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Part 1: Birth Chapter 1 The newborn sin was not much to look at. It yowled and wailed like an agitated cat, it’s ‘head’ peeking out from the pastel blue towel they’d found to swaddle it in. Lust – as the one currently holding the mewling bundle of noise – perhaps looked the most murderous while glaring down at it, the narrowed disembodied eyes of Pride leering from the shadows coming in a close second but perhaps slightly less irked as at least he could leave the room. As for Greed himself… Ell, he was laughing as loud as the squeaky tearful thing was caterwauling. This was it? This thing was their new sibling Father had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of? Hilarious! “Jeez. It doesn’t even look like a homunculus” Greed stammered through his hysterics, wiping away an amused tear from forming in his left eye before continuing to guffaw at Lust’s cannibalized expression. “Lust! ” Pride hissed, his voice echoing from every direction as he remained resolutely spying from the shadows “Silence that thing now! “How? ” Lust snapped back, apparently not in a rush to search herself for anything remotely resembling motherly instincts – perhaps even offended that she had been tasked tit holding the hideous thing for Just that reason by the rest of her decidedly male family. “Shut it up, or I’ll kill it! Then we’ll see how homunculus it is! ” Pride sneered with ferocity. It was a subject of much debate what indeed ‘it’ was.

Certainly it was not normal, and unlike the rest of homunculus who were born into developed bodies with their minds and education fully prepared, this thing seemed to lack both, behaving with startling similarity too human infant. “Find me something to plug its mouth shut with then” Lust replied curtly, the patience and respect she would usually show her eldest billing slipping under the duress of the enormous never-ending noise the tiny thing in the towel continued to make. “Y-you can’t” Greed managed to gasp out between snigger “It hasn’t got a nose, it’ll suffocate”. Indeed it didn’t. T had no nostrils, no ears, no neck even, it was Just some weird little green blob with two bulbous teary eyes that had remained closed since its birth like a newborn puppy with far too many ‘arms’. “Good. ” Lust might have muttered under her breath. It was hard to tell over the sound of ‘Envy’s’ bawling. “Enough of this! ” Pride announced from around them, heir eldest sibling’s short temper predictably being the first to snap. From the darkest corner of the room a spike of pure black lunged forward, impaling the green thing with savage enthusiasm before retracting into nothingness.

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All noise in the room abruptly stopped. Even Greed’s own laughter suddenly fell short as the previously sky blue towel nesting in the crook of Lust’s arm became quickly over run with the color red. A familiar red lightening flashed around the room: the illumination that mercifully accompanied the regeneration of a homunculus. From beside him Greed heard Lust release a long exhale of bated breath; even with Pride s the one to commit the murder, had their new sibling proven in-homunculus and stayed ‘dead’ Father would have brutally punished them all. Then it is one of us surprised by the revelation but not enough to really care. “Even so, what use will it be to Father? ” Lust questioned an odd blend of curiosity and disdain ripe in her tone as she gazed down at the restored lump of New. Though tears remained heavy in its eyes from its previous crying, its eyelids were now open, staring upwards with tiny purple irises into her own with muted wide-eyed terror. Clearly the pain of death had even it a suitable incentive to learn silence. -It can’t even speak”. “Well it isn’t like you really gave it a chance” Greed drawled lazily, stooping closer to get a better look at the new youngest homunculus. The being in question noticed something approaching it and flinched in fear, its body curling in on itself slightly as if fearing another attack… Which it probably was. Greed groaned, straightening and scratching the back of his head “Pride, who’d you have to go and do that. Now it’s scared shuttles… To literally” He added, noticing the engaged expression cross Lust’s face as he snapped her head around to glare at the thing. “Hey? ” Greed resumed, poking the green homunculus forcefully on the top of its head as it hid its face further into the now scarlet towel as if attempting to burrow down into it. Gross. It felt sort of overly soft and squishy, like Jabbing the waxy skin of a banana that had long since gone mushy and rotten on the inside. Its only reaction was to shiver and begin to quake in Lust’s arms, trembling as forcefully as its tiny body could manage.

Greed tried again, his second poke eliciting a very different response as the head it had en trying to disguise suddenly reared up, it’s tiny yet apparently razor sharp teeth latching onto the invading finger and refusing to let go, even as said finger (and indeed Greed’s whole hand) was retracted from the toweling and waved wildly around in the air in a hapless attempt to dislodge the attacker. “OWE! Little sit! ” Pride laughed gleefully from the shadows as Lust took a step forward as if to help extract their new sibling from Greed before apparently thinking better of it and stalling.

