Research Project ( World Cup 2010) Assignment

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Unit 8: Research Project Assignment 1 The Research Proposal Task2 The Proposal What are the possible effects of the World Cup Campaign in South Africa, and who is benefiting the most financially? Aims and Objectives the aim of this proposal is to:- * Find out both the positive and negative effects of having the 2010 World cup Campaign in South Africa. * Identify what might cause problems and threats to the campaign since it’s staged in Africa for the first time ever, and how to prevent such problems. Find out if such a change could bring awareness to the people and whether or not such a great event could help develop the country, tackling its poverty, health and security issues. * Find out who is really benefiting the most financially out of the campaign and how. Reasons for Research * The reason for me to choose this topic is because I am really interested in the football world especially in the World Cup which is the world’s biggest sports event let alone football event. * I would like to know how such a huge event will have an impact on the whole world not just Africa. I have little knowledge about the financial aspect of the game and researching about it would enlighten me much more. * One of the main reasons that got me interested in researching about football is because during any economy crisis it seems to be the only Market that does not decline and large amounts are still spent every year especially in the local clubs in Europe. * I want to learn more about who else gains from the event and would it help the situation in Africa or not. Initial Background Research (summary)

Prior to starting the research; * I thought about something that interests me and how can I learn more about it that would add to my professional development. * First thing that came to my mind was the World Cup. I then thought about the financial aspect of the game and saw that I knew little. * I knew that FIFA (Federation of International Football Association) gained the most out of the World Cup but wanted to see who else gains and how. By the end of this research; * I would certainly have a clearer picture of the event I will surely learn more about different aspects of the game and also have more awareness of other things involved such as the situation of the country hosting the campaign and whether or not this event would have a positive impact on the nation and how. * I will know in particular who gains from the competition financially, how exactly they gain and around how much. Research Methods * A Primary Research including * Observations that involve taking notes about occurrences in South Africa. * Quotes from interviews Quotes from people involved or interested in the event or in football in general. * Secondary research including * Books * Articles from both newspapers and magazines * TV * Radio * Internet The reasons for me to choose these methods is because I am restricted to only observe for a primary research and take notes from TV shows and other resources that may inform me something useful about the topic and what I want to extract. For the secondary research, internet, books, journals and magazines will be used to extort useful and relevant information. Research Plan I will be monitoring the World Cup during the whole month of matches, to see how successful it goes. * Programs, news including reports and TV shows will be watched during the event to spot any faults or changes that may be needed to have better organisation and discipline throughout the tournament. * to identify contingency events and be prepared with plans, strategies and approaches for avoiding, coping or even exploiting them * By the end of the World Cup it will be published how much FIFA has gained from the tournament and who else gained exactly and how much.

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Bibliography Books * BPP Professional Education; Revised edition edition (30 April 2004), HND Core 8 2004: Research Project – Study Text ( HNC/HND Business) Websites http://www. footballeconomy. com http://www. bbc. co. uk http://www. ft. com http://www. cfr. org Journals The Guardian The Daily Mail Reuters The Times These are the initial resources looked at before deciding on the topic More sources will be mentioned in detail in assignment 2.

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