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Perhaps leaders are both. There are hundreds of different leadership styles, and they can all be effective depending on the leader and the situation. Leaders can choose which style is best for their particular needs. According to Coffer (2007), situational leadership is the preferred leadership style among executives in multinational companies. As society becomes increasingly global, leaders must have situational leadership skills to remain competitive and achieve the mission. Global organizations can greatly benefit when leaders use the situational style.

The situational style is just one of many styles, but it has advantages that other Tyler do not have. In a global market, situational leadership is necessary for success. Low-Rigor Indicators I Examples From the Text(copy and paste phrases or sentences from the passage) I Vague statements I Since the beginning of time, information literacy has been the biggest concern for educators. Unsupported opinions I Many educators feel their students do not have the necessary information literacy skills. I Inadequate explanations Many educators feel their students do not have the necessary information literacy skills.

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I High-Rigor Passage Twenty-first century leaders may choose from many leadership styles, including ramifications, situational, and servant leadership. While all these styles can be effective, Coffer (2007) found situational leadership to be the most favored style in multinational organizations. According to Coffer, situational leaders are those who can adapt their behaviors to changing circumstances. For example, a situational leader might provide intensive coaching and supervision to unify two groups of employees after a merger.

However, as the team becomes unified, the leader offers less supervision and requires the employees to be more self- sufficient. This adaptive leadership style can be especially beneficial in global impasses as leaders modify their behaviors to accommodate culturally and geographically diverse workforces (Mining-Lee, 2008). High-Rigor Indicators I Examples From the Text(copy and paste phrases or sentences from the passage) I Ideas supported by research I According to the Gooding Educational Research Foundation (2007), nearly 85% of American high school students rely solely on the Internet for their academic research.

Explanations of key concepts I Yet Internet sources are often inaccurate, misleading, or out of date. I Examples to illustrate ideas I Less than 5% of all Internet sources consist of reliable, verifiable, factual information (Brand’s, 2006). | Reflection Question Note that both passages addressed the same topic?leadership?with the same word count of 125 words, using correct grammar and PAP citations. What insights can you gain from comparing the two passages? How will you apply these insights to your own writing?

Although both passages are about leadership, the high rigor passage was more believable because it had examples and research to support the main idea of the text. What I have gained from reading both passages is that scholarly writing squires research and examples to support it. Verifiable research is important as scholarly writing within the community will be used and referred to by other scholarly writers. “Many educators feel their students do not have the necessary information literacy skills” is an opinion and should be avoided in scholarly writing.

This sentence “Less than 5% of all internet sources consist of reliable, verifiable, factual information,” is a good example that includes fact and support the previous sentence about the number of American students who rely on the internet for information. In my own writing I intent to use reliable, verifiable, factual research, and examples to support my ideas or findings. I will avoid using opinions and generalized statements in my writing. When restating known facts support with research and examples when possible.

Week 2 Activity 2: Scholarly SOUrces – due 6/3 Posted: Moon 05/30/2011 04:49 AM , by: Dry. Caroline Nominal-Ray ( cmray@email. Phoenix. Deed ) Previous I Next Week Two: Learning Activity 2 – Scholarly Sources Read the University of Phoenix Material: Scholarly Sources on your student website. Then, briefly read the two articles on the SEEM/REAR Electronic Reserve Readings page?Smith text and Balling ; Chairman text. You do not need to read the articles in depth. Instead, focus only on the aspects of each article that indicate its credibility as a doctoral research source.

Note. In addition to skimming the articles, you may wish to use a search engine such as Google”‘ to find out more about the source publication. In this thread, click Reply, then, click Quote Original. Complete the Source Comparison Worksheet by noting your perceptions of how each source meets the evaluation criteria. Type your Reflection Question response, and post your message to the thread. Review the answer key in the Course Materials forum after the activity due date.

Example: I Smith text I Balling & Chairman text I Use of PAP format for in-text citations and references I No in-text citations or references I PAP format for in-text citations, but not for references I Source Comparison Worksheet Source Evaluation Criteria I Smith text I Balling & Chairman text I Authors’ credentials and affiliation I Anthony F. Smith is co-founder and a managing director of Leadership Research Institute, recognized as one of the leading management consulting firms specializing in leadership development ND assessment.

I Assistant professor, McIntyre School of Commerce, University of Virginia professor of management, Granter Graduate School of Management, Purdue University I Source publication (i. E. Publication venue) I http://www. Leadership. Com I Academy of Management Review; Johanna, Volvo. 32 Issue 1, Pl 18-136, app, 1 Diagram I Intended audience I Smith’s intended audience are people interesting in learning or becoming great leaders and consultants I Working group teams I Intended purposes To answer questions about leadership.

He refers to leadership development as practicing adhering on a day to day basis for a sustained period of time. To explore effective behavior and attitude to leadership succession I Use of supporting evidence I No supporting evidence I The authors used references and citations throughout the article supported by page numbers. (scholarly and peer- reviewed) I Value as a doctoral research source I Not valuable I Scholarly and peer-reviewed I Note that both sources cover the same topic?leadership. What insights can you gain from comparing the two sources’ research value?