Rather Greed than her. “Get Off” Releasing an exasperated sigh Greed’s elder sister Hough twice of simply letting Greed and New figure it out. Anything that made Pride laugh so Joyfully was bound to end in tragedy. Intervening swiftly, with a single graceful step as fluid as water and refined as a bullet the Ultimate Spear swept into Greed’s personal space, latched her claws around New and slipped away again – taking the parasitic homunculus and a large chunk of Greed’s hand away with her.

In one of the dark corners Greed swore repeatedly and healed as Lust deposited the little green New that she was now substantially more reluctant to touch on the top of a nearby table. It squirmed and writhed against the abruptly cold surface of the tabletop before stilling to gaze up at her blankly, its innocent expression somehow disturbing while the blood of the now-dissolved part of Greed’s hand it had ripped off stained all around its maw. “You little pitch! Greed declared, Jabbing his finger aggressively into the air in En’s direction. Pointing would apparently have to be a suitable substitute for poking. “Hawaii! Now Greed,” Pride Jeered unseen Do try and get along with our new brother” “Brother?! Just ‘cue it’s damn ugly doesn’t mean it can’t be female! ” “Be quiet. Lust’s sultry voice commanded from beside him, her gaze narrow and fixated on the little worm now sat atop the mantelpiece. Following her eye line, Greed too saw what it was that had attracted her attention.

Though he still remained pointing threateningly at the little runt he now had the pleasure of to sit back onto its tail, as if upright, while the top left of its many hands had been extended forward, it’s finger pointing at Greed in an exact mirror of the elder homunculus’s gesture. “So? ” Greed shrugged. It shrugged too…. Sort of. It clearly couldn’t rotate or move its shoulders very well but it managed a sort of odd wiggle. Eh? ” Greed questioned, his arm snaking up once more to scratch at his head.

Well it really couldn’t do that one; its stumpy arms couldn’t reach that far, but it tired as hard as it could to copy. Momentarily amused with the predicament, Greed took on a variety of poses: arms crossed, hands on hips, even clapping; watching each time as the little worm wobbled unbalanced as its top heavy body found it hard to stay sat upright on its tail, but otherwise copied. Lust tried too, snapping her claws in front of En’s eyes to catch its attention, and then gesticulating demurely positions that loud prove a little easier for the newborn homunculus to imitate in a rare show of mercy.

After watching her for some minutes the little green thing seemed to conclude it would follow Greed or no one at all. Dismissing Lust, it turned back to gaze up at the homunculus it now recognized as Greed and await his next action. “Well that’s all fun and all” the avaricious homunculus summarized, chortling somewhat after managing to get his little green sibling to slap itself in the face with its apparently foolhardy attempt to replicate him as best it could “-But what’s the old man thinking? He’ll create the Ultimate Earthworm… ND its special power is the ancient and mysterious art of mime? “Silence fool! ” Pride barked from the walls “Father’s plans are beyond your meager comprehension! ” “Do you know what it is meant to be then Pride? Has Father told you? ” Lust questioned genuine curiosity in her voice as she addressed her question to the ceiling right in front of her still somewhat taken aback by their new sibling’s blatant favoritism. “No” Pride replied, his unhesitant answer laced with defensive aggression, daring anyone to challenge his intellect or closeness to Father; topics both Lust and Greed had learnt long ago ever to mention. “But… The first homunculus continued, a calmer and more insidious tone that sent shivers down the spines of any who heard it replacing the threat of his previous one “-As it seems to have taken a liking to Greed, I have suggested you take care of it, little Brother. ” A set of teeth held aloft in the dark corner of the room curled into a malevolent gin. “Father agrees”. “How wise” Lust echoed with a small seductive grin of her own, taking that moment to slink from the room before the allocation of responsibility could be reconsidered and potentially pinned on her.

Lingering a moment to soak up the fastidious expression that colored Greed’s face, Pride also seemingly receded from the room… Though it was always impossible to tell for sure when and where the arrogant homunculus chose to come and go. “Damned”. Father had expressed distaste at his recent activities. Spending every moment in which he was not assigned a task (and sometimes the moment’s in- between) drinking, partying, laughing or sleeping with the more interesting human morsels that dotted the surface of Centrals red light district was apparently shameful to the paternal homunculus.

