Information technology career research Assignment

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Paper In the website, I typed In “Information Management” which is my major and “bank” which Is my Ideal working companies as the keywords and chose “New York City” as the location. From the result, there are 37,364 Jobs available for me. My favorite Job Is being a Customer Reporting Analyst. This Job Is related to Information technologies, communication skills and business processes. I am personally interested in economics and try to utilize my academic knowledge of information management and data analyzing skills to business area.

This job meets my needs and I think collecting customers’ requirement specifications is an interesting process. Besides, this company is a global telecommunications company and locates in New York City. The first required skill is the high level understanding of database concepts and other technologies and work with computer science proficiently. The second one is good communication skills that allow you work alone as well as work with a group. The third one is the thorough understanding of business operation ND financial transition.

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The fourth one Is the advanced skills of documents arrangement and Information modeling. The last one Is to quickly adapt to new atmosphere and effectively solve problems. I currently study Information Management and Technology at Syracuse university, but I am also Interested In business and entrepreneurship. I think this two fields are kind of related because now business companies are dependent on information technology and computer skills, I plan to learn advanced IT skills as well as taking some economics and accounting courses to meet the need of academic background.

Improving communication skills is what I do every day because I should learn how to work with other students in class or on some homework assignment. University is a changing environment so I can acquire more experiences and problem solving skill by Joining different activities and meeting various people. Information Architect Development and leadership In complex organization Requires skills of normalization Skills of using a standard modeling tool like Erwin Required training on the BET modeling process

Requires physical modeling ; implementation skills Familiarize oneself with the firm wide / FSML Adhere to standards and best practices of modeling Refining the Business Terms ; Business Object Consolidating the Glossary Deriving a data attribute from the consolidated glossary Customer Reporting Analyst Translate customer needs Into reporting requirement specifications, which are then transformed Into either an ad-hoc SQL query.

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