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Another roles to collect the team details, e. G. The amount of players, permission slips. Manager make sure everything goes to plan and everyone is okay and understand what’s happening though-out the day. The manager also gives specific Job to his/her staff. Safety Officer This role is very important as they produce the risk assessment for the sport taking sports and the facility around it, to ensure that there a minimize risk of any injuries to happening whilst taking part in the physical activity.

It’s important to have a risk assessment in place as if an injury does happen the tournament could be shut down and the people who ran it could get sued. The safety officer is also in charge of first aid arrangements for the day. This is very important as if this is not in place then the people can get sued for not having the right equipment. For example if someone feel over and cut their knee, and a first eider wasn’t on side to deal with it and it got infected, the participant could become Organizer The organizer is responsible for sorting out the schedule for the day and what Jobs here needs to be.

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E. G. Umpires, runners (get score cards), first eider. If this isn’t done the tournament wouldn’t run smoothly as everything/everyone would be unrecognized and not sure what going on. Another role of the organizer is to record the results. Again this need to be done correctly as if it is not then a team might have scored more goals than they have put down and could cost them a place in the ranking. Sports leader The role of the sports leaders are to check all the equipment and make sure they are safe to use and the facility is in good condition and there are no risks where artisans could get hurt.

This important as if the equipment isn’t check and ends up being not safe it could cause serious harm to the participants taking part. If a piece of equipment is broke or damaged it shouldn’t be used or taken out of the facility by the sports leader. Coaches The role of a coach is to look after their teams from the start to end of the tournament, making sure their team players knew when they were playing. What pitch they were playing on. Where the toilets, first eider, refreshments areas SECT. They also have the responsibilities to make sure all the participants are safe and one of the participants go missing.

Umpire The role of the umpire is to officiate in the games at the tournament. They need to know the knowledge of the rules and keep on top of the scoring in the tournament. The role of the official manger is to create the rules for the tournament. This needs to be done correctly so that everyone understand them and can enforce them. Another role is to officiate the tournament too, this means he needs to make sure they are, sending letters home to parents, teams available and want to take part, make sure they have a good facility, correct equipment etc.

Another role of an official manger is to have the important information for each participant. For example consent forms, so the participants hurt themselves then they can contact the parents/careers and explain to them what happened. Within the consent form they should ask for any medical history. You should do this is because gives a better understanding what you need to be aware of. For an example if a child has a condition such as asthma and the organizers don’t know about it, the child could be in serious harm if he doesn’t have a pump with him and the first aid team onto know what pump the child can have.

On the form you gave the children to take home you should make it aware about being all types of clothing and footwear which would be appropriate for different weather. For example if it’s hot weather, advice participants to wear sun cream and bring plenty of fluids and a hat. This is important as children can become dehydrated very easily and if drinks facilities are not on offer then dehydration could occur. You also tell the parents they no Jewelry should be warm this can be extremely dangerous in netball. Safety of the Facilities

When preparing a sports tournament, the following considerations should be Made for the facilities in which the session is to take place: Coaches and leaders must familiarize themselves and the participants with the safety and emergency procedures specific to the facility and activity A full risk assessment should be undertaken, reviewed and updated for the facility and activity DO Reviewing the Tournament Sports organizers must consider action that is preventative and is documented in the risk assessment. I’m not going to review the Netball risk assessment. Injuries, near misses and dangerous occurrences

Collect data on the type, frequency and nature of any injuries will help you to see if you risk assessment is doing its Job and minimizing the risk within the facility. Also the facility is safe and appropriate for the sports activity which is taking place. This information can be found in accident books and RIDDED document, it’s also very important to write down any near misses that has happened and the reason why it dangerous, this would show good sports organizer. By looking at the risk assessment you can see that every risk has had taken action to minimize the risk.

You can see hat they do have a first aid room where any injuries that have happen are delta with in that room. This is also where the accident room,Rolled is found. Suitability of group for activity and effectiveness of briefing Good sports leaders/coaches will review the effectiveness of each session taken place, to find out if their session goals where achieved and whether the activity suitable for the participant who ever taken part. Before a session you talk to everyone involve and explain what happens in case of an emergency and what the session entitles, and what happens if any rules are broken.

The review should include weather the participants have understood what has been said should take place during the session and not at the end. At the end of the session an overall review of suitability to the activity should take place. Suitability of equipment and facility. Before starting the session it’s important to select the appropriate equipment for the participants who are taking part in the session plan. E. G. Children use different use football compared to adults, has different size goals and pitches. The best way to make sure you are following the correct guidelines is by the national governing body f Netball.

You sure also make sure the equipment safe too, a review should be taken place during the activity so the observed the safety and suitability of the equipment. But also to observed the safety and suitable of the facility. You can see in the plan that the facility had a storage room where all the equipment go. Positive Looking back at the tournament I feel like it went well and the event overall was a success. One of the positive comments I received is that the girls enjoyed taking part and taking part in the competition.

Through-out the day I went round to all the different teams to see if they needed alp with anything and to see if they were enjoying themselves. All of the girls and their coaches said yes. This made me feel like a successfully planned the event which proved a have good organization skills. The next positive comment I received was the is layout of the tournament was good, everything was very clear. E. G. The number of the court, where the toilet are SECT. This made me feel like I picked the best venue to hold the tournament. A positive out of the tournament was the umpires.

They done a great Job in keeping up with play, timing the games, keeping the score and knowing the rules of the Ames throughout the day. Without the referees the event couldn’t have gone ahead as no one would have refereed the games Another positive out of the tournament was the first aid available. They were very quick to react to any injuries that occurred throughout the day. This was important to eiders, we would have been stuck if there was an injury as no one would know how to deal with it. Improvements If I were to do this event again I would have more organizers to control the amount of children there was on the day of the tournament.

As there were a lot of artisans and by having more organizer it would of made the day run more smoothly as I give each team a organizer to tell where they are going next and where anything is . An area I could improve on for the tournament was the refreshments. I only had one refreshment stall which was quite big, but there wasn’t enough workers in there, therefore it took longer to serve people . This is important to improve so people get served and the there isn’t a queue of people as this could cause someone to get a injury. For example someone pushing in the queue and end up pushing someone over and then them injuring themselves.

The way I got this feedback from the tournament was a questionnaire which I gave to each team to fill out. This was a real help in finding out how people found the day and the tournament itself. Below is the results of the questionnaire. MM – Plan safe sporting activities for a range of sporting environments and DO evaluate the safety of a selected sports activity Attached on the drop box is 3 risk assessments that cover different sporting environments for this part of the assignment. The three risk assessments I done were: Sports Field Risk Assessment (rounder’s) Sports hall Risk Assessment (football) Mountain biking Risk Assessment

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