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I know to do that have to set other goals for myself such as doing all the homework am assigned and studying adequately for every test or quiz. A big aspect of my high school experience has been volleyball. A goal for my last season playing would be an SAC Title which the girls’ volleyball program has never seen before. I only have one senior year, I hope can graduate knowing I accomplished everything could. After graduation plan to attend a 4 year school and receive my Bachelors in Social Work.

Although haven’t decided on a where I want to attend yet, I’m errantly looking at state schools such as Bridgewater and Westfield. After college my career goal is to become a mental health counselor. I want to help adolescents and adults through the low points of their life. Personal goals I want to strive for throughout college is keeping at least a 3. 0 GAP and also enjoying the college experience. I hope to not become over whelmed with the work load and not procrastinate when it comes to assignments. Pop to be able to dorm and have the opportunity to meet people whose friendships will have for a lifetime. I personally believe I am perfectly capable of achieving all the goals have set for myself. I know I have to work hard to play hard, because down the road all I want is to be happy with my dream job, financially stable, and surrounded by a loving family. Hard work is the only way I’m going to be able to get there, and I don’t mind sacrificing a night out to stay home and write an essay or study for a big test. Qualities that I believe will help me, is me being well driven and focused.

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I also think my sports experience has taught me sessions that I can use on or off the court. I’ve learned self-discipline and how to not let my mistakes bring me down. Volleyball is a mental sport and every player knows to “get out of their head” after they mess up. This same attitude can be used in academics and throughout life. Also think I huge factor that will help me achieve my goals is the people in my life, because there is nothing better than hearing someone say they are proud of you. I’m so lucky to have friends and family who will be rooting for me the whole time.

I know I will face struggles along the way, but I believe that as long as I keep my eye on the prize nothing can falter my stride. I keep a mental picture of my definition of happiness in the back of my head at all times and I know what I need to reach it. A college education, my dream career, and staying true to myself are the steps towards reaching it. One day I’ll be leaving my beautiful home, kissing my husband and children goodbye and going to a career that I absolutely love and then I will finally think to myself, “I made it. ”

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