World Religions Project Compare Contras Assignment

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Hinduism and Christianity have similarities along with some differences. Hinduism gave woman no rights unlike in Christianity everyone was equal. They both have 10 commandments with qualities and differs, also indistinguishable qualities in the writings of how earth was created by their gods in their books. The Veda says that a woman’s primary duty is to help her husband in duties and continue his family tradition, like passing down a family business. Mainly, a wife’s primary Job is to have babies and stay home with them.

Wife’s to men were like servants. Men have the right to marry more woman or have mistresses. But men have to treat them equally like having the same size house. Yet it was against the law that woman can not meet any men that was not related to her without a family member with her. All people rather they are Christian or not are equal. Men are not treated any higher nor lower than a female. They were equal. Once your married too man you stay with him. He or she must not cheat on each other nor separate. Commandments set how your spouse to behave and stuff that you are not spouse to do.

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Christianity and Hinduism both have 10 commandments that are very much alike In ways and some ways are not alike. Some commandments that are alike Is to speak the truth, do not steal, and non- violence. Some that were not alike was adultery. Christians were not allowed to commit adultery unlike Hindus. Christians are only spouse to have one god In their life since their is only one god In Christianity, and nothing can come before him. Unlike Hinduism they’re many gods. If you are a Christian and you break a commandment then It Is considered a sin and you ask forgiveness from God.

If you reek a Hindu commandment you don’t have a good after life. Christians mall book Is the Bible. With writings about Christians religion Into two sections- Old and New Testament. Hebrew Scriptures (the old testament) Is about the creation of Earth that God made and how their Is a Messiah (the founder). Then the New Testament Introducing Jesus Christ the Messiah. Hinduism mall book Is The Veda but Is broken Into four- Rig Veda, Yogurt Veda, Soma Veda, and Thracian Veda. The Veda are based on life and after life. Like the Christian’s Bible the Veda are most of Hindus beliefs and practices along with rituals.

A salutary of The Rig Veda and The Bible both states that their was nothing but darkness before their creators created Earth. Also In the Rig Veda the god of the sky created rain that brought water to this land. Same as the Bible when God spoke let their be water their was water. Hinduism and Charlatanry have saltcellars along with some differences. Holdups gave woman no rights unlike In Charlatanry everyone was equal. They both have 10 commandments with qualities and differs, also Indistinguishable qualities In the writings of how earth was created by their gods In teller books.

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