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A MARKETING RESEARCH PROJECT REPORT ON “RETAIL MARKETING-MALL MANIA” UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF Mr. S. K. PANDEY (FACULTY OF M. R. ) SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTED BY: Dr. D. K. Garg Shweta Bansal Chairman Enr. No. 12067 IIMT, Greater Noida Barsha Mahanta Enr. No. 12064 Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of The Requirement For Post Graduate Diploma In Business Management ISHAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT &TECHNOLOGY , INSTITUTIONAL AREA GREATER NOIDA CONCENT FROM GUIDE I, ASHISH SHARMA, guide of SHWETA BANSAL & BARSHA MAHANTA for the RESEARCH ON “RETAIL MARKETING-MALL MANIA IN DELHI AND NCR. I have personally supervised the Marketing Research Project, which is original work as a part of academic assignment and duration of 15 days. During this period I found them to be hard working, co-operative and sincere. My certificate is true and correct and if it is found that any thing has been concealed then I shall be responsible for that. SIGNATURE OF GUIDE DATE: PLACE: [pic] General Notification

This is to certify that Market Research Project is a property of Ishan Institute of Management and Technology (Greater Noida). An unauthorized use of this report is strictly prohibited. This Market Research Project should be used with prior permission of concerned authority. Thanking you, Dated: Ms. SHWETA BANSAL (12067) Ms. BARSHA MAHANTA (12064) DECLARATION It is here by declare that this project report of “Retail Marketing-Mall Mania” an original work done by Ms. Shweta Bansal and Ms. Barsha Mahanta on behalf of Ishan Institute of Management and technology, Greater Noida.

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It is submitted for partial fulfillment for the requirement of course curriculum of second semester of PGDBM and is an original peace of work done by under the guidance of Dr. D. K. Garg and Mr. Ashish sharma Ms. Shweta Bansal(12067) Ms. Barsha Mahanta(12064) [pic] TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. ACKNOLEDGEMENT 2. PREFACE 3. GENERAL NOTIFICATION 4. CONSENT FROM GUIDE 5. RESEARCH OBJECTIVE 6. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 7. RESEARCH INSTRUMENT 8. COMPARTIVE ANALYSIS 9. GRAPHICAL ANALYSIS 10. FINDINGS AND SUGGESTIONS 11. LIMITATION 12. CONCLUSION 13. BIBLIOGRAPHY 14. WORD OF THANKS 15. QUESTIONNAIRE 16. LIST OF RESPONDENTS

SYNOPSIS 1. Title : Retail marketing-mall mania . 2. Objective: To know about 1) Various aspects of Retail Marketing. 2) Various aspects of Mall Mania. 3. Researchers: Shweta Bansal (12067) Barsha Mahanta(12064) 4. Research Guide: Ashish Sharma 5. Project Duration: 15 days. 6. Area of Research: Delhi & Noida. 7. Sample Unit: An Individual 8. Sample Size : 150. 9. Sample Technique: Questionnaire 10. Research Methodology: Descriptive Study through Questionnaire ethod. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We take the opportunity to express our gratitude to all of them who in some or the other way help you to accomplish this project. The research study cannot be completed without your guidance, assistance, inspiration, and co-operation. We particularly owe our gratitude to Dr. D K Garg (Chairman), Mr. M K Verma (Dean). We also take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to our guide Mr. Ashish Sharma. Lastly we express our gratitude to our Parents who have financed this project. Ms. SHWETA BANSAL (12067) Ms. BARSHA MAHANTA (12064) PREFACE

Market Research is indeed an ancient art; it has been practiced in one form or the other since the days of the Adam and Eve. Its emergency is of relatively recent origin for success of any business and within this relatively short period, it has joined a great deal of importance and stature. We chosen the topic “RETAIL MARKETING-MALL MANIA” we have tried to put our best effort to complete this task on the basis of skill achieved during studies in the institute. We have put our maximum effort to gain the accurate data. If any error or mistake found in collecting data kindly ignore.