How will you apply these insights in your doctoral research? Research sources for doctoral writing are most valuable when there are peer- reviewed and from a reliable, verifiable source. Scholarly writing should reflect rigor, explanation of facts, examples, new ideas, and supporting facts or information from other scholarly writers. Scholarly writing should also serve the intended audience and research purposes. When conducting doctoral research will choose resources that are peer-reviewed, scholarly written and contains verifiable references and citations.

Caroline Nominal-Ray, Ph. D. (“Dry. Ray”) Associate Faculty School of Advanced Studies University of Phoenix cmray@email. Hoeing. Deed Hi Tanya, I wish I could say that I have been writing scholarly articles before my admission to this program, however, just like you I am new to scholarly writing. Often think of how I want my writing to be perceived as believable. Writing in the third person is difficult. Although I might add active writing as oppose to passive is probably more difficult.

Some important information to reflect upon when considering scholarly writing are the intent of the article, the audience, how ideas or findings will be supported, moral and ethical aspects, publication, and how you will present the information. Always use cited examples to support general arguments whenever possible. Another idea to improve scholarly writing is to read scholarly peer-reviewed articles and examined its components. I am amazed at how much I learned about scholarly writing when taking COM/705 and will transfer what learned to my other classes growing from every phase of this experience. M excited to learn more about how scholarly writing conveys new ideas supported by other peer-reviewed SOUrces. Agree with you that it is important to differentiate scholarly writing from entertainment writing even if the topics are similar. The target audience dictates he style of writing required. Smith’s article was written to entertain the reader and solicit sales, while Balling and Corpsman’s article was written to share research on leadership at the doctoral level. Balling and Corpsman’s article includes peer-reviewed research contributions, a scholarly tone and viable citations.

Smith’s article contained facts about leadership; however, unsuitable for doctoral scholarly writing. Doctoral writing has specific requirements for publication. Scholarly writing has to be reviewed by other scholars before publication. This form of a literature review is a systematic, explicit, and producible method of identifying, evaluating and interpreting work written by scholars, researchers and practitioners (Manhood, S. , Manhood, A. , Muhammad Nanas & Allah Babushka, 2010).

I would avoid using Smith’s article in my writing because it does not support any of the requirements that scholarly writing is expected to have for publication. Reference Manhood, S. , Manhood, A. , Muhammad Nanas, K. , & Allah Babushka, M. (2010). Intellectual property rights conceptual awareness of research students about plagiarism. International Journal of Academic Research, 2(6), 193-198. Retrieved from Obscenest. Hi Professor and class, noticed that much of what has been written in response to this assignment reflects on what we have gained through the orientation process and the previous class COM/705.

I am reminded that as a writer the basic requirements of writing are still relevant aspects regardless of the genre of writing. I often tell my students to make sure their writing has a beginning, middle and end. With this in mind they create a plan, write a draft, revise, edit, and then publish. I used this same approach during COM/705 and was very successful in my essay writing. Although our writing is not as simple as that of any second grade student, the process is the same.

Each genre may require different elements of writing, but your audience or intended readers determine how you write (style) and present the information. For example when writing poetry one should include mood, feeling and visualization. When writing to entertain, the author should clearly state the benefits of the product he or she intends to market to his or her targeted consumers. It will take quite some time to develop our tone, language, understanding, and writing skills to meet doctoral requirement. I am just glad that this first year gives us a lot of practice before we start focusing on the dissertation.

I am confident that as we continue to read scholarly written article we too will develop scholarly writing skills. Dissertation Criteria and Rating Scale Overview Having an evaluation tool for my dissertation will influence future research studies by providing a guide or rubric that will assist me in choosing my topic and area of study. It will also be useful as a step by step pre-assessment tool that my committee and I will follow to ensure that doctoral writing requirements are met and satisfied. In addition it may help me to narrow my focus and guide my research.

The dissertation requires that a doctoral student adds new information to current literature in his or her field, therefore producing a viable – reusable research model. What each requirement means to me and how I intent to meet them: 1 . Concept paper review criteria – Is the first step in writing my dissertation. The outline requires three elements; problem formation, contribution to knowledge, and an initial discussion of the scholarships relevance for the proposed study. To prepare myself for the first step, I’ll conduct research in areas that may guide me o a topic and literature that I would like to add information to. . Committee review-Literature ? In this phase my dissertation committee will review the literature to see if it meets the content and form requirements. The review should show that I synthesized old and new information, as well as selected literature that supports the selected method of inquiry. 3. Quality Review-Proposal The step requires a submission of my dissertation proposal for quality review. The review includes my research question/ hypothesis, a method and approach for inquiry and a comprehensive study design, its intent, and its intended outcome. RIB Review – This stage is a review that focuses on the appropriate use of informed consent, participation confidentiality, clarity, safety, and transparency of the research procedure in the research design and protocol. 5. Quality Review- Final – An appointed faculty member reviews the dissertations study for rigor, and processes in terms of the stud’s design. The processes include; sources of evidence, measurement and classification, analysis and interpretation and generalization. 6. Editorial Review – The final stage in reviewing the dissertation is to submit it to editing services provided by the university.

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