Sociology and the Matrix Assignment

Sociology and the Matrix Assignment Words: 643

The Matrix for this assignment because I thought it could offer good examples of the terms we were given. The concepts that I decided to work off of in this paper are deviance and crime, colonization and, societies. The matrix has a lot of good examples of this because there are two completely separate societies and ways of life inside the movie. You of course had the fake world that all humans thought they were living in but in reality there race was getting eliminated outside of the fake world.

The matrix is a virtual society which has recently been coined an actual term in today’s age or your online personality and they people you interact with solely on the internet. This is because our vast increase in technology along with it offering a chance for people to feel like they can start a new personality with new friends. This can also be known as a cyber-culture because it involves the way you talk to be differently online than you would in person.

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The Matrix is a pretty confusing movie at times but thought this related significantly to this term because it is living a whole separate life basically away from yourself hectically which is very similar to current day online socializing. The Matrix is a good example of colonization but the main type that a saw was secondary colonization. The secondary colonization in this instance was when Neo had to learn the truth about the world and what had happened to it.

This is because Neo was completely use to living in the Matrix as a normal person who didn’t know the truth. Once he was pulled out of the Matrix he had to learn how to operate within the Matrix (primary society) as a smaller group inside the large society. He became part of a small elite group and had to learn a lot about the truth outside of the Matrix. This was a large shock to Neo when he learn the truth but he had some positive colonization at times when learning what he could really do and who he could actually be.

This being said though there was plenty of negative colonization to go with it because waking up from basically a long dream and learning your whole world has been wiped out would be pretty rough. The human survivors in the matrix that were living in the core of the earth could be labeled rebellions cause they were going against the norm. They broke the laws of the matrix by not following the rules that were enforced by the agents when they went back in.

This in turn made them deviants in the eye of the law at the time in the matrix. They were deviants for the better cause though for the humans and Druthers would consider this is what deviance is for and to help shape society again. They did get punished when they were caught by being put back into the matrix like the traitor of in most cases the agents would kill the rebels when caught. They also tortured Morpheme for information during the movie for his involvement with the rebels and the information he had.

There were a lot Of deviants in this film because the world was in such chaos and you have to do what you have to do in the situation they were in. The Matrix is a crazy film that is so far out there that it was a little tricky to find the perfect examples. Really enjoy this film though and was nice to be able to really look at how the put the movie together and when you really think about it its correlation to sociology.

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