While Greed had taken entertaining his sin to the utmost extent he could while still appearing to be sat securely under Fathers thumb, both father and son understood a rebellion was growing inside the third- born homunculus. Yes, this particular shackle would prove effective in reining him in Chapter 2: When New was the size of his hand, Greed discovered it did not share many similarities to the rest of their family. Having been silent from the time of its first death it took a week for Greed to realize that the thing’s fussiness, silent crying and attention-seeking wriggling was some vague attempt to communicate that it was angry.

The idea was ludicrous of course. Father, Lust, Pride and himself – though perfectly capable of partaking in on a whim – did not need food, water, sleep or even sexual gratification. After all, eating when one is on the brink of starving to death is not gluttony; sleeping when one’s insomnia brings them to the brink of madness is not sloth and indulging in ones sexuality when the instinctive, annalistic need arises is not lust. No, to be gluttonous, one must eat when they do not physically need to, to be lusty one must wish to indulge in carnal desires even when they are already dated; it was the nature of the homunculus not to NEED anything.

Being physically content but desiring their individual vices anyway, were the very nature of sin. But New was different… Both as a concept and an individual. As a concept, ‘Envy’ was more like ‘Pride’; not characterized by a desire for something -food, sleep, sex, possessions, vengeance – but by a feeling that if not quickly squashed out by the good-wishes of the human mind would grow poisonous and detrimental to both the feeling’s owner, and those around them. As an individual, New was perhaps the most different’ thing Greed had ever seen. You want me to steal a baby’s what? ” “It’s a lip- less leech. How else is anyone supposed to feed it? ” “It needs ‘feeding? ‘” “It keeps dying, then reviving, then dying again for no reason. It’s the only idea I’ve got left. ” “You believe it’s starving? ” Lust questioned Greed shrugged. “Don’t know, but at the moment its dead then sparking alive then dead again so often it might as well be reclassified from being homunculus to a night-light. ” The moment the nib of the milk- filled baby bottle had been pressed across it’s maw it shied had away, gazing up at

Greed as he brandished the bottle disorientated and confused. It took a moment of cursing the thing and Jabbing the bottle in its ‘face’ before the notion that it may very well not possess the suckling instinct of a mammal dawned upon him. Greed was no scientist or brain box, but it occurred to him ‘it’ might not even BE a mammal. Fortunately, by drawing the thing’s attention and first enacting it himself, Envy’s natural disposition towards imitation soon had it sucking enthusiastically like an eager calve at the bottle’s literal tit.

Watching Greed demonstrate kept Pride in jokingly high-spirits for weeks afterwards; he had watched the whole thing. It also slept – regularly. Not Just relaxed or got bored and rested; it slept as if it needed to do so. Greed experimented with it, keeping it awake all night one evening by poking it whenever it’s bulbous eyes closed to do more than Just blink. Every time it had startled back awake, too tired to bother trying to bite Greed again but fixing him with a helpless look of confusion nevertheless.

Each time, within minutes, its eyes would slowly begin to close again, its head nodding into its ‘chest’ as it lost consciousness once more. Eventually, as dawn neared and the week-old homunculus had been denied rest for the first time, its eyes actually began to water with tears as Greed beginning Greed’s intention to keep it awake had been resolute. It was only fair after all. If he couldn’t be out drinking and socializing the night away, the little sit sure as hell wasn’t going to get to sleep… But that look. Being around all those humans is turning me soft” The avaricious homunculus grinned to himself. He gave in as the sun started to rise over Central; allowing the infant homunculus to fall into exhausted sleep. It awoke a day later irritable and dazed and stayed that way for many days afterward. New did indeed physically need sleep, Greed concluded . Perhaps reacting directly to the smallest sibling’s maltreatment or possibly out of pure boredom, Greed soon after began receiving help from his elder sister were Envy was concerned.

In the beginning Lust had been quite adamant that the assignment was Greed’s own and it was neither her place nor her intent to intervene. Though near overnight En’s care and education became a sort of habitual way to pass the mime for the older sins, the burden of teaching it the skills it would need as an agent of Father somehow without any formal communication ended up divided equally. Though first only ever demonstrating the desire to copy its avaricious elder brother the elders quickly recognized the younger homunculus’s ability to learn went far beyond mere physical gesture.

Using the time-honored technique of flashcards and pointing, Lust demonstrated shapes, colors and numbers – the names, appearances and distinctions between each one quickly absorbed and demonstrated by the little Envy – who became even more eager to learn when it’s correct answer was praised. Simple mathematics proved somewhat harder, the littlest sin managing to grasp the concept of additional and subtraction, but only turning to its sister and staring up balefully when anything resembling a multiplication or division sign appeared in its sum.

