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I think we have learned a lot this semester from watching 9 wonderful movies except several movies that just watched a segment of them. Here is a list of the nine movies: The Terminal; Microcosmos; Erin Brickvich; I’m Sam; The Lord of the Ring 1; The Dancer in the Dark; The God must be Crazy; Scent of a woman; The matchstick man. What I like best is The Terminal, The lord of the ring and The matchstick man. They all impressed me a lot in both the wonderful performance and the poit. 1? The Terminal . Mr. Navoski, A foreigner, knowing little English, having no passport, can live a happier life in the USA, which I think is unbelievable.

What he has is just the loyalty , honest and the capacity of constructing , not a architect of course. He ,however, surports himself, and nearly finds his lover in a society that needs people of varies of competence. Then, if he is in china , what will happans ? I think, he should not be so lucky as in the USA. He may just be disposaled by the passerby , and even became a begger ultimately! So in my opinion, it is mostly the fortune that lead him to the success. As to the actor, I really appreciate the performance of him. I have watch several films of him ,all impressing me a lot . Mr.

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Navoski went to the USA and was so lucky to survived and fulfilled his father’s dream. Then , he found his lover but she left him at last. He just went back to his hometown and to live a original life ultimatly. The espsode in the USA may seem a dream to him. We all must to live in the real life , not the dreams. 2? The lord of the ring (Segment 1) I have watched this movie last semester. I am impressed mostly by the great vigour when war had begun. Then when I came to watch it again ,I thought more about the inspirit world of human beings. As we know, the Ring could stand for the power and potency.

And then when the person who got it would get addicted to the power the Ring own him. Then to keep peace , most people have come to an agreement to destroy the Ring ,to rob the power . After that ,human beings can become equality to each other, just like peasants tried to overthrow the power of the King in the old days. The first time I watch the movie, I watched it in the caption of English. And, this time ,I also watch it in English. So I still feel puzzled sometimes watching the movie, especially when they come to a long talk. I, however, was involed in it just like the first time.

It is really a wonderful movie and I will watch the whole three segments in this holiday with my elder brother who haven’t seen it ever. 3? The matchstick man I like the man . He made me laughing from time to time. And I think he acted perfectly as a “compel disease”patient. He is just so cared about the dirty world and he tried to change it. The dirty world world made him fell uneasy. And I also quite appraciate the little girl who made me believe that she was really the man’s daughter. I hadn’t about it. Another reason I like the movie is that I have the similar experience just like the man.

I mean the bad habit he has. And here I won’t say much about it. I also hope I can conquer it just like the man at last . In a word ,I think the experience is not a bad thing . Just as Laozi puts it . The following is other movies I have watched: 4? Microcosmos Frankly speaking, I have saw many insects in my hometown for I live in the countryside. And I’m also familiar with some of the insects in the film. In the past , I’m not fond of the insects. I believed that few of them were good for humanbeings in our real life. But the film have also changed part of my views.

I have watched many interest and lovely aspects of them at least. They have their own style of life which are much like that of humanbeings. Unless they do harm to us , I will appreciate them. 5? Erin Brickvich I think the actress is really a stanch woman . Even under such pressure as having to support three kids and herself, she can leisurely fsces her life and try hard to find a job. And I think impetus is that she is a Mother and she has the responsibility. As to her performence , I just think many actresses are able to make it. And she performs well but not perfectly. And I like the finale of the movie. 6? I’m Sam

What I get from the movie is that Sam is really a great dad. As a parent, I think the reins is more significant than other things including the parents’ intellegence. Every child may surpass the intellegence of parents in some days . And our society progress then. A parent is required more intellegent than their child is inreasonable. On the other hand ,what children need most is the cherish of their parents and the concord living with parants. Children will enjoy the reins of their parents more than others. I think the actor acted wonderful. He, a nomal person ,to perform an idiot, is really a hard job I think.

But he made it . He let people feel that he is a idiot not only in the movie but also in the reality! 7? The Dancer in the Dark Frankly speaking ,I don’t like the movie very much ,espacially the swing menu which made me feel headache. So I didn’t pay much attetion to it. There is, however ,also something that shocking me very much–the heat melody . And I think the music was really quite encouraging one’s heart . I have heard it from a friend of mine that this movie is very famous. And I haven’ t agree with him just in my opinion, which may result in my not like music very much. ? The God must be Crazy When watching the movie , I was laughing from time to time. And I think what the director really wanted to tell us was that morden life makes no peace or little peace. The bushman ,who lives a aboriginal life is more happy and more rhathymia . Just a morden bottle will ruin the balance of the old life . An other thing is that ,the movie, like others try to encourage people to believe that love is one of the few true things left in the morden society. 9? Scent of a woman I think Frank is a real man! And he give others a kind of force of man.

He has many advantages even he didn’t care it. There is no need to die! Though there are really very confused things around us everyday. Some even make me crazy and loss the courage to live forwards. But ,you know ,there is no worse thing than choose to die. Maybe you think that your living is of no importance in the world. But it may be crucial to other people concerning about you—your parents, friends, children and so on. Just to be live, to find the value of one’s living. Finally, I have really watched a lot and learned a lot this semester. And thanks very much.

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