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Training and evolving employees effectively would provide all employees at all levels the tools and Information they will need to perform their Jobs successfully within the company. Implementing effective employee development methods can be a benefit and can ensure that changes in the daily routine are accomplished. Programs can be made available to meet the needs of the company with the involvement of the human resources department. These programs are very important for the development and training of the career minded employee.

Decency and Robbins (2007) indicate that employee training is the “present-oriented raining that focuses on an individual’s current Jobs. ” This indicates that developing employee’s knowledge and skill set is a key factor in assisting employees in performing their Job functions more effectively. While organizational development is contingent on how employees will perform in their daily Job functions, employee training offers the opportunity to further develop the employee’s attitude, skill set, knowledge, and reactions to possible stresses.

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When workers become open to new training techniques and become more experienced in performing new Job requirements the company benefits along with the employee. Employee training aids in more viable production, and even though employee training can cost an organization financially the long-term effects of properly training its employee is more valuable to the organization than the overall cost it incurs. The company can further the development of its employees by providing additional training which puts value in the employees personal stock, increases the talent pool and increases the duties the employee can perform.

Employee Development Methods and Benefits According to Decency and Robbins (2007) career-oriented training assists companies y focusing on an employee’s personal growth. These types of methods consist of assistant-to positions, Job rotation, committee assignment, and off- the-Job development. The assistant-to positions method assists an employee who is seeking a management position. The method involves providing the employee with the opportunity of working side-by-side with experienced managers. Working as an assistant to a manager provides much needed experience in various activities and the opportunity to perform duties at a higher caliber.

Employee development by implementing the Job rotation method assists in cross- raining employees in various positions within the company. This method offers employees an opportunity to sharpen skills in various positions. Job rotation consists of two forms of rotations; one form is referred to as the vertical rotation which consists of promoting an employee to a new position. The second form is called the horizontal rotation which provides employee’s an opportunity to perform duties in various positions within the company’s daily operations.

Job rotations can be extremely beneficial because they can increase an employee’s skill set within the many, allowing them to have hands on knowledge of the daily operations of many job positions (Decency & Robbins, 2007). Committee assignments are another method of employee development. Committee assignments benefit both the company and employees as it permits an employee to develop his or her skill set by watching other employee, it aids in the investigation of organizational issues, and assists in the organizational decision making process (Decency & Robbins, 2007).

The committee assignment can also help in develop assist the company in the decision-making processes as well as researching long- term goals. The off-the-Job method of employee development consists of simulation exercises, seminars, lecture courses, and outdoor training that the employee would be involved in. Simulations are beneficial because they provide each employee the opportunity to be involved in a realistic work experience by completing certain work-related exercises. These exercises consist of role playing, case studies and games based on decision making (Decency & Robbins, 2007).

Simulations are beneficial because they can prepare employees with possible ways to handle stressful situations in the workplace with co-workers and in customer service situations. Seminars, lecture courses, and outdoor training are other kinds of employee development. Seminars and lectures benefit a company by helping employees develop and acknowledge the analytical and conceptual abilities they have concerning the employee’s profession. There are various methods of putting on lectures and seminars. These methods are via distance learning and a less cost- efficient method of using the Internet.

Outdoor training is beneficial to an organization as it teaches employees team building skills. An employee performing several physical challenges in the wilderness is what the outdoor training entails. Performing these physical challenges helps organizations understand how they will respond under pressure, and how they work as a team. These challenges empower employees to work together as a team and it encourages employees to build relationships by accomplishing these stressful challenges within a group setting.

To accomplish these processes the company and employees will have to adjust to operational changes. Human resources management will first need to identify these changes and create training programs to improve the employee’s skills on the new processes. Human Resources Management’s Role in Career Development Human resources management’s role in career development has increased of late. To assist employees in achieving their career goals, human resources management strives to provide employees with the tools needed to accomplish these goals.

The department help HARM give employees the self-confidence to further their education. This is done by communicating the plans and goals, tuition reimbursement, growth opportunities, and scheduling educational classes. Developing employee’s careers is extremely beneficial to the company. Developing an employee’s career helps to retain and promote highly talented employees within the company along with assisting women and other minorities by giving them the opportunities to grow within the organization.

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