RESEARCH OBJECTIVE We have been assigned with the topic RETAIL MARKETING-MALL MANIA”. The research objective was to know the various aspects of retail marketing and mall mania. There is no doubt that, in today’s life especially women are very much beauty conscious. To make a healthy skin in polluted atmosphere, proper care are also very essential and acne cream plays an important role in this aspect. The objectives of this particular study are: – • What kind of malls does the people generally use. • Find out the different factors that influence the people in selecting the malls. What changes they needed in their preferable brand? • Are they brand loyal? SCIENTIFIC METHOD OF RESEARCH DESIGN [pic] EXPLORATORY DESIGN In case of exploratory research, the focus is on the discovery of ideas. In our a case an exploratory study has been conducted. An exploratory study is in the nature of a preliminary investigation and basically it is based on secondary data that are readily available. AN EXPLORATORY DESIGN IS USED FOR ANY OR ALL OF THE FOLLOWING PURPOSE : 1. Formulating a problem for more precised investigation or for developing hypothesis. 2. Establishing priorities for further research. 3.

Gathering information about the practical problems for carrying out research one particular conjectural statements. 4. Increasing the analyst’s familiarity with the problem, and 5. Clarifying the concepts. In general, exploratory research design is appropriate for any problem in which a very little knowledge is available. Exploratory study is characterized by flexibility and informality. Exploratory Studies rarely used details (structured) questionnaire. These do not involve probability-sampling plans. Ingenuity, judgment are the part of such studies. DESCRIPTIVE STUDIES Descriptive Research Design also called exploratory design.

The descriptive study is typically concerned with determining frequency with which something occurs or how two variables vary together. A descriptive study requires a clear specifications of who, what, when, where, why and how aspects of the research. The characteristics of descriptive study are it is rigid and formal. The important fundamental weakness is- Descriptive Research does not find the cause and effect relationship among variables. Importance of Descriptive Research Points Descriptive Design is used when the purpose of research is covered under one or more of the following: 1.

To describe the characteristics of certain groups, e. g. –Users of the product with different age, sex, education etc. 2. To estimate the proportion of people in a specified population who behave in a certain way, e. g. , a person who buys from a particular shop. 3. To make specific prediction, e. g. , sales of a company’s product in each of the next 5 years. 4. To determine whether certain variables are associated, e. g. , income and use of a product. CAUSAL DESIGN Causal design helps us to find out the cause and effect relationship behind a situation. Causal research also experimental research.

Experimentation is defined as a process where events occur in a setting at the discretion of the experimental, and control are used to identify the sources of variation in subject’s response. This research design says that sources of variation in subject’s response. This research design say that experimentation is a process of manipulating one variable in a controlled environment while holding all other variables constant in order to establish in order to establish a causal relationship. MARKETING RESEARCH PROCESS 1. Formulating the research process 2. Choice of research design . Determine the source of data 4. Design data collection form 5. Sample size 6. Organizing and conducting field survey 7. Process and analyze the collected data 8. Preparing the Research Process HOW MARKETING RESEARCH PROCESS IS FOLLOWED IN OUR RESEARCH? Step 1: FORMULATING THE RESEARCH PROBLEM: Preference of girls in selection of acne creams. Step 2: CHOICE OF RESEARCH DESIGN: Descriptive Design and Casual Design Step 3: DETERMINE THE SOURCE OF DATA: Girls up to the age of 25 Step 4: DESIGN DATA COLLECTION FORM: Filling questionnaire Step 5: SAMPLE SIZE: 150

Step 6: ORGANISE AND CONDUCT FIELD SURVEY: Collect data from Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida Step 7: PROCESS & ANALYZE THE COLLECTED DATA: Analyze the collected data through diagrammatic representation and find out which brand is preferable and why Step 8: PREPARING THE RESEARCH REPORT: Marketing Research Project Report Executive summary We have been given the topic” RETAIL MARKETING-MALL MANIA” The project is guided by Mr. ASHISH SHARMA, PGDBM II YEAR, Student. The main objective of our study was to know the VARIOUS ASPECTS OF RETAIL MARKETING AND VARIOUS ASPECTS OF MALL MANIA.

