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Through this paper I will illustrated the career opportunities of international managers, job duties, and lessons learn through the career path and many other criteria of the international manager career. Why people choose managerial career advantage and disadvantage as an international manager. Also through this paper I will explain what kind of company need international managers and, why cultural literacy needed or important for an international manager.

Every single person anticipate success in their chosen career but no one can reach In their destination without obstacles and barriers through my research I will discuss what re the opportunities and barriers for an international manager, skills needed to be an International manager, education and past, present, future Job market for an International manager. Nowadays most of companies are becoming International and seeking International managers who can take their company’s responsibility and attain the desirable success. Through this paper I will discuss how to become a desirable International manager.

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Description of International Mangers organization operation International manager titles evokes his or her status as person who Is responsible for planning, managing, controlling, organizing, and taking echelon making and maintain operation for an organization foreign business. International managers are responsible for companies’ foreign business operation. International mangers may responsible for multiple departments it depends on size of the organization and operation system. Different organization require different needs International mangers prove services according to company’s preference.

Every company needs managers in order to operate an operation for organization. International managers are haired by multinational companies the multinational companies haired the international manager to reduce conflict accord to” A Conflict Management Tool for International Managers” (When Mines operate in emerging economies, there is a potential disconnect between these systems and the conflict management preferences of local employees. We propose that international managers Consider using indigenous knowledge to inform the conflict management systems in their subsidiaries in order to enhance and sustain cooperative workplace relations). Carol Reader and Mark McKenna Joss© State University, USA). International managers plays very important role in multinational companies. As I mention in above international managers are responsible for organization planning, organizing, controlling, and making decision for companies’ foreign business operation. Also International managers are responsible for maintaining foreign relationships with other country. Multinational companies need several types of international managers for various departments.

International manager supply the encouragement and provide team member leadership to achieve organization goal in different culture and government situation. International manger position holds much promise as a fast-growing management specialty area. Most of the international managers have to leave domestic location to conduct an organization operation in foreign country. Management Function, types, and managerial leadership role of international managements global business has become competitive because of innovation, technology, short product life cycle, rapidly changing communication method contributing all those competitiveness.

Although the international mangers perform same basic function as domestic managers but five basic management function change when an international manager go to remote location to operate foreign market. Planning: is processes which mostly done by international business managers or departmental mangers. Planning is the first stage for the international manager is planning for the foreign assignment. Successful Planning need to answer those questions “How to do business in foreign market? Who are targets markets?

How to operate business in foreign environment and different culture? And what is the country political and economical condition? ” who are the competitors? In order gain answers for all those question and create a successful plan for the assignment international managers need to monitor foreign market basic key factors are political instability how it will affect the his/her organization operation, currency instability what is the currency, control system what kind of market economy, how much government intervention in nation’s business, and property and trademarks security.

Organizing: in managerial function is to arranging people and resources to obtain success. Before organizing manager depart or business International manager should assure that his/her plan fits host nation’s culture and environment. Through management organization function an international manager implant the clarification of Job and working relation “who will do the Job, which is in-charge of which department this processes of implantation larcenies the how the assignment goal will be attain. Staffing: is another essential function of international manager.

This process mostly done by international human resources manager. Human capital Is most valuable asset Tort ten organization Tanat why it is very important to select right person for the each position. Directing: international managers direct supervise employee to achieve the assign assignments. Sometime it’s difficult for international managers to communicate with employees because of different culture, environment, and language barriers. That is he reason companies look for person who has transformational leadership skill who is capable to coordinate and collaborate in different environment.

Controlling: this function mostly done middle level or first line manager control the organization operation, report to upper level management. There are several types of international managers each of the manager’s position, duties and departments are different from each other. In management field there are three common levels for all domestic and international managers those are Top-level managers, Middle-level managers and First-level managers. Most of level decided by managers duties, session and decision making power.

Because of falling trade barriers most of company transforming into a multinational company and seeking different types f managers for different position, and level. Multinational companies recruit candidate who has ability to travel in different countries, and have ability to operate an operation in remote location. There are some titles of the international managers below. Top-level manager international manger Middle manager international mangers First-level manager international managers Multinational manager International Human resources manager International finance manager:

International trade and customs manager International training manager International information technology manager Global manager Most of the international mangers perform managerial leadership role which is interpersonal, informational, and decisional. Interpersonal leadership role is Figurehead, Leader, and Liaison . Through interpersonal leadership role manager are responsible for organization important decision represent organization or department, social and symbolic activates. Also manager’s leader role influence team member to accomplish assign task successfully.

