Industrial Revolution Through Mchigan Lumbering Assignment

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Industrial Revolution through Michigan Lumbering When Michigan was first affected by the industrial revolution, it was with our lumber industry. Michigan is filled with different types of trees including White Pine. White Pine is very easy to handle and cut because it has a large base and its branches start at the top. It is very tall, straight, and there are a lot of them. It was first used for shelter and firewood but as the time moved on, its uses improved and expanded. When we first started lumbering, we used a broad axe.

This made it very difficult and slow to cut because only one person could use it at a time and it isn’t very fast moving. Next we started using the pit-saw cross cut. This was much faster and easier. On the down side, the men using it would get worn Out faster. Eventually we started using water power. Although we were limited to where the sites could be it was fast, easy, and on the river so the logs would float down to that area. Finally, we had steam. Steam was the most proficient and easiest way to handle lumber. It was fast, easy and affordable.

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If Michigan was not affected by the industrial revolution, we would not be well off economically. Because of the lumber, it brought in people for jobs, it made money, and it supplied the people. It also brought in new inventions. The water mill and steam powered mill arrived in Michigan because of lumbering. The main downside is that in the end, we will be out of wood. There will be no more wood for us to cut and manage.

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