Sociology Notes Assignment

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Course Objectives: Part of the mission of the University of North Georgia is to further the intellectual development of students through its offering of a liberal arts curriculum. This social science course is an integral part of the liberal arts core and preparation for further study. The primary purpose of this course is to provide the student with a greater understanding of social life that comes from knowledge Of the sociological perspective. Students who successfully complete the course will be able to: understand and define what a social problem is. Understand and describe the concepts and major theoretical perspectives used by sociologists to view contemporary social problems. Illustrate, through the service learning assignment, the relationship between social problems and the larger social context within which they occur. Demonstrate an understanding of the variety of ways social problems are interpreted. Demonstrate an understanding of how individual experience relates to the ways social problems and their solutions are viewed. Demonstrate orally and in writing, critical thinking skills for examining social problems.

Interact more effectively with others and learn something important about themselves and others through the service learning assignment. Prerequisite: Successful completion (or exemption from) of READ 099. Attendance: Attendance counts as 10% of your grade. Attendance is critical to engage and participate in classroom discussions, exercises, and multimedia presentations. You must be in your seat at the beginning of class to be counted present; being on time is critical to begin class without disruption.

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Absences are at your discretion; do not require notes of any kind as documentation as to ‘why’ you were absent. Other than in extreme situations the following applies: S If you are absent more than 10% of class sessions o may be dropped from the class with a W prior to the withdrawal date, or a WFM at any point after that. So, you will be allowed to miss 3 days in the course without academic penalty. Each absence over 3 will result in points being deducted from this grade. For example, if you miss 4 classes, you will get a 90 for this grade, if you miss 5 classes, you will get an 80 for this grade, etc….

If you miss enough classes that you would get a “O” for this grade, not only will you get a “O” for this grade, I may consider withdrawing you from the course. In addition, tardiness is part of attendance. So, for every 2 tardiest your grade will go down by 10 points. For example, if you have no absences, but are late to class 2 times, you will get a “90” for this grade. S Full Session Withdrawal Deadline: March 3rd, 2014 o Inclement Weather: use your judgment when deciding whether it is safe for you to drive to school if the college is not closed. Any such reasonable absence will be excused.

Please notify the instructor immediately via email if you have decided it is too hazardous for you to attend class. O Extreme Circumstances: If you are faced with an extreme circumstance, communicate your situation to me or your faculty advisor to determine if any special accommodations are appropriate. If you anticipate an extreme circumstance, it is better to communicate your situation before it becomes a crisis situation. Lastly, everything I say in class could possibly be on the test, so take notes, even if we “get off the subject’. You are responsible for the material covered in class, regardless of whether or not you are present!

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