The liaison role helps international managers to interact with the people outside of the organization it will help the international manger make relationship with foreign country people. The information leadership roles include monitor, dissemination role, and spokesperson role. Informational role’s success depends on interpersonal skill. International managers perform monitor role by gathering information and analyze the information to discover the problem, solution and opportunities also send those to employees and spokesperson of the organization.

In organization international managers also perform decisional role where manager make decision according to appear situation. Decision role include Entrepreneur role, distribution handler role, resources locator role and negotiator role. Each of those roles of international managers integrates with each other. Skills Human skills are consoler as a one AT ten “man’s capital” Ana “competencies”. There are three major skills that every domestic and international manager has to have in order pursue their career as an international manager those are Interpersonal skill, Technical skill, and Decisional skill.

Indeed international manager required many other skills in order to successful during his/her assignment in host entry but this are three basic skills required to be a successful in management organization operation. Interpersonal skills involve ability to understand, communicate and work well with individuals and group through developing relation. Effective relationship is very important it helps managers to gain influence over subordinate and employees.

Relationship and communication can also help managers to understand employees within an organization and outside the organization for example customers, suppliers. Technical skills involve the ability to use method and techniques to perform a task. With this skill managers are able perform task by using tools. Also able use modern technology to make task easier and control employees monitor the assignment and able to communicate with other countries and domestic country administration.

Decision-making skills are base on the ability to conceptualize the situation and select alternative to solve the problem and take advantage of the opportunity. Decision-making skill is to understand what is going on in an organization and what can I do to manage this situation. Manager makes decision according to the situation and decision making skill enhance managers’ ability to take right decision. Although managers need all three skills but each skill is based on level of management.

Top-level managers need to have grater interpersonal skills and decisional skills then technical skills. Middle manager needs to have all three skills. First-level manager who handle day to day operation need interpersonal and technical skill than decision-making skill. All three skills are important for all level mangers but international mangers need lot of more skill in order proof their ability as a successful leader. Language skills, which will give an international manager able understand the host nation population, customer and there need.

Communication skill will enable opportunities for an international manager to accept different culture and norms. Critical thinking skill will help international manager to solve problem in different environment and situation. Financial skills will able explain an international manger to understand the host country economical condition project management skill will help international manger to attain success in international project, Collaboration skills celebrate differences, build rapport, form alliances and negotiate effectively. Education

Every occupation needs minimum education in order to operate a position so international managers positions require certain level of education also experience. Although employees promotes through managerial rank but the minimum education needed to an international manager is a 4 years bachelor in relevant to the profession can be earn through business, economics, or international relationship majors. Along with foreign language mastery is recommended. Master in business management will help to reach in top level management position. Salary Salary of an international manager varies on Job position and experience. Although U.

S bureau of labor Statistics doesn’t have specific track employee outlook or salary data for international managers but 2013 data BALLS provide other manager salary lopes AT managers Employment Average estimate meal annual salary Advertising, Marketing, Promotions, Public Relations, and Sales Managers 68,460 $133,790 Transportation, storages and distribution managers $1 11,160 Production managers 172,700 $89,190 Financial managers 499320 $109,740 110,650 $111,180 Human resources managers 7,410 Training and development managers 345,390 $108,380 28,340 $107,770 Managers all other The salary listed based on national average salary.

Actual salary based on specialization on the field, education, location, experience and variety of other factors. All school of business stated that “It is difficult to know what to expect from salaries in international business, since they reflect already varied salaries in the world of business in general. Many possible career paths are open to those interested in business and travel, each with varying levels of supply and demand.

As with almost all careers, the higher degree you hold, the higher your salary: A bachelor’s degree in business administration can add $2,000 to $5,000 or more per ear in earning potential, while an MBA can add yet another $7,000 to $11,000, though many Mambas start out in higher-level management Jobs with more responsibility, and consequently earn a larger salary that may include a bonus package. ” List of companies seeking for an international manager As I mentioned above international Job market has been expanded because of globalization.