We also had a motto to learn the customers inclination towards any particular brand mall and why? Equipped with the tools of QUESTIONNAIRE, We carried out DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH in precise way. We did the research in the area of DELHI, NOIDA, GREATER NOIDA, particularly in the market and malls. Our respondents were within the AGE GROUP OF 18-50 YEARS. The project can be justified in two ways: Firstly: The project helped us to gain the relevant knowledge about various aspects of retail marketing and mall mania and their various preferences while going to a particular malls.

Secondly: We got a nice experience in conducting a research project, a first hand experience and an exposure to the market. We are grateful to our HONOURABLE CHAIRMAN DR. D. K. GARG who has given us given this opportunity to conduct such a knowledgeable research. THEORY OF MARKETING RESEARCH MARKETING: Social definition of marketing is- “MARKETING is a societal process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating, offering and freely exchanging products and services of value with others. ” Managerial definition of marketing is- “The art of selling products. In layman language marketing is typically seen as the task of creating, promoting and delivering goods and services to customers and businesses. RESEARCH: Research means systematic investigation and study of materials, sources etc in order to establish facts and reach conclusions. The main features of research are- 1. Research always starts with a question or a problem. 2. Its purpose is to find answers to questions through the application of the scientific method. 3. it is systematic and intensive study directed towards a more complete knowledge of the subject studied. MARKETING RESEARCH

Marketing research is the function which links the customer and public to the marketer through information-information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems, generate, refine and evaluate marketing performance and improve understanding of market as a process. In simple sentence, Marketing Research is a systematic and objective study of problems pertaining to the marketing of goods and services. RSEARCH INSTRUMENT • Structured and Non structured Questionnaire • Sampling Plan • Sampling Unit AN INDIVIDUAL • Sample size The sample size chosen was 150. • Sampling Method

The sampling method was only survey’s personal interview. The Questionnaire was framed in such a way to get continue response. And to achieve flexibility by asking certain open ended questions. The time constraints and various other factors were also kept in mind while framing the marketing research methodology. COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS DATA COLLECTION METHOD: Surveys have become so common in today’s world that the average person seldom questions the idea about the useful information that can be obtained in a particular manner. Various findings of one type or another are developed and are usually seen possible after the acceptance.

QUESTIONNAIRE: Questionnaire and observation are two basic methods of collecting data in marketing research. In questioning , data is collected by asking questions a formal list of such questions is called a questionnaire. ADVANTAGES OF QUESTIONNAIRE METHOD: • Versatility:- Probably the greatest advantage of the questionnaire method is its versatility. Almost every problem of marketing research can be approached from the questionnaire point. Every marketing problem involves people. Therefore ideas related to the problem and the solution can be obtained by asking these people about the problems that they are facing. Speed and Cost:- Questionnaire is usually faster and cheaper than observing interviewee. It has moreover better gathering activities. As a result, less time is wasted in a questionnaire study. DISADVANTAGES OF QUESTIONNAIRE METHOD: ? Unwillingness of respondent to provide information: Most interviews are obtained at the sufferance of the respondent. In some cases potential respondent will refuse to take the time to be interviewed or will refuse to answer some specific questions about income or very personal subjects. Inability of respondent to provide information: Despite willingness to co-operate, many persons are unable to give accurate information on questions which the interviewer would like to ask. Respondent cannot furnish information because they are unable to remember the derived facts, or they have never known the facts. TYES OF QUESTIONNAIRE: ? Structured Non-Disguised ? Structured Disguised ? Non-Structured Disguised ? Non-Structured Non-Disguised 1) Why are you interested to go to malls? a) for window shopping b) for movie c) for purchasing d) for spending your leisure time [pic] A |26 |17% | |B |44 |29% | |C |54 |37% | |D |26 |17% | |TOTAL RESPONDENTS |150 |100% |

INTERPRETATION: 37% of people prefer to go to mall for purchasing because in the malls they get all the essential elements which are desired by the customers like style, quality, look and comfort. After this the next preference is option b) for movies for the most expected fact that watching movie in a PVR is very comfortable. Next there is a tie between option a) and c) which are for window shopping and spending their leisure time because people get a perfect environment to spend their time in a luxurious way. Q. 2. Do you feel that malls would be helpful in development of retail market?