As much as it loved answering correctly, it despised its mistakes. Greed meanwhile worked to teach Envy to read; its arms too short to bother tormenting it with any attempt to actually write. Though it still steadfastly refused to utter a single willable on pain of death – no matter how many times its older brother and sister assured it that it would not be stabbed for doing so -Envy’s comprehension of both their own words and the written words of books increased with every passing lesson.

Even Pride (who when asked would expressly deny and ridicule the idea) had taken to secretly watching and occasionally ‘helping’ their littlest sibling in a morosely backward manner all of his own: stealing for New books detailing the human anatomy with which Pride could demonstrate his favorite – and therefore: the best – ways to murder human scum. More than once Greed also happened upon Pride feeding New bits of meat and scraps of dead rats “To give it a taste for flesh! Pride had sneered maliciously. Greed made a habit of not allowing New to be left alone from then on, the runty sin going everywhere his elder brother did sat upon Greed’s broad shoulders. It was perhaps because of its new day-to-day location atop the elder sin that Greed eventually noticed nearing a month after its birth by far the strangest thing yet about his new little sibling. “l swear this thing’s getting heavier. ” New was growing. By the time New was the size of a dog.

The eight green paw-like stumps that had lined each side of its body had lengthened, grown stronger and developed hints of bone and muscle structure- the previously shapeless appendages forming into two pairs of arms and legs, leaving behind the baby fat of the chubby ill- currently sort of squashed and lizard-like in appearance, like a gecko that had run face first into a wall at high speed. Its preferred method of movement had altered somewhat too.

Far from the ineffectual crawl of its first days, it now took to a sort of scurrying scuttle as it bounded happily after its elder brother, Greed knowing beyond shadow of a doubt that wherever he went New would only be a maximum of ten paces behind. From sleeping in a sock in Greed’s room to dozing in his bed – as Greed himself rarely used it – the two had been near inseparable for far too long a time not to have left a significant imprint on the newest homunculus’s developing mind.

Often Greed would notice their littlest sibling still staring longingly at his shoulder – remembering the days were that was its place but having since been disciplined that at its current size and weight New was not to touch anyone without their permission. Greed was a rare exception. It had also long been established that whenever Greed left New would sit at the entrance to their subterranean home motionless and dutifully wait.

New – understanding it was not allowed out of Father’s underground domain – was always the first sight that greeted Greed as he returned home, the green sin’s vivid violet eyes watching for him, staring after Greed’s dark silhouette on the horizon of the hallway but unable to cross the invisible metaphorical barrier that represented how far New could explore without being punished.

Thusly when the brother it would wait for sometimes days on end for anally reinitialized New instead consigning itself to sitting very still and wagging its tail like an over excited Labrador as it’s avaricious sibling came back into view before scrambling as high up the leg of Greed’s trousers as it could manage when he was finally close enough to do so. It was a sort of odd relationship to have with ones little sibling – all were aware that New was not yet developed enough to be seen as one of ‘them’, yet too intelligent and expressive to be dismissed as a mere pet.

So strange was it for New to not be either trotting by Greed’s heels or lounging around Lust for attention when its brother was otherwise occupied that on the rare occasion the green sin was not in the immediate vicinity, Greed actually felt himself grow anxious enough to go in search of it. The feeling stumped Greed for a moment upon recognizing it. It had only been three months since En’s creation, why did he feel so worried over something he barely knew?

He had known Lust for far longer – since his own creation in fact – and neither worried after her nor missed her when she was on assignment. Greed smirked to himself, his sharp teeth glinting in the half-light of Father’s ever-dark lair as he arrived and knocked upon the hard wood of Lust’s door. He must be going soft. “Enter” beckoned the sin within, her voice colored with slight confusion… None of her family were known for their habit of knocking on doors. Greed let himself in, tweaking the sunglasses at the bridge of his nose as he raised a hand half-mast in a gesture of greeting.

