesn’t have better lighting but I do have better lighting 2417. Our transportation id Just the same I to have to wake up early togged ready for school and to hurry before the bus leaves me. Semi has to wear a uniform to school also but I don’t the school were I attend allows kids to wear any sorts of clothing they want to wear.

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