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The students will give advice to he senders letter using reflexive pronouns. Materials and Equipment Projector and laptop Whiteboard pen Copies of the interviews page Mirror Copies of the senders letter Papers Candies Carolina Procedures Warm-up T (Bring a mirror to class and hold it up to a student and ask) What do you see As (answers will vary) T (If they don’t prompt them) Do you see yourself (Elicit a response that uses a reflexive pronoun) Yes, see myself.

T If I put this mirror in front of Zulu, do you think she will see herself As Yes T Would you agree that a mirror itself is fragile, even though its frame might be strong As Yes T Why do you think people like to look at themselves in a mirror As (gnawer will vary) T When we look in a mirror, do we tend to be critical or positive about ourselves (Do this a few times until curiosity is piqued). T Have you notice the words myself, yourself, themselves, etc. What part of speech they are (Write the term reflexive pronoun on the board. Underneath the word reflexive, write the word reflects as a mnemonic and state, A reflexive pronoun reflects back on its antecedent noun or pronoun). Grammar Focus T What comes into your mind when you ear the word reflexive pronouns As (Vary their answers) T (The teacher will define reflexive pronouns and mention the singular and plural reflexive pronouns. It will be posted in the board. Also the teacher will discuss thoroughly when to use reflexive pronouns) During the Speaking (As warm- up, these questions will be written on a Carolina).

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T What the best kind of job for you What the best kind of work environment What the best type of boss to have As (Let the students think about jobs they have now or jobs they hope to have in the future as they discuss their answers to the questions on he board). T This afternoon, wanton to group yourselves into two groups based on the candy that you picked. (Two kinds of candies are placed at the entrance of the room and each student should pick one candy at the beginning of the session). You will conduct an interview within your group. (Give the paper to each group) I will give you 7 miss. O answer the questions). (After the activity) T Cathy, what job do you imagine yourself ten years from now As (Cathy will answer) T (The teacher writes Catchy answer). T Now, its your turn to share your dreams based from your answers in the given interviews page. Who wants to volunteer As (The students will participate) T Good job everyone I hope that 5-10 years from now you will fulfill your dreams. Reading and Writing Activity T At this point, we will read about a letter of a call center agent seeking for an advice. In pairs, want you to read the letter silently.

Then, in the second time, read the letter with a sad voice (chorally and with background music). (Distributes the senders letter) As (The students will read the letter aloud) T What advice can you give to the sender In the same group write your advice to the sender using reflexive pronouns thin 5 miss. As (They will group themselves and share their pieces of advice to their group mates) T In your group select the best advice and have a representative to share it in class. As (Present their advice to the class) T Good job class I hope you learn now how to use reflexive pronouns correctly.

Assignment Work with pair and write a problem about your lovelier and let your partner give the advice. Be sure to apply what you’ve learned in reflexive pronouns. Appendix A Reflexive pronouns are used when a person or thing is referring to the same person or thing. The reflexive pronouns are Singular yeses-yourself- himself- herself- itself Plural ourselves- yourselves- themselves When to use reflexive pronouns As direct object (Projected on the board) Examples lam disfranchisement play the piano. Be careful with that knife. Horrifying stressful.

Reflexive pronoun can be used as direct object with most transitive verbs, but these are the most common. amusebIamecutdryenjoyhelphurtintroducekillpreparesatisfyteachBut some overbalances their meaninglessly when they have a reflexive pronoun as direct object Examples Would you like to help yourself to another drink Would you like to take another drink wish the children would behave themselves-I wish the children would behave well. He found himself lying by the side of the road. He was surprised when he realized that he was at the side of the road.

Take Note We denotes a reflexive pronoun after verbs which describe things people usually for themselves, such swash, shave,and dress Examples He washed himself in cold water. He always shaved himself before going out in the evening-Michael dressed himself and got ready for the party. We only use reflexives with these verbs overemphasis Examples He dressed himself spite of his injuries. She old enough wash herself. Sincerest objectives tinctured objects Thessaly outstretches the verb. (Projected on the board) Examples Would you like to pour-yourself drinkers broughtourselvessomething to eat.

As Thebes of a prepositions the objectifies outstretches clause. (Projected on the board) Examples They had to coffer themselves. He was feeling very sorry himself. Warning But we use personal pronouns, not reflexives, petrifaction’s of place… Examples He had a suitableness him. And featherweight it unaccompanied by She had a few friendships her. With the propositioning we want toyshop that someone did something alone and/or without any help Examples He lividly himself an enormous house. She walked homeboy herself. Give more examples class.

Deemphasize person or thing we are referring to Examples Kendal itself quite a small town. Especially if we are talking about someone very famous Sir Paul McCarty whimsicalness the final song. We often put the reflexive pronoun at the end of the clause when we are using it for emphasis Examples Baked the breastfeeds. Segmented the car herself Appendix B Interviews Page Student A Gem, what job do you imagine yourself ten years from now Student B I imagine myself being the dean of College of Arts and Sciences in Sicilian University ten years from now.

Student A Gem imagines herself being the dean of College of Arts and Sciences in Sicilian University ten years from now. Questions Name Sentences . What job do you imagine yourself having someday. What kind of work environment do you see yourself inn. Would you like a job where you can give yourself time off whenever you need tit. Would you rather work by yourself or work on a team. Do you want a job here you constantly challenge yourself. What kind of work would make you feel proud of yourself. Can you push yourself to work hard, or do you need someone else to push you.

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