Lust looked up from the newspaper she had been reading -searching for a mention of her handy work in the homicide reports or the obituary’s Greed was willing to guess – and glanced upon however dare enter her outdoor. “Yes. ” Lust said curtly – not a question, but a statement – before returning to her reading thoroughly nonplussed. A discarded heart-shaped box lay disregarded at Lust’s feet and a single long stem rose sat nodding sadly in the darkness of the underground; clearly Father had sent her on another ‘date’, no doubt with another obviously left her testy. L didn’t even say an-” “It’s in here” she added, with such accuracy it made Greed pause for a moment. “When did I get so predictable? ” the avaricious sin settle for asking rhetorically, chuckling good naturally as he did so before peering over the rims of his shades in search of his little sibling. Envy did not remain at large for long, the familiar scraping of its claws against the floor as it scrambled in his direction greeting him long before he actually laid eyes upon the green sin. Hey” he greeted, stooping down to tussle the strange coltish mane that had begun to haphazardly sprout up along the length of its reptilian neck as New practically leapt into him, sitting on its rear rather like a dog would (despite the awkwardness of its additional limbs) and nudging itself as close as possible to the hand affectionately fussing over it. Coming to rest on its head as Greed’s hand frequently did now that New was the perfect height to lean against Greed turned back to lust, a dark eyebrow cocking inquisitively at an unidentified brown substance smeared around En’s mouth. Lust? ” “Yes, Greed? ” his sister replied stoically, her gaze never leaving her newspaper. “What’s this around En’s mouth? ” “Hum? ” the dark beauty hummed questioningly, sparing a glance in En’s direction before crossing her legs, reclining back onto her bed and continuing to ignore either of them. “Chocolate. ” Oh thank god, Greed internally sighed. New was smart, but they still didn’t really know how smart, and they did live in part of a sewer system, and who knows what Pride could have tried tricking the younger homunculus into eating.

For a moment he’d feared the worse. Pride’s voice, as if summoned by Greed thinking about him (although it was more likely he’d been there all along and chose only now to coincidentally make himself known) scolded them from the shadows: “You gave it Chocolate? Great. Now it’ll be up all night, and fussy tomorrow morning! ” Lust sighed, accepting Pride’s reprimand with patience, but abashedly unapologetic in her manner. “Get off her Pride. Its fine -” Greed announced through a wide razor-sharp grin, cool as ever even under Pride’s disembodied piercing gaze.

His statement was more in defense of New than of Lust, whose lilac eyes stared adoringly up at him even while its pink tongue continued to lap at the remaining chocolate staining its jaws. – We’ll go fight for a few hours, that’ll tire it out. ” New -much to Greed’s chocolaty chagrin- licked his hand excitedly, the word ‘fight’ bringing a gleeful glint to its eyes. It did seem to love the thrill of their play fights. By the time New was the size f a monster, it had changed quite considerably.

No longer fearing the pain of death as it had grown larger -and far less terrified- of Pride it had decided of its own accord about the time it reached being the size of a large horse that though it still wouldn’t speak it was now fully allowed to growl, snarl, roar and snap. This of course had not helped in facilitating the somewhat abrupt turnaround of its behavior. While relatively docile and affectionate in its infancy it seemed to have developed with every inch it grew a surprising lust for destruction, throwing inhuman tantrums and anatomy attacking furniture when it broke in the monster’s vicinity, even occasionally snapping at Greed.

Shortly after doing so a shocked look would always clamber across it’s now monstrous-features, an apologetic nuzzle to whatever appendage New had Just attempted to rip off sure to follow, but the abrupt snapping between murderous leviathan and benevolent behemoth had begun to put Greed on off Greed’s concerns on the one and only occasion he sought his father’s council. What En’s nearing maturity had to do with its suddenly erratic behavior stumped both Lust and Greed. Pride on the other-hand seemed quite overjoyed by the evildoing predicament. Perhaps another factor to En’s growing ferocity was its sudden confinement.

Once it had reached the size of a small cow it became rapidly apparent Greed’s room simply wasn’t big enough for the both of them anymore; the first few nights of being ejected from the room and brother it had slept in since its birth creating quite a few days on unrest for the youngest homunculus. Sleepless nights, fresh claw marks upon Greed’s door as it scrapped to be allowed back in and having to sit quietly and be told it expressly was not allowed in any of its siblings moms anymore (as it was Just ‘too big’ Lust had explained) did not placate Envy’s growing mischievousness.

Finally, when Envy had reached the size of a bull elephant and it became clear it was STILL on the grow it was even disallowed from walking around freely anymore. Without knowing exactly how large New would become before finally stopping Father ordered Pride to confine it in the only other room from the throne-room large enough to safely house it. Instructing his remaining children that while he appreciated their efforts to educate New, the youngest homunculus was to be sealed away and thusly if-limits to them for the time being, Father neatly packed the monstrous sin away.

