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Everyone who is trying to succeed in college should set goals to help them excel in all their classes. I have set up four academic goals that are very important for me to achieve over the next few years. The first of the four goals is to get a 3. 0 GAP or higher this year. My second goal is to develop better study habits and eliminate my tendency to procrastinate. My third goal is to become a better writer and improve my vocabulary. The fourth and final goal is to receive a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. The first three goals will help me work toward my forth and most important AOL.

My first goal is to get at least a 3. 0 GAP. It is very important to for me to keep 3. 0 GAP or higher because I plan to transfer to a four year school next year. Being accepted into accepted into a four year school is very competitive so having an impressive GAP is crucial. Acceptance into a four year school gives me the ability to pursue a degree in a field which interests me most. Being part of a larger school would allow me to meet more people, therefore I will have more connections. Having more connections could possibly open many doors in the future. As you can see it is immensely important for me to get a high GAP.

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In order to achieve this goal, I will strive to work to the best of my ability. The second goal on my list is to develop better study habits. In the my past high school years Vive had a laid back attitude toward work that had to be done outside of school. However, I know that my past work habits are not the best approach to college courses considering the large amount of work given by the teachers. In order to achieve this goal I will have to organize my time wisely. I also would have to isolate my self in a setting where I would have zero castrations such as a public library.

I need to learn to stay focused on my work and not get easily distracted by tempting games or television. I have to learn to mange my time and not procrastinate. Never put off till tomorrow, what you can do today. Developing better study habits is extremely important. Completing all my assignment on time will take hard work and effort, but it will be worth it in the end. Improving my vocabulary and writing skills is my third goal. Throughout my past school years English has always been my weakest subject. I feel that it is important to improve my riding level because it is part of our everyday life.

Writing is an essential skill for Just about every career, whether you are recording data, taking notes, researching, writing reports or Journals. I need to better my ability to express myself trough writing. I also consider it important to improve my vocabulary. If I improve my vocabulary, I would drastically improve my writing. With a better vocabulary I will be able to express myself better through writing and speech. Also having a good vocabulary makes people sound ten times smarter than they actually are, so that’s a bonus. I plan to accomplish this goal by reading more often.

The last of my four goals is to receive a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. Having a good education is essential in today’s world. The chances of finding a high paying Job without a college education are slim. Now a days Just about every profession requires at least an associates degree. A college education helps students develop skills needed to obtain a high paying Job. The Job market is very competitive, having a higher education will give you a better chance to land a Job. People who do not have a good education tend to instruction in the heat or working twelve hour shifts in factories.

Receiving a good education will allow me to have a stable Job and a bright future. It is essential that I accomplish the four goals that I have talked about. Completing the goal will lead me to having a successful life. I feel that everyone should set realistic goals to become more successful and a better person. My goals of getting a 3. 0 GAP, developing better study habits and vocabulary, and getting a Bachelors in Computer Science are very important to my future. I am looking forward to working hard and accomplishing the goals that I have set up!

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