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Primary group cooperative, intimate, long term relationships Ex-sporting teams, family church The primary group becomes part of your identity and helps you to develop positive self esteem Secondary groups-large groups that tend to be relatively temporary or formal The reason you are in the group is because of a reason, interest, or activity Ex- classes and service fraternities In and out groups “In” group are groups you feel loyalty to wards “out” groups are groups you feel antagonistic toward “in” groups loyalties may include :America, tutu, sports teams, religious groups

Reference groups- the groups we use as standards to evaluate ourselves Ex: we compare ourselves to models, movie stars, Celebes, family, friends, etc Max Weber- functionalist, mid-late 1 sass, German -was one of the founders of sociology -came up with the “rationalization of society’ Rationalization is efficient maximizing your time and abilities This came with the industrialization of society Assembly lines are the human element; it will make things more rational Human inevitably make mistakes and are not efficient He was interested in how to take the human element out of

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However, the human element is necessary in things like teaching parenting Bureaucracy -when the humanity is sucked out of a situation and there is nothing you or anyone else do about it Ex prerequisites for later classes, failing because you didn’t study Bureaucracy- rules we have to follow and human element is gone turned in assignment late, get audited because you did not pay your taxes, getting arrested, jury duty, the military Occupational psychosis- what happens to humans when they are forced to take the emotions and humanity out of a situation?

Ex: nurse does not give a dying tenant CPRM because according to liability and contractual reasons The rules/ bureaucracy was more important than saving someone’s life Bystander apathy- the idea that as the number of bystanders to an incident increases, the likelihood that anyone will intervene decrease A woman is stabbed by robber on the way home and collapses on the front porch of her apartment to death and then robber runs away.

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