Argument About Global Warming Assignment

Argument About Global Warming Assignment Words: 280

Self-Assessment Letter Instructions In an informal letter to me (typed, grammatically correct, etc. ) Answer these questions: *Note: You MUST have examples from your work to include in the answers of these questions. Absolutely NO blow-off answers like “l think I did a good job of describing the scene,” and then leaving it at that. Please respond honestly and constructively to each question. This letter should be at least three pages in length. 1. ) Tell me about your process for writing each paper C/C, Memoir, and Summary).

What free writes/preprinting helped you to get started with each one? 2. ) How many drafts did you end up writing for each? Tell me about this. Do you wish you had written more? Did anything in particular help to move you along in the process? (It doesn’t matter whether this ‘thing” was initiated in class or out of it). 3. ) Regarding the group work that was done in class, rate yourself. Did you honestly attempt to give your peers concrete and useful advice? Did you get helpful and sincere advice from others in your group?

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Remember to discuss each assignment). 4. ) What aspects of this course have been most beneficial to you? (Hint: Think about ALL of the work that you do both in and out of class). 5. ) What challenges are you experiencing in this course? 6. ) Is the content taught in a manner that helps you to learn? 7. ) What do you like about the course? 8. ) What don’t you like about the course? 9. ) What are the strengths/weaknesses of the instructor? 10. ) If you were the instructor, what changes and/or improvements might you suggest to help your learning?

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