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BlockBuster Movies Assignment “The Nuclear Iron Hand” (War movie) Hot Factors: Stars: Who will you choose? Why? Plus: Why have you chosen your actors? -Denzel Washington (Protagonist, Hero). The reason why I chose Denzel Washington to star in my movie is because in the past, he had been in many well- known, war-time action movies such as “A Soldier’s Story’ (1984), and “Crimson Tide” (1995), which matches the genre style of my movie. He is one of my favourite actors. -Gary Oldman (Villain, Antagonist). The reason why I chose Gary Oldman to star in my movie is because he is one of my favourite actors.

In my opinion he is one of the best actors in Hollywood today that BEST fits this role (Villain, Antagonist) because of his character traits and sound of his voice. -Jet Li The reason why I chose Jet Li to star in my movie is because he is one of the most popular actors/actresses in action/war-time movies. He is one of my favourite actors. -Arnold Schwarzenegger The reason why I chose Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in my movie is because recently, and very much in the past, he had starred in many famous war-time/action movies such as “Commando” (1985), “The Terminator” (1984), and one of his most ecent action films “The Expendables 2” (2012).

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has also starred in a also very famous movie “The Predator” which was about the Vietnam War”, which my movie is also going to be about. Arnold Schwarzenegger has much experience in this field of genre. He is one of my favourite actors. -Harrison Ford I absolutely love his acting in “Star Wars” and in the “Indiana Jones” movie series. I still think today he would be a great asset as an actor in a movie. In my opinion, his popularity is still high, especially throughout Adults because of the many famous ovies he starred in when the present day adults were once teenagers. Chuck Norris I really think some humour would be greatly needed and wanted by the audience in a movie like this. Considering all of the fght scenes in the movie, I think Chuck Norris, a comedian would make the audience laugh. Chuck Norris is also one of my favourite actors, and my favourite comedian. PLUS’ wny nave you cnosen your actors? I have chosen my actors myself because I want to make a movie with my personal favourite actors/actresses of my own personal liking, and see all of them act together in a movie. Topic/Genre What topic or genre will you choose? Plus: Why have you chosen that genre(s)? My genre for my movie will be war film. I have chosen to do a war movie because I like war movies, and I like learning History. 3 Special Effects What “hyper reality’ will you try to create using special effects that will “wow’ the audience? (Old School vs. New School) Plus: Why have you chosen those effects? I will try to create a “hyper reality’ experience for the audience by using special effects such as: -C. G. I. Extreme Stunts and Fighting(Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jet L’) -Green Screen -Extreme Camerawork -Wire work -Costumes Explosions -Huge Sets I have chosen these effects to play a big role on my movie because most of them are “New School” special effects. New School special effects are made using the best and newest technology making the audience to think that the movie is “Hyper reality’. Release Date: When will you release your movie? (Christmas, Summer, Winter, Fall, etc. ) Plus: Why have you chosen that specific date or time of year? I will release my movie in the summer time.

The specific date(s) I will release my movie in will be in between May 5th to September 1st . The reasons why I would choose to release a movie uring the summer is because it is the BlockBuster season (8B). The reasons why summer is a BlockBuster season is because people have free time or are on holiday, in the mood for new/upcoming movies, the cinema is air conditioned in the summer days, and also because people have an disposable income. Promotional Blitz: What specific ideas can you think of that will best promote your movie to your chosen audience?

Where will people see these things? Plus: Why have you chosen those items? Ideas that will best promote my movie to Adults/Teens is commercials, trailers of the movie, movie posters, aavertlsement tnrougn Vlral Marketlng, etc. People can see these things in venues such as, theatres, tv and radio, on the internet, and also in places such as magazines and newspapers. I have chosen these items to promote my movie because these items are the most popular ways of promoting movies to a large amount of people. Audience: Who is your movie being promoted to?

Plus: Why have you chosen that group of people? My movie “The Nuclear Iron Hand” will be promoted towards Adults & Teenagers. My movie “The Nuclear Iron Hand” will be rated PG-13. I have chosen that group of people because first of all, my movie will be a “war” film which would not most likely nterest children, or any other age groups. As well as there will be violence in the movie, generally young children, or babies would not watch this film. Purpose: How will your movie affect the success of a multiplex cinema? Plus: Please Explain.

My movie will be a great asset to the success of a multiplex cinema because in my movie, there were and even are today very popular stars (actors/actresses) because of their roles in famous war/action movies. Actors such as Jet Li starring in famous action movies such as “Lethal Weapon 4” and “The Expendables 1 and Expendables 2”. Both of these films for instance, had great box office intakes. The reasons why these movies made such great box office intakes is because the audience saw the actors they liked the most and went to see the movie.

The actors in my movie, such as Denzel Washington are at the very top of “The Most Bankable Actors/Actresses” today. My movie will be a success for a multiplex cinema because of the popular and bankable actors I have in my movie. Bibliography: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Operation_lron_Hand wrww. rottentomatoes. com http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/film_promotion#ln_theaters http://star-currency. forbes. com/celebrity-list/top-celebrities? page=o

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