According to bureau of labor static (BALLS) the international Job outlook grow from 2006 to 2016 is 19% to 41%. There sever Job website I find that couple of multinational corporation currently hiring international mangers in various apartment those are International Manager, Risk Management Stanford Alex University and Ann. Stanford, California -J International Account Manager Cranston, RI Senior International Tax Managerial Technologically, Idaho- Manager, Messages Internationally, Michigan – Gauge 5, 2014 Senior Manager, Global Visual Merchandising – Creative Services – …

Cole Henbane York – Gauge 7, 2014 Planning Manager Above is a global, research-based Pharmaceutical Company Manager, International Treasury Azotes, Flora Park, NJ International Sales Manager Goldberg – Aurora, CO Sales Manager – International Salaciousness’s Publishers Inc. New York, NY Manager of International Business Diversification’s – New York, NY Manager, Global Marketing Coach – New York, NY Manager, Global Brand Supply Chain.

Est©e Lauder – New York, NY There many other companies are looking for an eligible candidate for international management operation. Most this Job companies seeking candidate Walton Mullen years experience. Literacy about host country As an international manager he/she needs to have etiquette knowledge about the host country, then the international manger will able to manage and operate operation properly.

There several criteria that international managers need to analyze attain proper literacy those are: Business Structure: Knowledge of host country Business structure is important for an international manager because according to country business structure manager can decide what kind of plan need to be make, how to organizing the operation, who to staffing, how to directing, and controlling the business in host nation.

Businesses depend on host nation’s business structure in many ways detail knowledge country business structure will help international business managers will understand host nation’s political, economical and social structure. Competition: information about impetigo in host country is essential because this information will help international business manager to understand the nature of competition varies by region and industry. Awareness of competition can help manger to understand market condition, consumers and there need.

Political and economic environments: both have high impact on local and international business. Political literacy will help international manager to understand political environment of the host country political risk from the host country and how manger reduce or manage political risk. Economic literacy will help to understand what kind of market policy. Gross Domestic Product (GAP), Gross National Product (GNP), and per capita income all are gauges to consumer buying power. What is the consumer buying pattern?

Also through economical condition will under host nation’s infrastructure and technology availability. Finance and business issues such as contracts, taxation intellectual property, and risk knowledge will help international to take business decision. Employment and leadership: will help international human resources manager to understand that host country has right and skill labor to fill available position. Cultural norms and values: this is the biggest challenge for the international angers. Culture and values define host country people way of life.

Mangers need have literacy about host country because maybe the international HER managers has to set different management structure for the domestic employee also literacy about culture and values will help the manager to conduct appropriate business and compete with competitors. By learning host nation’s culture and values will help an international manager to understand nation’s social structure, different religions, peoples systems of communication, education and physical and material environment.

Through all this literacy an international manager will able deliver satisfied product or service to the host nation consumers and also able accomplish successful business in a host nation. Advantages and disadvantages of international manager career Ever career has advantages and disadvantages. Selecting career as an international manager come with more advantage then disadvantages. Through this section of paper will demonstrate why international manager’s career has advantages than disadvantage.

The first advantage is attaining knowledge about different countries political, economical, social structure, government policy will help n international manger further their career path. Also those who attain those knowledge about different operation system, can provide great ideas for own mostly count rays company. WI De addle to adapt positive Knowledge Ana erectly mistakes. As an international manager a person will learn different culture, values. Another biggest advantage as an international manager career is develop leadership skill which helps to reach further level of management position and teach diversification.

Knowledge attain from host nation operation system can be use as experiment in different country and achieve success. Also an international manager acquires adaptability and improves company’s operation systems. Being as an international manager can have some of the disadvantage those. International assignment can affect your family life and personal life. Travel lots much different remote location than dogmatic country. Because of unstable living can effect in personal and professional life. Because of distance from own country and family can cause emotional presser which can effect work performance.

Also some cultures are not open to outsider like collectivism base culture reject to accept outsider can cause to discomfort because cultural acceptance is very important for an international manager. Training for international managers Falling trade barriers and globalization causing lots of companies to become internationalist because of that U. S. A many company is providing or preparing program for international managers. According to http:// www. Irreproachableness. Com/encyclopedia/lent-]UN/alienation- Management. HTML information “IBM conducts internal executive development programs at its management development centers in Australia, Singapore, Japan, and Belgium. The company operates a six-week training program that includes a wide rarity of international topics. Some companies use cultural assimilation, programmed learning approaches that expose members of one culture to some of the basic concepts, attitudes, customs, and values of another”. Also many schools in U. S. A are providing program bachelor and graduates program for international business and management.

According to international management book (American Graduate School of International Management, also known as Thunderbird, in Glendale, Arizona. Whatever approach individual companies use to prepare managers for overseas assignments, one thing is essential: the amount and intensity f training is proportionately related to the manager’s success?and the company’s). There are schools like Colombia university school of international business and affair offer NYU offering some excellent management and international business courses.

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