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Life is full of dreams and aspirations, yet there has to be a solid plan in place to transform them from fantasy to reality. For people like me who tend to prioritize and plan ahead, the task is simple. After carefully thinking about the goals I have, I have concluded that I have one main goal with a short term goal that in turn will open the door to larger goals. By surviving my freshman year of college with at least a 3. 85 grade point average (GAP) while working a full time Job, I can boost my confidence and build up a solid foundation for future endeavors In college.

While maintaining a balance between work and college I want to complete each course with no less than the letter grade of an “A”. Making the decision to work and go to college full time will be a strenuous mental and physical commitment and to make It worthwhile would be to set a high standard of academic accomplishment. However, maintaining this high academic standard can be difficult when adding 15 semester credit hours to a forty plus hour work week. To mitigate this I have set a short term goal of improving my time management skills.

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Hence I have created a Allendale and schedule of events to follow that will significantly free up time in my schedule to minimize my unproductive or “time wasting” activities to effectively study, complete assignments, and still get an adequate amount of rest. Most of the time wasting activities include my hobbies which allows me to relieve the stresses of everyday life, however, there are some that aren’t so evident. For instance, procrastination has been a subtle liability all of my life, and it is a difficult habit to break I normally put things off because I think that I have plenty of time and eventually get around to doing them.

Other times I delay working on something because my schedule is overwhelming and it normally pushes me to the deadline in order for it to get accomplished. Knowing why I procrastinate and taking the measures to improve upon it will help me not to do so. Thus, I have set time aside dedicated to studying, completing assignments, and revising my schedule in order to stay ahead. This includes but is not limited to a minimum of four hours a day on Tuesday and Thursday which are my days off from college. Additionally I will utilize y weekends and free time at work accordingly.

Managing my time effectively will alleviate me of the illusion that I don’t have enough time to balance work and college. To achieve the above goals they all share the same core of Ideas, perseverance, drive, self- discipline, determination, and dedication. I have set my mind on working a full time job while going to college full time. I believe that If I stay focused, determined, confident, and strictly adhere to my plan of Improving my time management skills, I will be able to survive my freshman year of college with a 3. 85 GAP while working a lull time Job. Oils By Concatenation and build up a solid foundation for future endeavors in college. Course with no less than the letter grade of an “A”.

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