A) YES B) NO [pic] |A |115 |77% | |B |35 |23% | |TOTAL RESPONDENTS |150 |100% | INTERPRETATION: Here more than 70% of the people think that mall would be helpful in development of retail market. As retail market includes the strategies and techniques of marketing to attract customers and also provides very good after sales services.

Most of the people who have tried a product in malls feels that malls provides all these things as they give a very nice product display, salespersons are most effectively interactive with a good command in communication and malls are the best example of providing after sales services as the sellers out there are very cautious about their images. But still about 20% of the people think its negative side as malls are famous for show offs and most of the products are not affordable. Q. 3. Do you think malls would be able to manage large number of consumers? A) Yes B) No pic] |A |90 |60% | |B |60 |40% | |TOTAL RESPONDS |150 |100% | INTERPRETATION: Majority of the people thinks that malls would be able to manage large number of consumers, as malls are very spacious and contains all kinds of sops in which almost every purchasable item are available.

Thus, malls can absorb any number of people coming to mall as people use to bifurcate in different shops, which stops the malls from being crowed. Still some of them have chosen no as their option because coming to mall is the most in thing in present society. People of every age group come to the malls whether they are school students, foreigners and elderly people. Because of the rapidly increasing consumers, it might be difficult for the malls to manage. Q. 4. What factors influence you to go to a particular mall? ) Quality of goods b) Status symbol c) Prices of goods d) Look and comfort [pic] |A |45 |30% | |B |32 |21% | |C |45 |30% | |D |28 |19% | |TOTAL RESPONDANTS |150 |100% |

INTERPRETATION: As per the research conducted by us we find majority of people preferred option a) and c) which are quality of goods and prices of goods. Mainly malls contain branded shops, which are famous for their prices and quality, and people who opt for the branded things are the main customer of the malls. Next is b) status symbol because many people takes shopping in the malls to be their pride. The last among all these is d) look and comfort which people experience in the malls. Q. Will the retail market be able to get sufficient number of customers in the mall? a) Yes b) No [pic] |A |109 |73% | |B |41 |27% | |TOTAL RESPONDANTS |150 |100% |

INTERPRETATION: 73% of the people think that because of the improving services in the malls with the advent of retail market in the malls, more of the people will be satisfied and get attracted towards mall. In this manner with the help of retail market malls would be able to get sufficient number of customers. But still 27% of the people don’t agree to this. Q. 6. Are you willing to buy preferred brands at lower prices from near by shops? ) Yes b) No [pic] |A |103 |69% | |B |47 |31% | |TOTAL RESPONDANTS |150 |100% | INTERPRETATION: With time consumers are being more rational.

If the same brand is available in near by shop that to in a lower price then definitely the consumer would prefer to buy it from that place instead of showing off and buying it at more prices so most of the people have gone for option a). But still many thinks it as a status symbol so buy the product from malls only so have gone for option b). Q. 7. Do you think retail markets are responsible for increasing unemployment in lower class of people? ) Yes b) No [pic] |A |85 |57% | |B |65 |43% | |TOTAL RESPONDANTS |150 |100% | INTERPRETATION:

Most of the people think that retail market have induced unemployment as with the entrance of retail market in the malls and because of increased and improved services less people are required to do a particular mall which leads to unemployment. But still many think that there is nothing like that as these both are different and does not effect employment. Q. 8. for the purpose of entertainment which is your preferred option? a)movies b)parks c)malls d)others | | | | [pic] A |32 |21% | |B |19 |13% | |C |88 |59% | |D |11 |7% | |TOTAL RESPONDANTS |150 |100% |

