The Importance of Stradlater’s Composition in the Catcher Assignment

The Importance of Stradlater’s Composition in the Catcher  Assignment Words: 293

Strapless’s composition is supposed to be about a room in a house that can be described. Holder decides to write about his dead brother’s baseball glove because he is deeply depressed about his death and has not come to terms with his greet over the loss to his brother. Allies glove, with the green writing on it, is symbolic of isolation.

Allele felt separate from his teammates while playing baseball. Instead of paying attention to the game, he would write poetry on his glove while playing the outfield, The mitt reminds holder of his brother and is he only thing he can be descriptive about so it is what holder writes Strapless’s report on it. The more Holder focuses on his dead brother, the more alone he feels.

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He does not connect with the people around him, but dwells on people who are memories, like Allele and Jane Gallagher. Holder’s deep unresolved sadness over the loss Of his brother, a person he tells us was better than him,who should not have died at such as young age, indicates that he feels a sense of guilt over being live Holder questions Why he should still be here, when he brother, Who was smarter and kinder than him should be dead.

One of the central questions that Holder asks in the book, and never receives a satisfactory answer to, is how can a young person die and the world, his family, accept it and move on with their lives. Holder is angry at his family for coping with Allies death, he is angry at the world for continuing when his little brother died. He is angry at life for being so unfair.

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