Nearly a whole years work had been slowed due to the restriction of keeping one of his children at home to watch New and it was simply time Father could no longer allow them to waste. Especially as New had now grown beyond any size remotely practical for deployment. Neither Lust nor Greed himself reacted happily to the news. The little sibling who had once been intended as his shackle – despite having grown more unstable as of late – had somehow and without explanation become important. How it could possibly be important was immediately lost upon the emotionally dulled homunculus.

It did not come with them on missions, nor did it serve them in any physical or practical way… And yet somehow the lack of its presence proved… Disquieting. Just like that, New was confined. The chamber in question was a massive, dull affair – hollow and blank like the walls of a poorly lit insane asylum. With no electricity fed into it due to the hazard posed by the many leaking pipes that dripped from the ceiling and spat steam from the walls the chamber was half illuminated by candlelight…. And half not illuminated at all.

It was depressing, and its inherent disposition to be depressing rubbed off on its new occupant within hours as soon as it realized it was not allowed to leave with Lust and Greed as they walked out of the room and out of its sight. “No New, you know you can’t come” Even Pride did not visit the dank hole in the ground. Though tormenting Envy while it was isolated, miserable and completely at his mercy sounded wonderful to the eldest homunculus, Pride understood that what would make New suffer the most was to leave it totally alone.

New had never known solitude before. Its short 8-month life was always filled with its brothers, sister or father. Pride would ‘hate to disturb the poor thing’s loneliness’ as he cooed to Greed one day. Greed snarled his silver talons extending slightly with the near overwhelming urge to shut Pride’s face up for once, no matter what cost it might come to himself. That was the first time Greed died for Envy. The day after he made sure to pay the green sin a visit, even under the ridiculous pretense of changing that room’s candles.

Pride leered at his explanation as he intercepted Greed on his way to the little sibling Father had deliberately placed ‘out f sight and out of mind’, but allowed it. After all, if all the candlelight went out Pride would no longer be able to spy on New from the shadows. As Greed had suspected, Envy appeared totally forlorn – half its body concealed in the deep dark of the unlit part of the chamber. Even Greed’s arrival did not seem to lighten its spirits, the dogfish tail wagging the elder homunculus had come to expect from his little sibling disconcertingly absent.

It gazed back at Greed, listless and unmoving. Hardly the reception Greed had been expecting. Then it’s eyes narrowed, pupils constricting into real pinpricks and it growled, deep and threateningly before screwing it’s eyes up tight like it were in pain and whining quietly. Not deterred from in the least by Envy’s clear distress and concerning behavior Greed approached it with his usually sure, steady gait, his long leather-clad legs bringing him swiftly to the larger sin’s muzzle. He rested his robbers-engraved hand against his little sibling’s distended snout, just as he had when New was small.

Melting into the tiny contact on the vast expanse of its flesh a large pink tongue snaked out to lick Greed, Just as it always would have one, except- “What the hell? ” Greed shouted, leaping back away from New and the unexpected sight. En’s tongue… Had human arms? Not Just arms -faces – legs – bodies. Sensing Greed’s fear the monstrous sin quickly snapped it’s mouth shut and flinched backwards as best as it’s huge body could handle, reversing into the concealing shadows of the darkened part of the great hall.

Regaining his composure Greed shouted into the blackness of the room in a rare show of concerned temper; the feelings pelting through him ice cold with worry and red hot with uncharacteristic anger. “PRIDE! What did you do to New! He saw one of Pride’s eerie grins appear at his feet before he heard his reply, the older homunculus’s eyes narrowed in mirth. “Why, I did nothing to him. Why do you ask, Greed? ” the echo purred. “Why the hell is his mouth full of people?! Pride snigger. “Oh, that” loving drawing out his answer – prolonging Greed’s concerned agony for as long as possible – Pride waited a moment before continuing “-it’s been like that for a while now. Souls keep trying to burst to the surface of its skin for some reason. It’s disgusting really. ” “Souls? ” Greed repeated, glancing in En’s direction to confirm its location in a trance subconscious instinct he had developed over the last few months. It remained firmly out of sight. Oh yeses” Pride drawled, hissing in pleasure “It keeps trying to hide them or ripping them off, but I guess it can’t do that to the ones in its mouth” he added softly, mocking sympathy richer than any aristocrat thick in his tone. “l guess if you’d visited it more often since it’s incarceration you’d have known that

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