INTERPRETATION: Most preferred option is mall because in malls quality, entertainment both goes together. Next is movie, which provides quality time and entertainment. Going to a movie means spending time with your family and your loved ones. Going to a park means relaxing your self from hectic schedule, which may be a mode of entertainment for some people. Q. 9 What are the types of items, which you would like to purchase from malls? a) Daily use items b) Apparels c) luxurious items d) Durables pic] |A |23 |18% | |B |33 |22% | |C |73 |49% | |D |17 |11% | |TOTAL RESPONDANTS |150 |100% | INTERPRETATION:

The most preferred item according g to our survey is luxurious items. Because these are the items which people would like to buy from branded shops and same is the case with Apparels also because if somebody is paying to much for an item obviously he would like to buy it from a good shop. Elite class people prefer daily use items and durables from malls because they seldom go to a common shop. Q. 10. Which is the most attractive feature of a mall? a) Price b) Range c) Quality d) Promotional offers [pic] A |35 |23% | |B |15 |10% | |C |56 |38% | |D |44 |29% | |TOTAL RESPONDANTS |150 |100% |

INTERPRETATION: As malls consist of only branded shops, which contain only quality products, hence the most preferred choice is quality. And secondly the promotional offers are very attractive which compels people to go to mall. When the malls are providing good quality products, it is worth buying product from malls in spite of the price Q. 11. Malls is suitable to which class of people? a) Elite class b) Common people c) Both [pic] A |50 |33% | |B |25 |17% | |C |75 |50% | |TOTAL RESPONDANTS |150 |100% |

INTERPRETATION: According to our survey mall is suitable for both because elite class comes to malls for shopping and common people to take the benefit of the services of mall. Though it is mostly suitable for elite class because they can purchase their essentials from malls while for common class shopping in a mall is not affordable. Q. 12. Is mall encouraging consumerism in society? a) Yes b) No [pic] A |72 |48% | |B |78 |52% | |TOTAL RESPONDANTS |150 |100% | INTERPRETATION: 52% of the respondent thinks that malls don’t encourage consumerism in society while the rest 48% don’t think so.

People who are economic and rational do not think so but the others who just buy product from malls for the sake of buying without really needing them believes that malls encourage consumerism in society. Q. 13 Is there protection to the people going to the malls? a) Yes b) No [pic] |A |110 |73% | |B |40 |27% | |TOTAL RESPONDANTS |150 |100% |

INTERPRETATION: Mall is a quite safe place as there is proper checking at the entry gate of the mall as people of all age group loiters in the malls the environment is also very pleasant hence majority of the people believes that they are being protected in the malls. While the rest thinks that with the increasing criminal activities mall is not totally safe in spite of all securities. Q. 14. What is the frequency of your visit to malls? a) Once a week b) once a fortnight c) Once a month d) Once in two months pic] |A |57 |38% | |B |15 |10% | |C |40 |27% | |D |38 |25% | |TOTAL RESPONDANTS |150 |100% |

INTERPRETATION: Majority of people visit malls once in a week, as mall is the most in thing for entertainment being provided with all the facilities including movies and discotheques also. Option c) once a month is chosen by the people who remains busy and cannot get time to visit just for the heck of coming to the mall. They are the people who particularly come for shopping, rest according to once nature and attitude they have opted for option b) and d) Q. 15 Is mall a necessity or an evil in present day society? ) Yes b) No c) No comments [pic] |A |46 |31% | |B |67 |44% | |C |37 |25% | |TOTAL RESPONDANTS |150 |100% | INTERPRETATION:

As malls kills time as well as money and children are being spoiled to a large extent because of this mall culture majority of the respondents feels that mall is an evil in present day society as there are many better options to utilize time and money rather then wasting them in the malls while other enjoy going to a mall for fun and entertainment. LIMITATION IN EVERY RESEARCH THERE ARE SOME LIMITATIONS AND THIS RESEARCH PROJECT IS NO EXCEPTION. LIMITATION ON THE PART OF THE RESPONDENTS: 1. SOME RESPONDENTS WERE NOT INTERESTED IN FILLING THE FORMS. 2. SOME OF THEM ARE NOT COOPERATIVE.


