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Public supply chain management, and specifically procurement, is a field that is constantly developing. Over the last few years the procurement and provisioning system of the state has been enriched by the ideas and practices of supply chain management. The amendments to the regulations which were made during 2003 are constantly being followed up by circulars/practice notes issued by National Treasury to further refine the system. You may wish to consult the excellent website of National Treasury for the latest developments in public supply chain management:.

For ten latest practice notes Ana seculars go to nntp:/ www. Treasury. Gob. AZ/divisions/SF/SC/default. Asps. Following up these references is not compulsory with a view to the exam. However, if you consult these sites regularly, you will become an expert! 2 PAPPIES/201 The due dates for the assignments for this module have already passed. Your examination will be written during either the May/June or the October/November exam period of 2013. You will be notified of the precise date later. Please find below the correct answers for your assignments.

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Please member to indicate your student number, module code and unique number (provided on examination paper) on the mark reading sheet! Section B consists of three longer questions of 25 marks each, of which you can choose any two. The questions may consist of a long essay question or shorter paragraph type, adding up to 25 marks each to count 50 marks. The total of the paper is 100 marks. 4 The study material that you must cover for the exam is quite modest. At the same time the questions are straight-forward overall and cover every study unit in your guide.

Please do not phone us and ask for “scope”. No such thing exists for this module. The questions are already in the study guide. Attached is an example of a previous examination paper.The Study guide has been revised/updated and “NEW” questions will appear in the examination paper.

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