Marketing Research is most crucial activities in the field of marketing to have brief idea about psychology of the customer, which determines the sales potentials, and market potential of any brand and industry. We faced various limitations in conducting our Market research that is “RETAIL MARKETING- MALL MANIA”. We have our level best to find out the most relevant information about the choice of consumers preference on Mosquito repellent. there are several encumbrances ,which come in the way of getting accurate result. Consumer behaviour are an area , which is more elusive, and the theory doesn’t go vary far in disclosing it very precisely.

Analytical tools of marketing research are deficient and can’t give us precise idea, specially on the behavioral ,as aspect. After conducting the marketing research we have gained several ideas and experiences in the field of marketing. We have come to know about the behavior of consumer, which fluctuates in different situation and time. We have completed our marketing research project in which there are many helping hands involved. Inspire of few limitation we found the marketing research is a challenging and fruitful. Its gives us enough knowledge about the consumer buying behavior.

It also gives us idea about the various competitors and their marketing strategies. [pic] BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS : MARKETING MANAGEMENT BY PHILIP KOTLER. MARKETING RESEARCH BY G. C. BERI. MARKETING RESEARCH BY D. D. SHARMA. MARKETING RESEARCH BY BOYD ,W. HARPER. Dear sir/madam, We BARSHA MAHANTA ENR NO. -12064 and SHWETA BANSAL ENR NO. -12067 Students of 12th batch of Ishan Institute of Management & Technology, Greater Noida are conducting a market research program on “RETAIL MARKETING- MALL MANIA”. QUESTIONNAIRE Q. 1 Why are you interested to go to malls? ) For window shopping b) for movie c) for purchasing d) For spending your leisure time Q. 2 Do you feel that mall would be helpful in development of retail market? a) Yes b) no Q. 3 Do you think malls would be able to manage large number of consumers? a) yes b) no Q. 4 Which factor influence you to go to a particular mall? a) Quality of goods b) b)status symbol c) c) Price of goods d) Look and comfort Q. 5 Will the retail market be able to get sufficient number of customers in he mall? a) yes b) no Q. 6 Are you willing to buy preferred brands at lower prices from near by shops? a) Yes b) no Q. 7 Do you think retail markets are responsible for increasing unemployment among lower class of people? a) Yes b) no Q. 8 For the purpose of entertainment, which is your preferred option? a) Movies b) Parks c) Malls d) Others Q. 9 What are the type of items which you would like to purchase from malls? ) Daily use items b) Apparels c) Luxurious items d) Durables Q. 10 Which is the most attractive feature of a mall? a) Price b) Range c) Quality d) Promotional offers Q. 11 Mall is suitable to which class of people? a) Elite class b) common people c) Both Q. 12 Is mall encouraging consumerism in society? a) Yes b) No Q. 13 Is there protection to the people going to malls? ) Yes b) No Q. 14 what is your frequency of your visit to malls? a) Once a week b) Once a fortnight c) once a month d) Once in a months d) Once in two months Q. 15 Is mall a necessity or evil in present day society? a) Yes b) No c) No comments Name Sex Address Age Phone No. E-mail. Occupation NOTE: Data thus provided will be solely used for research purpose only and no part of the data thus given will be used for any other purpose. pic] WORD OF THANKS Towards the end we thank all those who have directly or indirectly helped us to conduct the survey and complete this project successfully. We would also like to thank all the readers who would study this project. We request the readers to let us know the mistakes we have committed. MS. SHWETA BANSAL. MS. BARSHA MAHANTA. ———————– SURVEY FIELD STUDIES METHOD OF DIFFERENCE METHOD OF AGREEMENT LONGITUDNAL RESEARCH CROSS SECTIONAL RESEARCH CAUSAL DESIGN DESCRIPTIVE STUDIES EXPLORATORY DESIGN METHOD OF RESEARCH DESIGN

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